4-Way Link Swap Group Invitation

4-Way Link Swap Group Invitation

If you have an agency with clients, please check out our new 4-way link swap group on Discord.

It is private by invitation only. You’ll need to be a member of the Local Marketing Freethinkers group for access.

The link swap meet officially starts:

Monday, July 27 at 12 Noon PST.

I’ll be sending out invites 1-2 hours before the meeting.

If you’re interested in participating and getting a Discord invite, please leave a comment here with what niches you need links for:


We already have a good handful of comments from SEOs looking for and offering links in these niches:

Pest control, senior home care, dental, medical, SEO, optometry, real estate, RV, apartments, roofing, marketing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, dumpster rental, demolition, law, plumbing, law enforcement, gym, automotive, food, welding, home remodeling, chiropractic, appliance repair, rehab, CBD, payday loans, tree trimming/removal, music, beauty

If you have time on Monday, come join the fun. There is no charge, never will be.

Curious About How Link Swaps and Trades Work?

Basically, SEOs are 4-way link swapping between their client sites.

Say I have clients in pest control, roofing, and plumbing.

You also have clients in the same or similar home service niches.

I link to your plumbing client from my plumbing client.

In return, you link your pest control client to my pest control client.

It is site A to site B

Site C to site D.

There is no software or traceable network of any kind. We meet in a chat room and advertise what niches we need and what we can offer. Trades are set up in private messages manually.

It is free.

And very, very effective.


We’re now running these link swap events on the first Monday of every month. Join our group if you’d like to be notified when the next one is.

See you there, thanks! ! !


Andrew Scherer

I've been involved in digital marketing for over a decade, since 2006. Marketer's Center gives digital marketing consultants the ability to easily scale their local marketing agencies in a way that isn't labor-intensive and still very profitable. If you want to get my "6 Month SEO Plan" please request a free reseller dashboard account here. You'll also be able to download a price list for all of the services we offer. You can connect with me via Facebook in our Local Marketing Freethinkers group, or via Twitter and Linkedin.

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