Moz Local
Pricing, Alternatives, And Competitors

Moz Local
						Pricing, Alternatives, And Competitors

This article is about Moz Local pricing and how it compares to other alternatives. If you’re interested in knowing how their competitors stack up, this article is for you.

You'll be able to get enough information to decide which of these platforms is best for your needs. Or, your client’s needs.

There is an undeniable factor that all business ventures need to succeed. One thing that matters is their visibility in the market, especially if they're local! Without local visibility, it isn't easy for a local business to survive.

Local marketing strategies are essential for survival. But surviving is not an optimal business goal; local optimization is one key to success.

For local citations and local visibility, Moz Local is a reliable source. Or is it? With a lot of decent reviews, there are still many alternatives to consider.

Moz Local Pricing

What is Moz Local?

There's a  smarter way to do SEO

Moz Local is a service that helps increase traffic with automated listing management. This makes it a perfect way for people to avoid wasting time with many aspects of online marketing. One of those being the promotion of the business information, which can often be wrong if not updated.

Businesses need to avoid inaccurate business information at all costs. In their reviews, business listings, anywhere. When you have to update listings for more than one location, this problem becomes even bigger. Counting the minutes of each day to get things done? You can't afford the required hours that this would take. Counting the minutes of each day to get things done? You can't afford the required hours that this would take.

Moz Local provides a system that allows you to upload your current information with ease. Then, it will distribute accurate and updated listings. This results in proper search engine placement without hassles. The result is that search engines will show your business to people who conduct a search on your niche. This means more exposure for your business.

How Much is Moz Local?

How Much is Moz Local?

Moz Local subscriptions start with a price of $129 per year for the basic package. It includes enough features for people who are looking to get the best possible results. There are other places that offer the same kind of service at a lower price and without recurring fees, while others offer them at a higher cost. We’ll go over many of them at the bottom of this article.

So, How Does Moz Local Work?

Moz Local is an automated listing management tool. It connects to various citation platforms via API.

The primary purpose of Moz Local is to positively affect your visibility on search engines by making it easy for you to publish consistent location data.

Moz Local currently supports a lot of the main citation sites:

  • Hotfrog
  • Foursquare
  • Factual
  • Infogroup
  • Bing
  • And others

You can find the full list of sites they syndicate to here.

So how does moz local work
Does Moz Local Remove Listings If They're Canceled

Does Moz Local Remove Listings If They're Canceled

Listings are not actively removed from Moz Local if you are no longer paying for a subscription. But this does not guarantee that the listing won’t disappear after a few months. The idea is for you to be an active subscriber if you want to be able to keep your listings. But some have wondered what the value is in paying a recurring fee for something that is a one-time service.

Recent Changes to Moz Local in 2019

Some important updates have taken place at Moz Local in 2019. This was done to turn the service into an even more robust and efficient online listing management system.

Some of the changes include:

  • Full location data management that is available across the most relevant platforms. It occludes real real-time updates.
  • An improved data cleansing process for optimal formatting.
  • Review management and social posting for maximum engagement with customers.
  • Duplicate detection is now done automatically to save you more time.
  • Increased accuracy and consistency in the way the system works

With that said, we can now move on to the available alternatives and their features. There are several options available out there, and they all have their specific pros and cons. We will provide a brief of their main service options and features. You can also do your own research on each one of them.

Recent Changes to Moz Local in 2019

Exploring Moz Local Alternatives

Let’s talk about a few competitors to Moz Local that are currently on the market.

Marketer's Center Citation Services

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Marketer’s Center is definitely an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to get an optimal citation service. They have vast experience in the business. They have an impressive order dashboard that makes it easier for you to handle any number of clients.

Their Order Management Dashboard has turned them into one of the best choices available today. This truly sets them apart from the competition. One of the biggest issues business ventures have right now is the lack of engagement and conversions.

Marketer's Center is an excellent way to help boost your SEO efforts while saving time and money in the process. There are several alternatives to Moz, but this is without a doubt one of the most convincing. They are also focused on working as a team to guarantee the best results for your SEO campaigns.

These are some of their top citation services:

Big Citations

Big Citations was actually modeled after a site called GetMeListed.Org. Moz bought them out for over a million dollars and built Moz Local on top of them. You want to be able to build authoritative business listings and increase your local ranking. This is going to be ideal for any business that is just getting started. Out of all of their services, this is considered the best Moz Local alternative at just a one-time payment of $29.

The hyper-local citations

The hyper-local citations has become a very popular choice. It involves handmade citations for local business ventures. The citations fit your clients niche and specific location. This is an outstanding way to beat the local competition.

Rich Media Citations

When you combine the power of videos, local link building and citations, you achieve outstanding local SEO results. Get citations on websites nobody else has and make use of this to get the upper hand against your competitors.

Citations Cleanup & Boost

When any citation is in need of corrections, you want to make sure that you can get this done fast and without hassles. This service is meant to get rid of duplicate citations. They provide a comprehensive report on the work that has been done.

Google Cloud Links

They are very experienced in the process of building massive backlinks. This ensures that you get the best possible results when ranking your content. Google cloud links is the ultimate service to leverage the power that Google can provide.

Other services they offer include:

  • Local Mini Sites for stronger local reach
  • Infographic creation & distribution
  • GBM premium posts
  • GBM optimization (GMB Foundations)
  • Authority link building
  • PR marketing

Relevant benefits of their Order Management dashboard features

  • Pre-loaded client data for faster order creation
  • Optimal interface for pending and completed order display
  • Download old reports at any time
  • Virtual assistant friendly
  • Built-in order comment system

Let’s look at another alternative.

This is another option that has become quite popular They advertise their services as a provider of answers that come straight from the source. Their listings service seems to be straightforward. They also have a good system for online reputation management. But, the one issue that Yext has is that they are very expensive. This can be a reason why many people choose other service providers. With citation inconsistency being one of the most common problems today, digital marketers know that they need an effective service. But, they are also concerned about what happens to these citations if they cancel the service. With Yext, subscribers who cancel the service see that their citations have either disappeared or have been reverted. This is the biggest issue users found with this particular service. Overall, they do provide a good experience if you are willing to pay the price and experience the risks upon cancellation.

Their services include:

  • Answers
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Listings
  • Reviews
  • Pages
  • Analytics

Bright Local Citation BuilderBright Local is building a good reputation for its excellent local marketing services. The isimplicity is probably their best feature. The scope of their products and services may not be as robust and specialized as other options in this list.

Their citation services are seemingly very effective and this is reflected in their customer feedback. They understand the process of creating optimal local marketing results for any business. Perhaps the best aspect of this particular provider is that they really focus on putting you in control of the listings.

What is nice about them is that they have a 14-day trial period. They do not require that you use a credit card number for access. This is great because it means they are not forcing you to give away your payment information for a demo.

When a company is willing to do something like this, you can be sure that they have worked hard to ensure that you are happy with what the demo provides.

Their services include:

  • Local SEO Tools
  • Reputation Manager
  • Citation Builder
  • Agency lead
  • Generator
  • Local SEO insights

Advice Local is another option that was able to make its way into the industry. They provide a service that is effective and reasonably priced. They have created a product package that works in synergy in order to help people achieve the best possible results.

Their site claims to be the number one Local SEO Management software. But, take this with a grain of salt as most providers will make that claim. The important thing is that they have a complete service that can be very beneficial. Just make sure that you look into their services in detail before you make a decision.

They also allow you to request a free demo and this is going to give you the opportunity to check their services. You can also run a free visibility report.

Their products and services include:

  • Listing distribution
  • Locator pages
  • Web Apps
  • GPS Mapping
  • Citation Cleanup
  • Data Aggregator Scan Tool
  • Online Visibility Report
  • Scalable Agency Services

Improving your ranking is always going to be the priority when you use this kind of service. WhiteSpark is definitely doing things right on their end. Local search results can be quite competitive in many niches. This is why it’s important to be able to find a proper citation building service that can make the most out of your SEO.

Their services are pretty straightforward. They also have a great list of resources that you can use when you are in need of the best local citation sources by country. They have sources for the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Singapore, South Africa, Poland, Brazil, and several other locations.

WhiteSpark’s tools and services include:

  • Citation audit and cleanup
  • Citation building
  • Data Aggregator Service
  • Enterprise Citation Services
  • Local Rank Tracker
  • Local Citation Finder
  • Reputation Builder
  • Review Checker
  • Review Handout Generator

There are many companies out there that provide SEO services that claim to have the answers you need. The truth is that the competition is vast in this field. This makes it hard for people to choose companies that they can actually trust.

This company focuses on building traffic along with your customer base. It can be quite challenging depending on the niche. But they do work very hard in providing the right kind of service depending on what each client needs.

Their workforce emphasizes teamwork. They are one of those providers worth trying out.

Their products, resources, and services include:

  • Content Creation
  • Link Building
  • Reputation Management
  • Managed SEO
  • Website Ranking Checker
  • Backlink Checker
  • SEO Checker
  • Review Checker
  • Keyword Tool

With so many options above, this one being the last doesn't mean that it is the least reliable. Loganix has proven to be a truly powerful option that makes the process of citation seamless. Their customer feedback is very positive. They take the time to ensure client satisfaction. We all know by now that customer feedback is a great way to get an idea of the quality service provided by any business.

Loganix has a very robust set of services and products available. This is one of the main reasons why they made it to this list of alternatives. We have searched several options that didn’t find their way into this list due to their lack of service variety.

Their workforce emphasizes teamwork. They are one of those providers worth trying out.

The following are a few of their most relevant services:

  • Citation building
  • Citation audits
  • Citation cleanup
  • Guest posts
  • Authority links
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Ads Management
  • White Label PPC

The Do-It-Yourself Alternative to Citation Building

Citation building is like most of the other SEO strategies. They all take time to fully maximize the effects. Search Engine Optimization is a huge time sink. It is not recommended that business owners spend time doing this themselves as they can neglect the business. DIY citation building approach is not something that is impossible to do, but it is also not the best practice.

Delegating this job to your workforce can also be counterproductive because it will keep them from doing their job in the business. It’s also important to note that dealing with this kind of process is something that should be done by someone with vast experience.

Remember that time is money. The more you are able to delegate to experienced service providers, the easier it will be for you to take care of other aspects of your business.

The Do-It-Yourself Alternative to Citation Building
Final Thoughts

Does Moz Local Remove Listings If They're Canceled

If you are considering to supercharge your SEO, make sure to double-check different options before you make any decision. Reviews can give you the best options for local listings and general Search Engine Optimization services. Take the time to look into each one and evaluate your needs before you jump in and hire these companies.

A strong SEO strategy is going to be a defining decision for your business. Don’t forget that the competition can be relentless. You need to be ready to deal with this by improving your strategies.

Does Moz Local Remove Listings If They're Canceled

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