Hibu Marketing Reviews – Why Are They So Bad?

Hibu Marketing Reviews – Why Are They So Bad?


Hibu’s integrated marketing services are said to increase online visibility, boost website traffic, and improve lead generation. Some of the digital marketing services that are offered include SEO, display advertising, social media marketing, online reviews, and general reputation management.

Hibu also develops websites and currently has a very attractive offer in place. If you sign up for a Hibu Smart Site and digital advertising, they will build your site for just $99. Based on the price alone, it’s not hard to see why so many businesses have signed up for their services.

It seems that Hibu understands that developing your online reputation is about more than just having an attractive website. The digital marketing puzzle has many different pieces and they are focusing on the most important parts.

However, they keep getting a lot of flak from its consumers on online review portals. It has tons of bad reviews on multiple websites where people shared their bad experiences with the company.


Why does it matter?

According to a Moz survey report, 67% of consumers refer to online reviews before deciding. In fact, consumers are more likely to be influenced by reviews when it comes to hiring digital marketing services.

It seems Hibu doesn’t care much or isn’t good enough if you take the time to go through the reviews online. We are going to help you understand why Hibu is having a hard time maintaining a positive online reputation. Before I list the various possible reasons, let me shed some light on what’s working for the company.

The Website


Yes, the Hibu website does make a good first impression. The brand looks professional, the services are attractive, and the customer reviews that are displayed are all positive. In fact, if I go through the website without checking out the online reviews they have, I would get in touch with them for marketing services.

Premium SEO Service and Free Tools

Their navigation structure is good. They have impressive video reviews on their website. They offer premium SEO service and 6 free tools. It all looks good until you start digging about the business on Google.

Now let’s dive right in and see what’s happening with Hibu reviews and ratings on various online review portals.

BBB Rating and Complaints

We’ll start with BBB; you might be surprised to notice that Hibu has an A+ rating on BBB and 3-star rating based on 123 reviews.


Surprised? When you scroll down, you see what’s happening. There are over 250 complaints on BBB about the company.

hibu complaints

Clearly, the consumers aren’t happy with what Hibu is offering. Most issues that we noticed were about

  • Their scam pricing
  • Not being able to deliver on promises
  • Cancellation policies
  • Bad one-on-one communication

Now, let’s look at another online review portal.


Hibu Yelp Reviews – Where are They Going Wrong?

After receiving 108 reviews on Yelp, Hibu is not even managing to hit the 2-star mark.


Reading through the reviews, you can quickly pick up on a few trends in terms of customer experiences with the brand. Most customers have reported experiencing one or more of the following issues with Hibu:

  • Empty promises from sales representatives about features and results
  • Poor customer service and communication, if any at all
  • Sub-par web design and error-riddled marketing copy
  • Failure to honor cancellation policies
  • High fees for little to no results


Overall, it doesn’t seem like Hibu is delivering on any of the promises they’re promoting on their site. On the plus side, they do seem to respond to almost every review on Yelp, both negative and positive, but since there is no further feedback from reviewers, it’s hard to tell whether these problems were ever solved.

For a brand that has dedicated an entire page on its website to one-on-one service, it’s concerning that their Yelp page is filled with bad reviews. What’s more, if they were dealing with and learning from these customer complaints, surely there would be a few positive reviews in the mix too?

Hibu is also a brand that offers online reviews and reputation management services, so how good can they really be if their own reputation is not being looked after.

Hibu’s Bad Streak of Reviews – Possible Reasons

Their Pricing

Hibu’s pricing style is confusing. There aren’t any packages on the website that a consumer can go through before choosing their services. They advertise that they create a website at just $99, which isn’t true!

hibu offer

There are hidden fees and they charge the actual price differently as shown on their website. This is one of the leading issues I was able to notice in the complaints and reviews I read. Most people had to get in touch with their sales rep for a custom quote, there is no pricing available on the website for the user to compare.

Their Digital Marketing Services

Let’s be real here, how can a company be good in digital marketing services if they can’t even manage their own reputation online.

They make big promises to clients about getting their website on top of Google SERP. However, the reviews that I read showed that they hardly delivered on their promises. They keep charging you on a monthly basis for 12 months and do not deliver. This is one of the big reasons why many of their clients ask for the cancellation of services. But that is an issue with Hibu as well. They aren’t good with cancellation requests and keep the clients dangling for long.

Hibu’s custom-built smart site

You may not have control over the site that you get a custom-built with Hibu. They own the site property and are just renting it to you. Through some of the complaints and reviews, we figured out that they hold the customer’s website as ransom until you clear all the payments. If you want to cancel the contract with Hibu, they are not going to give the site control unless you pay up the whole contract. When it comes to the online identity of your website, they claim your online listings on Google, Bing and other submission directories.

To put it simply, if you are thinking about hiring Hibu for online reputation management or SEO services, think again! Read the complaints and reviews from their customers on the online portals before deciding to hire them.


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