Service Area Business Citations:
For Clients Without An Address
(Or Wish to Hide It)

SAB Citations is an effective citation option for your service area clients with no address

Before I get ahead of myself here, I want to make things perfectly clear:

You will get better results with citations when using an address.

With that said, sometimes it simply isn't possible. In these specific cases, we can now turn to SAB Citations to give those clients a local boost.

Maybe you have a client that wishes to hide their address from syndication. This is common with small service area businesses (maid services, handyman services, etc..) that just don't want their home address spread out all over the internet, on directories, and listings.

Perhaps they just don’t have an address at all?

Our latest Service Area Business Citation package (SAB Citations for short) will help you in any and all of these cases.

*These aren't alternative citations to our normal citation services, these are strictly for clients that aren't working with an address.*

Here’s What Others Have Said About SAB Citations

What Kind of Citation Sites Actually Accept Service Area Business Listings?

Quite a few really great sites, actually.

The service includes 40 citation sites that accept Service Area Business Listings but we're always working on our lists, so this number may improve in the future.

Here’s just a handful of the better citation sites that we’re working with for this service:

Ezlocal logo A powerhouse in the citation game with over 2 million backlinks and ranks for 280,000 keywords.
Manta logo One of the top 5,000 most trafficked sites on the internet, you definitely want your website or business listed here.
Nextdoor logo NextDoor serves an astounding 160,000,000+ visitors per month. It also, thankfully, accepts business listings without an address.
MerchantCircle logo MerchantCircle has been around for almost 2 decades and has received backlinks from almost 100,000 referring domains in that timeframe
Chamber of Commerce logo The friend of small businesses everywhere, even those that don’t have an address. Since April of last year, COC has been focused on link building and now sees traffic from nearly 5 million different keywords according to Ahrefs.
Yelp logo Yes, we know, we don’t like them either. But a link is a link, and being in the top 300 most visited sites online, they’re just too big to ignore.

Each order of SAB Citations will include these sites listed along with 40+ more.

If You Have An Address, Should You Still Use SAB Citations?

No, you shouldn't.

Here's why.

We’d be able to build more authoritative citation listings for you if we had an address to work with…. but these sites we’re using for this service are nice enough to allow service area business listings, even if there is no address to accompany the submission.

The majority of citation sites aren’t like this and require an address of some kind.. but we made the effort recently to find the ones that were friendly to the plight of the SABs. From this research, SAB Citations was born.

To put it simply, you'd get better results from these sites if your URL had a legitimate, verified GMB address alongside it.

So if you have an address to work with, use it if you can.

But we understand that sometimes there just isn't an address associated with the business at all.

And in these cases, you’ll need the extra juice that these citation listings can provide just to compete in the SERPs.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

What we offer is the cream of the crop and because of that, all services by Marketer's Center come with a


If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've done for you, just let us know and we'll make it right or send you a full refund. It's up to you.

The GMB Has a Verified Address Associated
With It But It's Hidden, Should You Use This Address?

Only if your client is OK with it.

Remember, Google lets you hide the address as a service area business.

We recommend running citations with this address if at all possible.

How to Get Started with Service Area Business Citations

Service area businesses are simple to add to your dashboard account.

You can add them as a client under your account, you don't actually need to include an address at all.

How Many SAB Citations Will You Get?

At the moment we're limited to 40 citation sites that actually accept Service Area Business Listings but we're always working on our lists, so this number may improve in the future.