This service is a done-for-you solution to leveraging the power and authority Google has within its very own properties.

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We build strong topical & keyword relevance, build massive amounts of backlinks, and even rank Google properties in the search engines for targeted keywords. To keep things extra safe, links and keywords are filtered through 13 Google properties.

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Goolge Cloud Properties

1   Public Folder

2   Keyword rich Drive Stack Folder

3   Optimized Images Folder

4   Google Doc

5   PDF made from Google Doc

6   Google Sheet 1

7   Google Sheet 2

8   Google Forms

9   Video Upload

10   Google MyMap

11   Google Drawing

12   Google Slides

13   Google Sites


But Don’t Take My Word for It, Check Out This Sample

Every Google property is included in your order, we fully utilize every available Google property to its max potential.

For example, we use Google Shortened URLS to push keyword relevancy to your social and citation URLs from each property. We heavily interlink from and to each property within the Google Drive Stack using naked URLs, Google Short Links, and targeted keyword anchors.

These properties are not only powerful, but they also look great. You can show these to your clients.

They come 100% branded for you. We gather photos and logo from your client's website and fully optimize these images with GPS data, NAP, Keyword titles, and tags.

We link out to your Google Map listing with Short and long URLs. We drive even more relevance and power by using your company’s NAP as the anchor test pointing to your map.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Bottom line is that these properties are done right, done comprehensively, look beautiful, and are powerful.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

What we offer is the cream of the crop and because of that, all services by Marketer's Center come with a


If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've done for you, just let us know and we'll make it right or send you a full refund. It's up to you.


For now, any local based business can benefit the most. Businesses that have a specific city or area that they serve. Whether it is a service area or a brick and mortar.

Google Local

Just to be clear, you should already have a verified Google My Business listing for the site before you order.

Even though these Google Link Funnels can help you rank in any industry, with our method of creating Google Stacks, we rely on a local maps listing.

Here's Some Recent Results We've Seen with Local Businesses and Google Cloud Links

google-cloud-links-graph-1 google-cloud-links-graph-2 google-cloud-links-graph-3 google-cloud-links-graph-4 google-cloud-links-graph-5 google-cloud-links-graph-6 google-cloud-links-graph-7



How many keywords/URLs can we target with this service?

How many keywords/URLs can we target with this service?

We would recommend providing up to 15 exact keywords. If the client does not provide keywords, then we can do research and come up with them.

We like to focus on 1 website per drive stack. Website should have corresponding map listing.


What about images?

What about images?

We highly recommend providing up to 10 images. Pictures of the business logo and owner/persona are highly recommend. If you don’t provide images, we will do our best to pull some from the website or find niche related pictures and optimize them.


What about NAP?

What about NAP?

We recommend that you provide us with the Google Maps listing URL for exact NAP. If you do not provide us with a Maps URL, then we will do our best to find the correct Map with NAP.


Do I need Videos?

Do I need Videos?

Please provide any Youtube URLs with videos that you would like us to use. If you do not provide a URL, then we do our best to find your videos on Youtube or find Niche related videos that we use and optimize.


Can you interlink our social media and citation URLs?

Can you interlink our social media and citation URLs?

We will accept up to 10 citation URLs and up to 10 social media URLs. If you don’t provide these then we will do our best to find your citations and social media accounts to include in the stack.


What’s the best way of making use of these properties once the order is done?

What’s the best way of making use of these properties once the order is done?

Tier 2 links are a great start. You can do these nicely with GSA, FCS, etc..

I would run a good quality FCS tier 2 campaign to each Google property. Followed by a Tier 3 FCS or GSA blast. I personally do not use city modifiers in the tier 2 and tier 3 link building because there is so much keyword relevance already in the drive stack. The goal is to build authority, Google can figure out where the business is located without exact match Tier 2 or Tier 3 links. I like generic link anchors like “website”, “here”, etc…..and broad keywords that do not include the city… like “dentistry” dental office” “cosmetic dentistry” “dental implants”.... I run a 50/50 split on generic anchors and broad match anchors to the Google property URLs. Another thing to consider is to embed these Google properties on other sites.. Embed on PBNs, Web 2.0s, etc... You can always build out what we’ve done even further by adding quality content into Google Docs within the Public folder we create for you. Link to these articles from other Google properties for maximum power. During a link building campaign to the properties you will push massive amount of juice to these articles which, if original content, can rank fairly easy for a low to medium competition keyword all by themselves. You can also build out a Custom Google MyMap for each individual service you or the client offers. I have added up to 30. And yes, these MyMaps can rank. Just by adding them into the public Google folder where the rest of the properties are placed, the link building effort should power these up as well. Make to to embed these MyMaps on Web 2.0s and PBNs for ultimate power.


How is content handled?

How is content handled?

We pull content directly from the website. There's no duplicate content penalty associated with this, we really just use it to add some relevancy to the Google properties in the service. If you like, there's an optional upgrade to have us write and use unique content instead.


Will this work for Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, etc...?

Will this work for Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, etc...?

Yes! Absolutely. Much like our citation services, we can work with any local business in the world. The concept and effectiveness is the same no matter where the business is located.

Check out current pricing and options in our Reseller Dashboard

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