Local Mini Sites Deliver Local Relevancy, Backlinks, and Citations

One of local link buildings biggest challenges is getting locally relevant websites to drop a link or mention your clients site.

If you can land these through outreach, they can be incredibly powerful for getting high-rankings that are sustainable. While we work on a solution for outreach links, we’ve produced something as an alternative that is both affordable and effective.

I've been using this strategy for the past year and it’s one reason I believe I was recently able to get solid maps rankings for a client in Chico that was stuck for 8 months.

Why These Local Mini Sites Work: Local Relevance

Hopefully you already understand the importance of including locally relevant content on your client's local blog and you’re producing this kind of content to help them rank.

You might know that this kind of content strategy is great for rankings but why it's so awesome can be a bit of a mystery.

This Isn't Your Typical Conventional Link Service, It Is Also a Co-Occurence and Co-Citation Service For Local

Even though a backlink to your site is put into each mini site, part of what makes these Local Mini Sites powerful isn't just their linking strategy.

It's the co-occurence, co-citation, and local relevancy they push!

While co-occurence and co-citation aren't exactly new thoughts to the world of SEO, here's a quick breakdown in case you need a refresher:


The presence, frequency, and proximity of similar keywords across various websites. You might be familiar with LSI content or keyword targeting/optimization via TF-IDF, 2 tactics fundamentally tied to co-occurence.


When one website or brand is mentioned, but not necessarily linked. You may have heard of "brand mentions" or "link building without links" - that is an easier way of describing a co-citation.

You probably have already experienced the power of these 2 things with our local citation services, but never realized it!

Let me explain.

With citations, you have to ensure consistency with the business name, address, and phone. For many citation sites, you won't even get a backlink or sometimes it's obscured by a redirect. But the real power of citations lies within the consistent information that's aggregated out to hundreds of citation sites.

Just the mere mention of the business name, its address, and associated information impacts the strength of the local businesses website in a positive way.

To harness the same power but through different links and properties, I've come up with a (long awaited) solution.

We call it "Local Mini Sites".

So What’s Involved in Creating
Local Mini Sites?

It is much more deep than your typical “local web 2.0”. I've put a lot of thought into each little detail that goes into the sites we produce for you and your client, and we’ll go over everything that goes into these below.

Our Local Mini Sites Feature a Few Distinct Advantages

For one, all of the content on these mini sites is locally relevant and they're locally relevant in a few strategic ways.

We piggyback local news stories and add our own commentary.

We mention 3rd party, non-competing places of interest and local businesses.

We include embedded maps and driving directions from another local business or place of interest.

And yes, we can embed your video on request!

This is just a few of the things that make these Local Mini Sites powerful.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What we offer is the cream of the crop and because of that, all services by Marketer's Center come with a

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've done for you, just let us know and we'll make it right or send you a full refund. It's up to you.

Yes, We Hand Build These Out of Web 2.0s from Scratch

We don’t use programs to build out Local Mini Sites. A human touch can only produce them at the level that we’re making them.

Everything is completely customized: Custom graphics, content, registrations, and set-up.

Powering These Up with Locally Relevant Tiered Links Is Where Much of the Magic Happens

After we get done building out the Local Mini Sites for you, the job has really just begun. Here’s the benefits of these tiered links.

75+ Links

For each Local Mini Site we build out (400+ total).


These locally themed tiers also feature video, mymap, and image embeds.


These push not only backlinks to our Local Mini Sites, they are also helpful for pushing local relevancy up the ladder.


1. What kind of sites are these built on?

The tier 1's are built on primarily high quality web 2.0 style sites...Wordpress.com, blogger, etc...

The tier 2 web 2.0s are really built on whatever we can get our hands on that works. Those are a bit more varied.

2. How do the main Local Mini Sites differ from the ones built out in tier 2 and beyond?

The main tier 1 Local Mini Sites are built by hand, with unique content written by hand, and customized by hand. Actually there's 3 different people that go into producing the main Local Mini Sites..

However, for the 400+ local and niche specific tier 2s, those are put together using a program and aren't quite as fancy. Mostly these are manipulated for the link juice and local relevancy.

3. Can I see a sample?

Yes, all of our services link to samples. Here's a sample site for you to check out https://dailyrosevilleca.wordpress.com/

4. What's the TAT?

Right now it's 10-14 days!

5. How much unique content is produced for our Local Mini Sites?

Over 2,500 unique words are written in total.

6. Can videos and images be included on our Local Mini Sites?

Yes, we'll pull rich media like videos and images automatically but if you want to tell us what images and give us a video to use, that would be ideal!

7. Are embedded maps used in this service?

Yep, in both the main properties we built out for you as well as the local tier 2 web 2.0s that are also produced for the service.

8. How many sites are included in the order total?

There are 5 hand-built local mini sites and 400+ tier 2/3 local and niche web 2.0s that are linked back to them.

The Next Step

While these are not built by hand (there are just so many of them), these are important for tier 2 and tier 3 links.

Much of what makes this package powerful is from these themed tiers… not just for a local and niche relevance push, but to also give the sites we build by hand some extra juice.