16 Unconventional Parasites for Reputation Management

16 Unconventional Parasites for Reputation Management

You know about the common social profiles: Twitter, FB, LinkedIn… but once you’ve pushed something like Ripoffreports off the front page, how do you totally make it dissappear?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about rep management lately, thought I’d put something quick and useful together.

Check out this list of 17 unconvential parasites that will help you push pretty much anything to 3rd page+.

  1. iTunes App/Book/Song/Movie Page
  2. Google Marketplace App/Book/Song/Movie Page
  3. Google Drive HTML Files
  4. Storify
  5. SBWire
  6. PRLog
  7. Forum Threads
  8. PasteBin
  9. Technorati Profile Pages
  10. Soundcloud Music Pages
  11. Second Tier Video: Vimeo/Break/DailyMotion Pages
  12. Imgur Picture Pages (you can add content to the pages via the comments section of the picture)
  13. Sub-Reddits
  14. Stumbleupon Profiles
  15. Pinterest Boards
  16. Whois/Website Profile Pages – Domaintools, OrangeStats etc..

Edit: Actually make that 17. Leigh shared with me via e-mail http://academia.edu/ that looks pretty good too.

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  • Frank Rumbauskas

    Google Drive HTML files is a new one for me – gonna try that out!

  • Justin Bilyj

    Fantastic list! I’ve seen some companies charge an arm and a leg for this service, kinda easy when you think about it.

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