Compounding Keywords with Google Search Console

Compounding Keywords with Google Search Console

  • The more you rank, the more queries you will discover.
  • The more queries you find, the more you can target.
  • The more keywords you target, the more you’ll rank for.

I call this flywheel “Compounding Keywords”

It’s a process made possible by Google Search Console.

Thanks to it generously returning impression data, you can crack open 100’s – 1000’s of keywords just by consciously targeting a handful.

I believe the Google Search Console has fundamentally changed the keyword research landscape.

My own process has changed.

Like many of you now, the majority of my keyword discovery was from using popular keyword research tools.

That’s no longer the case.

Although I still use KW research tools, I find myself not using them as much as I did years before.

I’ve realized I can find great keywords just from analyzing my GSC data and asking myself, “What keywords are we already getting good impressions for, but not ranking/meeting intent well enough to rank front page for?”

Oftentimes this means creating new pages. These pages will, in turn, produce their own set of unique queries.

And the cycle continues.


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