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Buying Backlinks on Fiverr

There are a lot of cheap offers for backlinks in Fiverr. But are they any good? Can they really help you with your SEO campaigns? In this article, we will talk about backlinks, Google, Fiverr, and how you can use them all to your advantage. Let’s dive right in. Backlinks and their importance to SEO

4-Way Link Swap Group Invitation

If you have an agency with clients, please check out our new 4-way link swap group on Discord. It is private by invitation only. You’ll need to be a member of the Local Marketing Freethinkers group for access. The link swap meet officially starts: Monday, July 27 at 12 Noon PST. I’ll be sending out

My Notes on B2B Content Syndication Channels

I ran a poll last month in the SEO Signals Lab group asking if SEOs syndicate their content. About 2/3rds said, “No.” Here’s something interesting. The app Buffer does something called resyndication. It is copy/pasting their article on other sites. They’re big sites, but that’s it. They pull almost 1,000 _extra_ visitors a day by

7 Blog Outreach Services that Don’t Suck

According to eMarketer, over 60% of marketing professionals create at least one piece of content every day. Content is still one of the biggest drivers of traffic and it is directly linked to revenue and even brand credibility. But with so many brands vying for your customer’s attention, how do you enhance your reach in