Why Are Godaddy SEO Service Reviews So Bad?

Why Are Godaddy SEO Service Reviews So Bad

Getting your website online is not an easy task. There’s a need for a designer to design the framework of your website, a website developer to implement the design, and a writer to develop content on your pages. In addition to all the above, you will also need to get website hosting and SEO. Finding a one-stop shop is a dream come true for every business owner. But, however good it may seem, it is almost impossible.

So, businesses turn to companies that provide multiple services like GoDaddy. Aside from their domain, hosting, and web security services, they also provide SEO. Their search engine optimization services include website analysis, keyword recommendations, implementation, and tracking. What should be a favorable and useful service does not always end up as such. Based on reviews published online, many users have given negative reviews and feedback about GoDaddy SEO services.

Some of the reasons for the bad reviews are:

No monthly payment option

No monthly payment option

They do have a cost per month but not a monthly payment option. The minimum subscription is 3 months and is paid quarterly. This may be a little bit hard for small business owners.

Their SEO tool is basic

Their SEO tool is basic

The GoDaddy SEO tool doesn’t provide any substantial value, considered that it is paid. It allows you to add meta tags, sitemap and recommends things for site optimization. The tool is very basic that you can find other tools that do the same stuff for free such as a WordPress plugin if your website is WP.

Should you pay for the GoDaddy add-on SEO

None of the services they provide have exceptional value. You will find alternative tools, including website plugins that do the same things without paying the price. To cut the chase, you don’t have to pay for their add-on SEO service. You can still host your website with them. But leave the SEO to the experts.

A Summary of Godaddy SEO

A Summary of Godaddy SEO Reviews
GoDaddy SEO service is a complete scam!
GoDaddy SEO service is a complete scam!

According to this review, these business partners paid a little over $500 for 10 hours of SEO service. A month into the service, they received a 200-word article published on an unrelated blog site which they suspect is a link farm. Additionally, they got 3 “no-follow” links from forums and comments.

When they complained, they did not receive a detailed explanation. When asked about the 10-hour time allocation, their manager said 5 hours was allotted for the 200-word article they have written, including research. What’s more? Their consultation time, which was supposed to be free, was counted to the Q&A time.

At the end of their review, they warned website owners to be careful when choosing SEO services. Having gone through a very disappointing experience with GoDaddy, it is indeed a lesson to be learned.

How is Godaddy SEO services? Is there any one using Godaddy SEO services?
How is Godaddy SEO services? Is there any one using Godaddy SEO services?

This is a thread about a user who is interested to know more about other people’s experience with GoDaddy SEO services. According to one business owner, their $960 investment turned into a nightmare. It started when the SEO team from GoDaddy created a new landing page for their website. The page had only one paragraph written on it and the client’s domain was pointed to it. The page was not on their server. So, they were unable to remove or edit it on their end for 3 weeks.

In the next 2 weeks, the business owner called GoDaddy at least 10 times to fix the issue. But, none of their reps knew who did it and how to fix it. As a result, they had to take down their website as a whole because it was causing more damage.

They then canceled GoDaddy’s service and asked for a refund. The SEO manager assigned to them refused to give them a refund. He stated that there is no clear evidence that GoDaddy had messed up the website. After some back and forth conversations, GoDaddy was unable to give a clear insight into what really happened.

In conclusion, the website owner said GoDaddy, in general, is ok. Even the customer support from the other departments is decent. But, their SEO team is a complete scam. They have no idea what they are doing and they are only up for their paycheck.

One user from the same thread also shared her unbiased review. Although she has not tried the service, as an SEO expert, she believes that what GoDaddy offers is not real SEO. Their description of SEO services does not quite fit what any legit SEO company would describe it.

Her recommendation is not to use GoDaddy if you want to improve your SEO. Her advice is to spend your money on SEO tools that are worth the bucks.

Is GoDaddy SEO worth it?
Is GoDaddy SEO worth it?

This is another thread about a user asking about the SEO services GoDaddy is offering. The replies have been short and straightforward. One reply said it is of no use and is not worth it all.
Another verified user replied with a simple ‘no’. That should tell all.

How effective are GoDaddy SEO services?

One reply to this thread came from a verified user, who is from AdvertiseRobot. He said that out of all the 100 clients who came to them after trying out GoDaddy SEO, nobody got any results at all. No results and no sales were generated from the work GoDaddy did for them. He said you will never get results from a big company like GoDaddy because they charge a lot per hour. You will only get a couple of hours a month of actual work.

Another verified user, a retired lawyer said that the GoDaddy SEO program hurt his website admin activities. He also found their tool to be lacking. Overall, he doesn’t recommend the service as well.

One other reply is from a professional who works in the field of SEO. He worked with a client with a unique market and very little competition. The client first worked with GoDaddy for their SEO service, but was not able to deliver its promise. In essence, the user said that the website was super easy to rank.

SEO from Godaddy How Good is it
SEO from Godaddy How Good is it?

A member from this Q&A forum said that he hosts some websites on GoDaddy. But, he finds their SEO service very limited. He said that other tools like that of SEOMoz are better set. His advice is to work with a good SEO service provider if you want to rank good in the search results.

Another contributor also said that he would personally use GoDaddy for their domains. With regards to their SEO tool and add-ons, he wouldn’t recommend paying extra for them. He explained that submitting your website to any search engine does not need a fee and is very simple to do.

6 SEO Services You Shouldn 't Waste Your Money On
6 SEO Services You Shouldn 't Waste Your Money On

This review identifies GoDaddy as one of the most popular companies you should not waste your money on. The SEO services from the company includes submitting your website to search engines, creating a sitemap, and recommending keywords. All of these, according to the writer, are not going to do anything for your website. It is not even close to being a real SEO service.

So, How Much Do Godaddy SEO
Services Cost?

How Much Do Godaddy SEO Services Cost?

But, the service doesn’t allow for a monthly subscription or payment. The minimum allowable contract is 3 months or quarterly. You can also subscribe and pay every 12, 24, 36, 60, or 120 months.

seo servie price quarterly

What Exactly Do Godaddy SEO
Services Actually Include?

What Exactly Do Godaddy SEO Services Actually Include?

Make it easy for people to find your business online - This is the catchphrase written on GoDaddy’s SEO page. Their goal is to help people find you by increasing your website’s rank in the search engine results page (SERP).

Their SEO team will do this by optimizing your website for search. This helps your website rank higher on Google and other search engines. The team will also provide high-value and personalized keyword suggestions. You can add these keywords to your website pages. Other tasks include Google My Business optimization and performance tracking.

Turn your site into a customer magnet.

Boost your site higher on  Google and other search engines.

Optimize for search

Boost your site higher on Google and other search engines.

Monitor your website's ranking on google over time.

Track your rankings

Monitor your website's ranking on google over time.

Get suggestions for high-value, personalized keywords to put on your website.

Keyword suggestions

Get suggestions for high-value, personalized keywords to put on your website.

Automatically submit an XML sitemap to search engines to help your SEO.

Submit your sitemap

Automatically submit an XML sitemap to search engines to help your SEO.

Here are the details of their step-by-step SEO management or SEO plan for businesses.

Account management
Account management
Site review

Website review is an important aspect of SEO. During this phase, GoDaddy has an onboarding team who will review your current website status. They will identify issues and areas of improvement to better help your website perform. Based on this review, they will determine the best way to move forward.

Keyword research

Keywords are among the essential SEO ranking factors. To help your website with this, GoDaddy’s SEO team will review your website content and SEO performance. They will analyze the best keywords for your site. This will all be based on your products or services, target location/s, and competition.

Ongoing SEO Management

Ongoing SEO management means that their team will keep you updated on a regular basis. They will review your rankings and contact you to discuss the results. This is done monthly or quarterly. In case there is an urgent issue, they will notify you right away.

Ranking & reporting dashboard

They will provide a dashboard, where you can track real-time rankings, traffic, and overall progress of the campaign. Their reports are easy to understand and are available through the dashboard.

Onsite SEO Optimization
Onsite SEO Optimization
Onsite recommendations

Onsite SEO is another process to make a website search engine friendly. Here, GoDaddy makes and adds the keyword recommendations to the meta title, meta description, and image alt tag of your website’s pages. These elements help search engines understand the content on your website. This is optional and all recommended changes are sent for approval.

Install Google Tools

Data from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) are very helpful. The information is used to analyze a website’s performance. You can analyze data from a certain period of time and compare it with another period. These tools can also detect errors on your website. GoDaddy can help you install both.

Offsite SEO Optimization
Offsite SEO Optimization
Google, Yahoo & Bing submissions

The team will submit your website to search engines like Google, Yahoo! And Bing after it has been optimized for keywords.

Business citation building

A business citation is also called a local citation. It is a mention of your business name, address or phone number on the Internet. Business citations are vital in improving your local SEO. GoDaddy helps build citations by submitting your business information to sites. They have access to Bing Business Portal, Yellow Book, Foursquare, Yelp, and Yahoo Listings.

Submission to directories

They also submit your business to directories. These directories link back to your website. This is another element that builds your authority on the web.

Keyword link building

This process involves building links from other related webpage to your website. The idea is to let search engines know that you are a reliable source. The team creates relevant and unique comments on these websites. They include your target keyword to link back to your website.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is their final step in off-page SEO. They bookmark the links they have created on Pinterest, Reddit, Digg and other bookmarking sites. These bookmarks are public and can be viewed by other people to draw traffic to your website.

Content Creation
Content Creation
Custom blogs content

A part of their SEO service is to create custom blog content that links back to your website. The blogs are around 2 paragraphs long and are compelling enough to attract the attention of readers. They also contain your target keywords with links pointing to your webpage. They submit these blogs to related websites for publishing. The content goes through editorial reviews to ensure that it is original, high-quality, and free from errors. The content is tailored for your website and is not repurposed for use by another client.

Articles content creation

Aside from writing blog content, they also craft articles. The articles are longer than the blogs for an opportunity to add in more keywords and links to your website. The articles are well-researched and fact-based to increase your level of authority within your niche. The articles go through the same editorial process as blogs. Then, they are submitted to well-known and high authority websites. Hubpages and Squidoo are examples of these sites.

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