Compare to Moz Local, Universal Business Listings at 30% of the Cost

Big Citations is the big brother of our Hyper-Local Citations service. Big Citations focuses on a handful of must-have citations and big data aggregators, perfect for new sites or businesses who haven't built many citations yet.

This service is best thought of as a mix between a service and a Universal Business Listing alternative.

We combine submission to the big data aggregators that UBL submits to like Infogroup and Acxiom as well as creation of business listings on the top 20 best business listing sites.

This one-two combo makes for the most compact, authoritative local ranking service you'll find anywhere online... all at a price affordable enough to resell.

Big Citations vs Yext vs UBL vs Moz Local

Feature Big Citations Yext UBL MozLocal
Approach Manual Automated Automated Automated
Update listings Yes* Yes Yes Yes
Create new listings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create account/listings claimed Yes No Some No
Sites in Network 23+ 53+ 100+ 8+
Google+ Local No* No Yes No
Bing Local Yes Yes Yes No
Yahoo Local Yes Yes Yes No
Axciom No No Yes Yes
Neustar Localeze Yes No Yes Yes
InfoUSA Yes No Yes Yes
Factual No Yes Yes Yes
Foursquare Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speed of Updates Medium Fast Medium Slow
Detailed Report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost $29.99 $199 - $999 $79 - $399 $99/Year
Ongoing Costs No Yes - Annual Yes - Annual Yes - Annual

*Use our Citation Cleanup & Boost service for anything that needs editing.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

What we offer is the cream of the crop and because of that, all services by Marketer's Center come with a


If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've done for you, just let us know and we'll make it right or send you a full refund. It's up to you.


We're now tapping sites that are on the front line of voice search. Each voice assistant pulls from a handful of different sources and data aggregators.

We cover all of them with this service.

For example, Siri pulls from Google, Apple Maps, and Yelp. We make sure you get submitted to Apple Maps and we'll also help set up a Yelp listing with this service if that hasn't been done yet.

Alexa pulls voice search data from Bing and again reviews and listings via Yelp. We'll get the business syndicated to Bing Places just for good measure.

Cortana is also powered by the same combo of Bing and Yelp.

While Google Assistant is already covered by Google My Business.

Voice Assistant Installed Base - 2019


Data aggregators are more powerful than your average citation site because they often feed data to other citation sites automatically.

The Local Search Ecosystem

We can submit to 2 of the most influential data aggregators. Cumulatively these 2 sites feed over 15+ other major sites like Google Maps, AOL Local, and others you've heard of.

While we like data aggregators because of their convenience, you can still rank well without touching expensive ones. They're not a magic bullet.

Here's the shortlist of the big data aggregators we submit to and a little bit of info about each one:

Neustar Localeze

Neustar Localeze

This big dog powers the likes of Apple, Bing, YP, EZlocal, Localstack, Ziplocal, Yahoo! Local, and many more.
This is a solid data aggregator that's definitely worth the submission.



Infogroup is one of the stronger data aggregators, if not the strongest. Perhaps it's a time between Infogroup and Acxiom. But I digress, this site syndicates out to YellowPages, Superpages, LocalStack, Insiderpages, Manta, Citysearch, and more.

Having your business information correct with these data aggregators is vital because of the amount of individual citation sites they syndicate out to.

Important Note: You can probably imagine, one small error with 1 data aggregator could mean 20 individual sites you need to clean up, so make sure you trust this work with a company that really stands behind what they do (and knows what they're doing!).


According to data from WhiteSpark (see the Best Sources for Local Citations by City) the list below makes up some of the most important business links and citations a business can get online. We verify that the business is listed on these sites below and if needed, we create a listing for you.

> 1. Citysearch

> 2. Bing Local

> 3. Neustar Localeze

> 4. Hotfrog

> 5. BBB

> 6. Superpages

> 7. Yelp

> 8. Yahoo Local

> 9. ChamberofCommerce

> 10. Yellow Pages

> 11. Manta

> 12. Slideshare

> 13. Yellowbot

> 14. Mojopages

> 15. Foursquare

> 16. Elocal

> 17. Brown Book

> 18. YelloYello

> 19. MerchantCircle

> 20. YP

> 21.

> 22. BestoftheWebLocal


I've been testing citations since 2012, here are some of my findings that I can show you.

If your local site is already on the map for some of its important keywords (2nd, 3rd, 4th page), chances are high that citations will have a noticeable affect on your SERPs.

The BAD news first, this service is NOT for:

x Thin affiliate sites.

x Sites or businesses that don't have a physical address. You can rank for a while with a fake address but it's not a long-term strategy.

Now for the GOOD news

xIt works very well for local businesses trying to rank locally

I did a case study in 2012 (Testing the Ranking Effects of Citations on Local Business Websites ), with an update at the bottom of the same article in 2013 (How Many Citations Do You Really Need to Front-Page a Local Business? ) where I shared a few graph like these:

Here's also a couple results even more recently from 2014 - a local
roofing and a repair keyword.

Repair Term

Repair Term

Roofing Term

Roofing Term



Why do you create a new e-mail for these orders?

What do you do if you come across a listing that already exists?

If we come across listings that you already have, we'll add them to the report and complete a citation somewhere else. You are guaranteed at least 20 new citations from this service + submission to the big 3 data agreggators if it's needed.


Can you briefly tell me the difference between the original Social Foundations & Social Foundations 2.0?

What if I have already ordered Hyper-Local Citations for my site?

We will consolidate the work from this report into the Master List from your Hyper-Local Citations order(s).


Do you setup all profiles with the same name/profile picture and a description?

What does my site need to get started?

All you need is a business name, address, phone number, and a URL.


Can I order social foundation and citation service together

Can you do citations for the UK and AU in the 'Big Citation' Package?

Yep, while many of the sites on our list are for USA only, we can easily pull those out and replace with something else if you're ordering for a biz outside of the US.


What list should I start with?

What's the difference between Big Citations and Hyper Local?

Big Citations is what we use to get the main authority citations and data aggregators out of the way.

Hyper Local Citations is what we use to get the remaining 300 or so citations done, along with any city or niche specific citation sites completed.


What list should I start with?

My businesses doesn't have a physical location so can or should we not try Big Citations at all?

A citation is technically an occurrence of the businesses name, address, and phone. Without those items we can’t do citations, but you’d be looking at organic linking instead (Social Foundations, Budget Tier 1s, etc…)


Click on quote to see who said it and where...

Some Solid Results From a Client - 2016

One client ordered Big Citations + 40 Hyper Local Citations... Here's her results so far!

What If I'm Working with
Multiple Locations?

The way franchises do it is they create a separate sub-page within the main site for each location.

This sub-page should contain all the essentials for local ranking: the address, phone number, (ideally) a google maps embedded, content relevant to the area, and (ideally) a strong CTA.