Are the Top 50 Rich Media Sites Actually Worth Getting Links and Citations On?

To answer this question, we’ll look at some hard data below in a moment.

But first, let’s talk about what ‘rich media citations’ actually are…

…and why would you even consider using rich media in your citation and link building strategy in the first place?

So What Are Rich Media Citations and Links, Anyway?

Rich Media Citations and Links are different from regular citations for 3 reasons:


Getting that coveted backlink and citation requires the use of a video, audio, or image file. This is where the “Rich Media'' part comes in. And this also makes these kinds of links and citations more of a “pain in the butt” to build because you NEED rich media to build them. This is your competitive advantage.


The Rich Media Citations are technically citations, but unstructured. We’re able to drop links and a business name, address, and phone along with our submissions. Google will crawl it, but these aren’t your typical structured citation sites. That doesn’t mean they’re less effective, just different.


Many of the links we build are do-follow. Just how many? We’ll share the percentages on everything in the next section.

The premise of Rich Media Citations and Links is simple: we’ve created a process that gives us rich media content to build citations and links with: videos, images, and audio files.

The list of sites we use for this service are all unique domains that are great to list a business NAP and get a link from. We’ll share part of this list a little later on this page.

What’s the Hard Data Behind the Top 50 Rich Media Citation Sites?

You’ll get a minimum of 50 links and citations from the top rich media sites through this service, but let’s take a deeper dive into the stats behind these sites and what makes them stellar.

Using Ahrefs I calculated a few averages for our site list.

Keep in mind, there are some outliers that are well below and well above (like Youtube) these averages.

It is just an overall, average calculation.

  • Average DR: 76
  • Average RD: 765,277
  • Average Traffic: 131,445,526

While normally SEOs are building either a link or a citation (not usually both), the majority of the sites on our list (64%) let us build both a backlink AND an unstructured citation.

So in terms of cost efficiency, this is a huge bonus.

But it gets better.

70% of these links will be DOFOLLOW backlinks to the URLs of your choice. Similar to what we do with Social Foundations 2.0, we can now rotate between a few different URLs if you'd like to get a wider target spread.

What Are Some of the ‘Powerhouse’ Sites Behind This Service?

Let’s talk about some of the big boys that we leverage that take these links and citations to another level.

First, video.

Here’s some of the video sites we’re building links and citations on, using this service.

About 50% of the link and citation building with this service is done through video sites, such as…

Youtube logo If a site doesn’t yet have a link or NAP on Youtube, it may as well not exist. This is one of the most natural links and listings you can get.
Dailymotion logo One of the top 500 sites on the internet with over 780,000 referring domains linking to it.
Steamable logo Streamable ranks for over 120,000 different keywords according to Ahrefs. While we can’t build a link on this site, we can syndicate a NAP alongside your video.

Around 10% of the syndications will be to audio sites such as...

SoundCloud logo Soundcloud sports a whopping 1.8 million referring domains. It’s by far the strongest audio site we can build both a link and citation on.
Anchor logo ranks for 3.3 million different keywords with 134 million backlinks.
Spreaker logo You might have not heard of Spreaker but it boasts a DR of 90 and gets hundreds of thousands of visits a month.

Don’t forget images! Around 40% of the syndication is dedicated to image link and citation creation.

Pinterest logo We can’t talk about image syndication without mentioning Pinterest. This site loved by moms everywhere boasts over 22 Billion backlinks. Yes, billion.
Flickr logo Flickr is another classic image hosting service that ranks for over 12 million different keywords with a DR of 95.
Deviant logo DeviantArt is one of the strongest sites on our image list that gives a dofollow backlink and citation. With a DR of 91, it ranks for over 10 million different keywords.

In total, we’re using these sites and 50 others to build links and citations concurrently.

The sheer diversity and raw link/citation potential can’t be understated and is just too good to pass up.

Want to see what a report looks like?

Want to see a sample video?

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

What we offer is the cream of the crop and because of that, all services by Marketer's Center come with a


If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've done for you, just let us know and we'll make it right or send you a full refund. It's up to you.

6 Big Reasons to Use Rich Media Citations and Links


Link Building for Local Sites

Link building for local can be hard, but not here. This service is a creative way for getting more links and unstructured citations for your local client's site.


Get Listed on High Authority Sites

These video, image, and audio sites attract a ton of backlinks to their sites.
The average DA of the sites we syndicate to for Rich Media Citations is XX.

These sites have become very authoritative in their own right, it's a great play getting listed and linked from them.


Grab Extra SERP Spots

It's not uncommon to see a video we syndicated with this service to then go on to grab a spot in Google SERPs for a handful of keywords.

Google likes ranking rich media, especially videos. Shooting tier 2 links at the links we build for you using this service? Your video links will have even more power.

Even if you're already crushing it for your client's local keywords, how about grabbing another top-10 spot? It never hurts to start dominating 20%+ of the front page for a term that's vital for the local niche.


Use These Submissions as Tier 1s for Your Tiered Linking Campaigns

If you’re a fan of Budget Tier 1’s or Social Foundations 2.0 you might like this service as well. It will give you 50+ different URLs to leverage as tier 1’s in your tiered linking campaigns.


These Are Unstructured Citations That Are More Difficult to Build

Rich Media Citations and Links are great for pulling ahead of the competition because they’re more difficult to build. Your competition is going to need to create a video first before they even make an attempt at what we’re doing here.


Incredibly Affordable, Price is Comparable to Hyper Local Citations

We’ve been able to integrate rich media creation and still keep the price around the same amount that you’d pay for traditional structured citations. There is a ton of value in this service, make sure you tap it!

Let’s Break Down the Entire Process Behind Rich Media Citations

Phase 1. Script and Voiceover

Step 1.

We put together a couple script options for you to select.

Step 2.

The one you like the most will be used for the video itself, the other will be used as unique content for your syndications.

Step 3.

We use advanced text-to-speech software to produce a natural-sounding voiceover.

Want to hear about our voice overs sound like?

Check out the sample video in the sample report:

Phase 2. Video Production

Step 1.

Along with the freshly created voiceover, we gather a series of images for your video production. The slideshow style is used for this particular service. (If you want to see a video example, click the blue button right above)

Step 2.

After we’re done creating the video, we’ll send it to you for your approval. After your approval, we’ll move to Phase 3.

It’s important to remember we’re producing this video mainly for citations and backlinks. It won’t be something you’d proudly display on your client’s homepage but it gets the job done for what we’re using it for: links and unstructured citations.

Phase 3. Final Syndication to 50+ Video, Audio, and Image Sites

After Phase 1 and Phase 2 we have a few pieces of rich media to work with:

1. 1 video.
2. A handful of images from the video creation process.
3. 1 audio voiceover.

We take these pieces of rich media and syndicate them to 50 sites total. Here’s the percentage breakdowns for the syndications:

  • 50% Video Sites
  • 40% Image Sites
  • 10% Audio Sites

Sprint Ahead in the "Match and Exceed" Citation Game

Link building has traditionally been a game of "match and exceed" ; where you should be matching the links your competitors are building and then exceeding them in other areas.

This service makes it difficult for your competitors to copy: they’re going to need to make a video, get images, and produce audio files. The vast majority of your competitors just won’t put forth the effort to do this.


Remember, this isn't just a citation service.

You're getting a whole lot more. Don't forget about the custom script, voiceover, and local video Also, 50+ rich media syndications means an extra 50 citations AND 50 links.

Custom Scripts, Unique Content, and Voiceover


Our scripts are written by native english speakers. We're actually going to write a couple different scripts for you and you can pick which one you want to use for the voiceover/video the remainders will be used as unique content during syndication! This is huge...

Get 50+ links and 50+ Citations


Every site we syndicate to will have an opportunity to not only leave on unstructed citation, but a link to the root domain as well. You'll be getting links and citations from a total of 50 unique domains, all hand-selected depending on the quality of the site itself.


Click on quote to see who said it and where...



Is Rich Media Citations a one-time service?

Is Rich Media Citations a one-time service?

A. Yep! We’re using a set list of unique domains that isn’t shared with other services. Once you land an unstructured citation for a location on these domains, it isn’t really worth doing again. We recommend ordering Rich Media Citations just 1 time per location.


Will I be able to see the video before it gets syndicated?

Will I be able to see the video before it gets syndicated?

Yep! We won’t syndicate the video unless you approve it.


How long will the video be?

How long will the video be?

It’s a standard 30 second commercial slot. The scripts we write for this service are around 50 words long. When the script is read, this gives us a video around 30 seconds in length.


Can you use my own video instead?

Can you use my own video instead?

Yes, we can use your own video and give you a slight discount because of it, but please also provide an image and audio file for us to use for your syndications. Also, we can’t take huge videos, 20-30 mb is the limit. The shorter the video, the better.


How many backlinks and unstructured citations will I get from this service?

How many backlinks and unstructured citations will I get from this service?

We’re syndicating across 50 sites total, each will give an unstructured citation and backlink. So 50 citations and 50 links in total.