GMB Foundations

A Comprehensive 28-Day Google My Business Optimization Service

Creating a system for your clients that handles every facet of GMB optimization can be daunting, GMB has changed over the years and become more complicated than when it was first introduced.

The good news is you can use our customized systems and see what we’re offering with this package.

Whether you’ve just signed a local client or you’re looking to give an old client a fresh boost, this GMB optimization service gives a great foundation for local rankings.

Let me tell you a little bit more about it.

4 Phases

Our comprehensive 28-day GMB optimization process is broken down into 4 distinct phases. Each phase will last roughly a week.

And for every week we take care of items such as:

Auditing and fixing GMB particulars such as hours, opening date, categories, NAP, duplicate listings, etc…

Competitive research, service areas, and descriptions.

Review responses, photos, and the GMB website itself.

The last phase is optional. It's our GMB Premium Post service! Review, city, and service-specific posts.

This is just a vague overview, let’s go into each week in a little bit more depth so you can see exactly what your deliverables are going to be and what’s going to get done for you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What we offer is the cream of the crop and because of that, all services by Marketer's Center come with a

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've done for you, just let us know and we'll make it right or send you a full refund. It's up to you.

The 4 Week Plan

WEEK 1 - Getting the Basics Done

Week 1 focuses on getting the basics out of the way. We'll set up rank tracking so we have a baseline set for results. We'll also get some basic optimizations out of the way and do some auditing.

1. Run an Exhaustive Search and Eliminate any Duplicate GMB Listings

We'll check for and remove any duplicate GMB listings that might be out there. These can negatively affect rankings and we'll make sure to get them pulled down for you.

2. Put the Business Info Under a Microscope

The consistency of your client's business information (including but not limited to the NAP) is important for authoritative rankings. We'll look at the website, major social media accounts, and main citation sites to make sure the businesses information is consistent.

3. Post Opening and Closing Hours and Dates if Needed

For local businesses having accurate, displayed times when the business is open is useful for potential customers. We'll enter this information for you to get better visibility and awareness.

4. Setup Local Keyword Tracking for the Most Important Keywords

We'll set up a baseline for your local keywords from week 1, that way we can note improvements from your optimization over the course of the next few months. While we can't guarantee rankings with our GMB Setup & Optimization services, we do guarantee best practices. But keep a lookout, because positive changes in rankings are very common.

WEEK 2 - Needle-Moving Optimizations and Competitive Research

Week 2 is dedicated to getting to the main optimizations of the GMB itself completed, based on our previous weeks audits. We'll also be doing some competitive research so we can put together a game plan for you.

1. Insightful Competitor Research and Game Plan

We'll find out where competitors are listed and where you need to be listed to get better local rankings. This gives you a game plan even after our campaign is done.

2. Proper GMB Category Research and Selection

Selecting proper categories is crucial! It is one of the most essential tasks we perform on your GMB listing. Our selection process accounts for your competition, niche, and services delivered. Correct category selection can increase your search visibility by 75%.

3. Killer Service Area Optimization (As Needed)

Does Google know where your business is located? Services areas are an essential part of the process. By including cities, counties, towns, and zip codes, it will. No matter if GMB’s have hidden or visible addresses, it can be added to Google.

4. Service and Description Production and Optimization

All of your services are displayed on a dedicated section of the GMB listing provided by Google. Any descriptions and services are visible to visitors. This builds authority and trust with your listing. The result? Reaping the benefits of higher rankings and increased traffic.

For the description, explaining who you are and what service your business provides is critical. When people search your brand, it should not be a challenge for them to figure out these details. To ensure your brand translates to visitors, we write a unique & optimized business description, then publish directly to your GMB listing. With only 750 characters allowed for a GMB description, we make sure it counts!

WEEK 3 - Photos, Content, and the GMB Website

Week 3 is dedicated to content and optimizations for the GMB and the GMB website. This is one of the most important phases of the GMB optimization procedure and also one of the most time consuming parts.

1. Local Photo Collection and Optimization

Photos are worth a thousand words, and NO GMB listing is complete without them. We will gather and optimize photo files with business data including the NAP, website URL, GPS data, and other contact details.

2. Review Responses (Instruction Development)

Your customers deserve responses when they make reviews! Responding to reviews is extremely recommended. Give your customers the feeling of being appreciated for their time of leaving a comment. Not only does this build trust with potential clients is also a massive trust signal to Google! Putting to work all the features provided by GMB is essential. We can help you with the how-to comment, with provided instruction on effective strategies.

3. GMB Website Content Production and Optimization

The content of your GMB listing needs to be unique. It needs to capture attention. It shouldn’t be simply a copy and paste from content already written. We write 750- 1000 words of content that describe your business and services. We use a format of writing that takes your visitor on a journey from the introduction to the CTA (call to action). We include an introduction, benefits, fear of loss, solutions, testimonials, guarantees, and finally a strong call to action.

Throughout the content, we optimize using your main keywords and GMB category mentions. Links will be created to connect to other social & directory listings, establishing relevance and building trust.

4. Search Engine Friendly GMB Website Creation and Optimization

With your GMB listing, you can create a website within the listing. This gives another excellent chance at optimization. Using the website creation feature, we feed Google more data about your business and services. Google loves data! The more information provided the better. Essentially the GMB website will house, a header, GMB posts, services with descriptions, a condensed summary of the company, photos, and a foot with contact information including a map.

WEEK 4 - GMB Premium Post Production and Month-Long Scheduling (Optional)

Week 4 is all about setting up Google My Business posts and it will give you an idea of how we do them. This can be recurring and set up monthly via the GMB Premium Posts service. GMB Posts have been proven time and time again to help listings get more traffic, engagement and clicks. We recommend a monthly posting strategy to get the best results, but posting during the setup process can lead to dramatic results. Our plan includes 16 posts with different strategies for targeting customers.

The 30-Day GMB Post Schedule

Your order comes with 16 GMB posts that will be scheduled over a 4 week duration. The first posts will be dripped out over the last week of your GMB optimization campaign.

You'll get:

  • 4x service style posts.
  • 4x blog/info posts.
  • 4x review style posts.
  • 4x city/location posts.

If you're curious to see what these kinds of posts look like, check out a sample here:

Do Your Clients Need Our
GMB Setup & Optimization Services?

When was the last time you optimized your client's GMB? Has it been a while or are you just getting started? Optimizing your clients GMB is a great way to get easy wins and show your client notable improvements right from the start.

Marketer’s Center uses every single Google My Business tool available and has built out processes you can leverage for your own clients. We will skyrocket the potential of a GMB listing, make changes when needed, and have ongoing data showing progress (and deliverables you can show your client).

We offer a no-nonsense approach to setting up and optimizing your GMB listings. With this powerful service, your clients will experience a tremendous improvement with online visibility. The result? Happy clients!