Introducing Budget Tier 1's:
Affordable Niched Contextual Links

Budget Tier 1's

SEOs that know how to surround their sites with the best quality contextual links win every time.

Legitimate guest posts, authority links on big media sites, and PRweb press releases are great for this...but they have one major issue: the price! They come with a high price tag and they're just not suitable for a lower budget campaign.

So what's a good alternative?

Budget Tier 1's

Budget Tier 1's are a great alternative if you want good contextual links but have a limited budget.

Here's a couple of the main points:

High Authority Domains

They're links on high authority domains. The average DA is 51!


The links themselves are contextual which are perfect for linking to your money sites (Yes, we can even do co-citations).

Verticals Supported

You'll find a handful of different verticals supported like Tech, Finance, Home, Real Estate, Education, Travel, Business, and many more. Full list is below.

Updated Niche Counts for 2017

My numbers below are subject to change at any time, but here's what we've got so far:

  • 7 General
  • 1 Apps
  • 1 Blogging
  • 2 Career
  • 2 Writer
  • 5 Fashion
  • 4 Finance
  • 8 Home and Real Estate
  • 6 Travel
  • 2 Fitness and Health
  • 1 Food
  • 1 Gaming
  • 1 Mommy
  • 1 Music
  • 3 News
  • 3 Tech
  • 4 Home and Real Estate
  • 15 General
  • 6 Travel
  • 2 Fashion
  • 2 Food
  • 2 Tech

**Unfortunately I can't send you my list of sites, but if I deliver something and you already have it I will be happy to replace it with something else that you don't have.**

Want to see a sample report?

You're probably wondering what these links look like, go ahead and download a sample report here:

As you can see they are basically niche-based sites that have allowed users to post and host content.

While they aren't true guest posts, you can think of them as a less-expensive alternative to guest posts (and we have a lot more freedom in what we post, what's linked to, and what kind of anchor text is used).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What we offer is the cream of the crop and because of that, all services by Marketer's Center come with a

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've done for you, just let us know and we'll make it right or send you a full refund. It's up to you.

Do Your Links Actually Index?

With every order we push your live links through our indexing process.

There is no extra charge for this and the majority of what we build for you should index just fine.

In fact, we do this for all services.

You can see some of the results here: