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Social foundations

In March Google launched an update that specifically benefits public social profile pages. Here's the exact update:

“This change improve the comprehensiveness of public profile pages in our index from more than TWO-HUNDRED social sites.”

I've identified 250 of the most powerful social sites that you can get a link and profile on. I believe the majority of the sites we work with get the most 'bump' out of this G update.

These are split into unique packages of 50 and 100 sites. Each have their own theme and unique site list.

Starting at just $29.99!

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4 Available
Social Profile Packages

1. Bare Essentials

Is your site is new to the social scene? I recommend starting out with this package. You're going to get the necessary set-up like a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others. 50 total. (High PR, Low Alexa social sites)

2. Content Kings

These are the biggest and most popular content sharing sites on the web. They live off user generated content and are the easiest to get links from. 50 total. (Blogs and Pages)

3. Underdogs

These are composed of a basket of sites you probably haven't gotten links off of yet! 50 total. (Mixed types)

4. Big Bertha

Over a period of the last few months I've been getting more and more requests, "I need more sites! Can you do more?" I've cherry picked another 100 sites if you need them. 100 total. (Mixed types)

Now You Can Automate Your Social SEO with 3 IFTTT Networks


With this optional add-on, we can help you leverage the power of IFTTT SEO by setting up your networks for you.

The IFTTT infrastructure we create for you consists of 3 core networks:

The Blog Network

This network consists of sites that support longer content than a typical facebook style update. It will allow you to post or schedule out articles and they'll automatically be syndicated out to a handful of other blog/web 2.0 style properties that you control.

The Social Update Network

Your typical Twitter/Facebook style sites. Post a single update and it will go out to 15+ other social sites.

The Video Network

Everytime you upload a video to your Youtube account, have it linked to and syndicated to 5+ other social sites. Effective for some instant link juice for new videos, if you're trying to get them ranked.

IFTTT Networks are great for laying the social groundwork for you client's website. The social sites IFTTT supports are great for ranking local sites because they're both safe and authoritative.

This add-on is totally optional, but highly recommended.

The Social Foundations service is literally the swiss-army knife of SEO services.
Why? Check out the...

4 Big Ways SEO's Use
Social Foundations!

Build a Foundation for Reputation Management

Dominate multiple front page spots in Google for brand keywords with the social profiles we set up for you.

Strong Funnel Link Juice

Funnel link authority from the biggest social media sites on the web right back to any website you want.

Get Unstructured Citations

The majority of social sites we work with allow us to drop a business name, address, and phone right in the profile.

Claim Your Keyword Real Estate

Grab the profiles for important keywords or brand names before your competition does.

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Big Savings with Our
'KnowEm Alternative'

This service is very similar to the social profile set-up over at KnowEm. If you order from them you're going to pay around $2 per account set-up. With this service you'll pay just 1/4th of that price!

Unlimited Keywords and Anchor Texts

Major anchor diversity if you provide multiple keywords and URLs.

Just $24.99!