We’re now giving SEOs more granular control of their tiered link building campaigns by offering several different services that will help push and power-up their tier 1 links.

The 3 services we’re offering now are:

  • Local Authority Stack: A local spin on a time-tested solid-strategy that involves over 4 tiers of links and a basket of link-types.
  • Contextual Tier 2’s: A dripped link-building campaign that helps to slowly boost your tier 1 links over a period of 14 or 30 days.
  • Tested Google Crawlers: Deliver multiple Google Crawlers to an army of URLs (50) for 1 low price.


Link wheels, pyramids, and stacking all share a similar idea: using tiers of links to power the pages they're pointing to.

Link wheel strategy for seo

(we can use these kinds of strategies shown above in our tier 2 campaigns... but Local Authority Stack is much more than what is shown above!)

Domain Authority Stacking is the process of increasing domain authority through this kind of technique... I've written about DAS extensively before here.

The primary focus of DAS is right in the name itself: Authority...

But in an era where relevancy (especially local relevancy) plays an increasingly important role for our local clients, we've developed something that can both pass local relevancy and authority:

Local Authority Stack!


It's a combination of both AUTHORITY and LOCAL RELEVANCY.

Local relevancy is achieved by building networks of web 2.0's and other link types around states (California, Florida, Texas, etc...) and regions (Australia, Canada, UK, etc...).

We're using time-tested link pushing tactics such as DAS and mixing this up with new content generation strategies...This helps power-up our links AND makes them locally relevant.

Because we're focused primarily on quantity over quality with this service, Local Authority Stack is suitable for a tier 2+ service. Actually LAS has 4 tiers of links in total.

LAS is perfect for any kind of citation or link campaign where you're looking to add more local relevance and a bit of link juice to the URLs we've built out for you.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

What we offer is the cream of the crop and because of that, all services by Marketer's Center come with a


If you're not completely satisfied with the service we've done for you, just let us know and we'll make it right or send you a full refund. It's up to you.


This tier 2 option is the "kitchen sink" of tier 2 links.

Built with GSA-SER, these are contextual links made in mass to help add some juice and get your links crawled.

Where the vast majority of our services are considered "quality over quantity" link plays, this option is definitely "quantity over quality"...

While you wouldn't want to point any of these links to a client's money site, they are suitable for adding some juice to to a campaign where you need some tier 2 links applied.

Because these links are dripped out, campaigns will last a minimum of 14 days.... Every day during this time, links will get dripped out to the targets you want.


There's no shortage of indexing services and they all seem to make a simple promise: indexing.

After testing a lot of them, we found they delivered very little.

There was a point in time where we were subscribed to 8 of them and submitting our links to all of them.

The reason?

We simply didn't know which ones worked and which didn't.

So we put together a little experiment:

  1. We created 120 fake URLs on our site.
  2. We submitted 10 URLs to each indexing service.

The only way these test URLs could be discovered was through the indexing service they were submitted to.

Over the next few weeks, we watched the raw traffic logs for IPs of Google Crawlers.

Google Crawlers

We soon realized only 4 of these services were actually delivering Google Crawlers.

The remaining 8 did absolutely nothing.

1 of them surprised us because it is heavily promoted, used in SEO circles, and even baked into some popular software as an indexing option... but it didn't deliver a single Google crawler.

Well, the obvious choice for us was to stick with the indexing services that worked so that's what we did!

And we're now offering submission to each of these 4 services in 1 simple, low-priced service.

Using this service, we will submit up to 50 URLs to the 4 services that we found actually work.

3 of these services will actually deliver MULTIPLE Google Crawlers. So you'll have a much bigger chance of getting indexed with this service rather than rolling your dice with 1 or 2 indexing services that may or may not do anything.