Are Yext Powerlistings Worth It?

Are Yext Powerlistings Worth It?

Are Yext PowerListings worth it? Should you pay for this rather expensive service?

In the following piece, we are going to review what Yext has to offer. We will also summarize the reasons why their PowerListings may or may not be worth the price that they charge. Read on to learn more.

About Yext

Essentially, Yext provides services that are designed to help local businesses manage their listings on online business directories. For these services, you need to pay an annual fee of at least $499, depending on the size of your company.

Is this price fair? Basically, the short answer is not really. When you research the claims from Yext, the actual network on and the search engine ranks and web traffic results for its clients, you will discover that Yext PowerListings:

  • Will have difficulty delivering real ranking results because of the small handful of sites it will put you on (only about 10% of potential business directories you can get listed on – this is a conservative estimate)
  • Will not need verification from the owner, therefore you don’t retain real control of your listings (more on this shortly)
  • Are pay-for-inclusion listings; this means that when you stop paying Yext’s exorbitant fees, only your NAP (name, address, and phone number) and categories will appear on the Yext PowerListings
  • Additional “rich” information such as text descriptions and photos will disappear when you stop paying
  • You will no longer be able to easily update your information or track it
  • Sometimes, Yext PowerListings results in duplicated and copied listings on the business directories; these duplicates are difficult to correct and/or remove

The Yext “Free” Scan

Yext also provides a free scan. This is a great diagnostic tool in the sense that it will help you check whether you have listings in the business directories within the Yext network.
Using the tool, you will be able to determine whether the NAP information posted on these directories is consistent across all the listings you currently have.

However, once you use the free scan, you should expect to receive pressured sales calls and emails from Yext through the Yext PowerListings team. When you consider the time you will waste answering these calls and emails, you will realize that there is actually a price to Yext’s scan.

Yext Business Directories

If you evaluate all the directories within the Yext PowerListings network, you will be able to determine those that are actually valuable for incoming links. After that, you can claim and optimize every value-added listing.

For all this, you need to pay an expensive annual fee.

What Happens If You Don’t Renew Yext?

So, what will happen to your business listings and the information you have online after you decide not to renew your subscription or are unable to do so at Yext? Although you might not have used Yext or you are still new to it, you probably have your own misconceptions. Therefore, you might not understand what will happen when Yext PowerListings get turned off.

Essentially, Yext PowerListings will give you control over your business listings through their Match and Lock process. However, if you fail to renew your subscription, you will experience something you never knew was possible.

Of course, you will wonder whether Yext will delete all your business listing data from every publisher. Additionally, you won’t know whether your online presence will disappear or if Yext will revert all the old data – some of which might have been wrong and misleading.

Well, essentially, Yext will remove their lock when you don’t renew your subscription. Therefore, your NAP will not be deleted or removed. However, the lock they put on to protect your business listing will be removed.

This means that your business listing will now become subject to the typical compilation process at the social network, mobile app, online directory and/or search engine.

Actually, since this Yext lock will no longer be in place, their service will no longer be able to control your listings directly. Therefore, your listings will continue acting like they normally did without Yext.

Additionally, when your PowerListings are deactivated, the enhanced content will no longer be available. This content includes your featured messages, biographies, products, and hours of operation, menus, as well as photos among other things.

This will happen because the Yext lock is designed to provide Dual-Sync technology for delivering such enhanced content. When it is disconnected, your content will still be on Yext. However, no one will be able to access it since the lock was turned off and the connections were effectively severed.

The Final Word

Overall, Yext PowerListings is not worth it. Not only is it pricey even for a profitable small business, the price will not make up for the benefits you will derive from using their technology. Additionally, in case you are unable to renew your subscription to Yext, all the benefits you initially used to enjoy will be retracted – which might put you in a far worse situation than you were in when you signed up with Yext.

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