Through careful site selection and intensive interlinking, we've discovered a unique way of making certain citation and Social Foundation properties work together to strengthen each other as a whole.

Using this strategy, we're merging these 2 types of link types together.

At the core, we're essentially linking Social Foundation properties to citations, and linking citations back to these social properties.

The center of it all is a mesh of these 2 link types:

Citation and Social Foundations Graph

While each property will link back to your own site, these properties also link to each other an average of 4-5 times per property. The total number of properties we build out for you is 100 total (50 citation sites, 50 Social Foundation sites)...if you include the interlinks we also build, the total number of links is in the hundreds.

On the outside of the mesh we create, you have the option of strengthening it all further by dripping contextual links to all of these properties. We have options of 14 days or 30 days of link dripping.

Contextual link image
Left Arrow
Citation and Social Foundations Graph
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Contextual link image

But Doesn't This Service Overlap with Social Foundations or the Other Citation Services?

Yes, actually, it does.

While I'm pretty proud of all of our 17 services providing unique link types, this is the first service where there may be some kind of overlap going on.

This service is kind of like if Social Foundations Interlinkables and Hyper Local Citations had a child together and it took the best qualities of each service.

However, not to worry.

If you've already ordered any part of Social Foundations and/or any of our citation services, don't worry.

We will pull what we've already registered for you and build those sites out a bit more. We won't be creating any duplicate profiles or registrations anywhere.

What's the Deliverable?

You'll get a 2 tabbed spreadsheet that lists the public URLs, usernames, passwords, and # of interlinks included on each site. In all, you'll receive 50 citations and 50 Social Foundation profiles.

Want to See a Sample Report?

Here's a short sample report you can view. I admit it doesn't show a ton but will show you what fields we deliver in the final report as well as how it's all organized.

See A Sample Report

How Much Does It All Cost?

Check current pricing and order within our dashboard.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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