How to Contribute to the Marketer’s Center Blog

How to Contribute to the Marketer’s Center Blog

In the age of AI content I believe Google and other search engines will put even more importance on the EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) of the author.

First hand articles written by experts like you and me (with EEAT) will take priority over name-less articles written by ghost authors who very well could just be AI content.

We’re officially opening up our blog to guest authors such as yourself that are interested in not just getting a link from the Marketer’s Center blog, but hopefully building some EEAT for themselves along the way.

Why Write for the Marketer’s Center Blog?

Each author and post will get:

  • A unique author profile, like this.
  • Links to your major social media profiles: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Links to your agency site.

General Rules to Follow for Submissions

What can you write? Well, you can share your own first-hand own experience running an agency or local SEO expertise.

Examples of topics we can’t take:
“5 Tips to Better Local SEO” – Topics like this are just too general, not specific enough, and have already been written a million times.

Examples of topics we’re looking for:
“How to Use N-Grams to Improve the Search Engine Ranking of Your Articles” – Much more specific, much better.
“How I Landed the First 10 Clients for My Local SEO Agency” – Sharing your real world experience, building EEAT. First person. Perfect.

And obviously, it goes without saying, please do not send us AI content. I know what AI content looks like and we can’t use it here.

Apply to Contribute Here 

If you’re interested in applying? Fill out this short-form.

Best regards,

Andrew David Scherer

P.S. When you write for us, we don’t mark posts as “guest authors”