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Rich Media Citations

QUESTION: What if I told you I could create a local video, syndicate it to targeted high-quality media sites, AND build citations + local links all in the same service?

Get ready because that service is finally here!

Is rich media part of your local marketing arsenal yet? If it isn't yet, it will be soon.

Let me tell you why...

Rich Media Citations is a 3-part service:

Video Production

Script, voice, and video production. We create all the elements needed for syndication in the next 2 steps.

Video Syndication

Video syndication is first and will go out to around 20 video sharing sites.

Image & Audio Syndication

Image and Audio syndication is next. The voiceover and images used in the video will be uploaded to around 30 different sites.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What we offer is the cream of the crop and because of that, all services by Marketer's Center come with a

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've done for you, just let us know and we'll make it right or send you a full refund. It's up to you.

Do Your Links Actually Index?

With every order we push your live links through our indexing process.

There is no extra charge for this and the majority of what we build for you should index just fine.

In fact, we do this for all services.

You can see some of the results here:


The 4 Big Benefits
of Rich Media Citations For Local Marketers

1. Link building for local sites

Link building for local can be hard, but not here. With every video, image, and audio site we do there's a 95% chance we can leave a link as well as a citation.

2. Citations nobody else has

It goes without saying that structured citations are the most popular, but don't forget about other opportunities as well. Rich media citations are great for pulling ahead of the competition because so few people have them.

3. Grab an extra spot in the top-10

Even if you're already crushing it for your client's local keywords, how about grabbing another top-10 spot? It never hurts to start dominating 20%+ of the front page for a term that's vital for the local niche.

4. Local keyword sniping

Google loves videos. Why? Some people speculate that Google especially loves Youtube because they own them, but I also think it's more than that. Videos are just very easy to rank with in most cases.

This Service Is a Fusion of Local Link Building and Local Citations

Remember, this isn't _just_ a citation service.

You're getting a whole lot more.
Don't forget about the custom script, voiceover, and local video.
Also, 50+ rich media syndications means an extra 50 citations AND 50 links.

Custom Scripts, Unique Content, AND voiceover

Our scripts are written by native english speakers. We're actually going to write a couple different scripts for you and you can pick which one you want to use for the voiceover/video, the remainders will be used as unique content during syndication! This is huge...

Get 50+ links and 50+ citations

Every site we syndicate to will have an opportunity to not only leave an unstructed citation, but a link to the root domain as well. You'll be getting links and citations from a total of 50 unique domains, all hand-selected depending on the quality of the site itself.

Your 2 video options

We're giving 2 different video options:

The First Option is to take what is included in this package which is perfect if you're only interested in the links and citations. You'll get a quality script, voiceover, and the video will be a slideshow video. Chances are you're already familiar with slideshow videos like those done with Animoto, so I won't leave a sample here but if you still want to see one just contact me.

The Second Option is for those that want to upgrade the video to something a little more slick. These come with a custom script and voiceover but also feature custom animation and sounds effects. You can see some examples of these videos below:

Download a Sample Syndication Report

Finally, a Way to Match and Exceed In the Citation Game

Linkbuilding has been traditionally a game of "match and exceed"; where you should be matching the links your competitors are building and then exceed them in other areas.

For citations this is cut and dry but because there is a limited number of traditional citation sites it can be difficult to actually exceed what the competition is doing.

With this service you'll be getting links AND citations that I guarantee 99.9% of your competitiors simply don't have.

Not only that but you can use the video that comes along with this service to rank for pretty much any local keyword under the sun. It's no stranger that Google is in love with their sister site Youtube - we'll syndicate your video there and set up the foundation for you to rank for whatever local keyword you want to target.

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1. What do you do if you come across a listing that already exists?

If we come across listings that you already have, we'll add them to the report and complete a citation somewhere else. You are guaranteed at least 20 new citations from this service + submission to the big 3 data agreggators if it's needed.

2. What if I have already ordered Hyper-Local Citations for my site?

We will consolidate the work from this report into the Master List from your Hyper-Local Citations order(s).

3. What does my site need to get started?

All you need is a business name, address, phone number, and a URL.

4. I ordered a big citations in the past and the company has recently changed names. Can you go in and correct all of the citations with the wrong info.

Yep, absolutely!

Just go to the old order in the dashboard and make a comment with all of the changes you would like made.

5. In your citations and directory services do you create Bing and Yahoo Business Listings?

Unfortunately we can't do Yahoo anymore, Yext secured control of them... but we can do Bing with our Big Citations service.

6. My businesses do not have a physical location so can or should we not try Big Citations at all?

A citation is technically an occurrence of the businesses name, address, and phone. Without those items we can’t do citations, but you’d be looking at organic linking instead (Social Foundations, Budget Tier 1s, etc…)

7. Do you not specialize in the UK and AU markets? Only USA is mentioned in the comparison table.

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