Final Results: UAW vs AMA vs AR vs FTS vs SEOLV vs SYA

Final Results: UAW vs AMA vs AR vs FTS vs SEOLV vs SYA

I just closed the book on a 3-month case study that tested out the top syndication networks.

  • Unique Article Wizard
  • Article Marketing Automation
  • Article Ranks
  • Free Traffic System
  • Submit Your Article
  • SEO Linkvine

In an effort to make this test as clean as possible, I set up 5 WordPress blogs on domains that were:

  • Registered on the same day.
  • Each contains 6 letters.
  • All dot coms.
  • No keywords in the domains.

3 spun articles were submitted over a period of 2 months to each service, and 18 spun articles were submitted in total.

Here were the final results of the study as of 3-02-2011:

SERP Report

  • AR Site
  • SYA Site
  • SYA Site
  • FTS Site
  • UAW Site
  • SEOLV Site
  • AMA Site
  • Article syndicated by AR
  • Article syndicated by SYA
  • Article syndicated by SYA

Yahoo Site Links Report

  • AR Site – 9 links
  • AMA Site – 3 links
  • SEOLV Site – 1 link
  • FTS Site – 9 links
  • SYA Site – 15 links
  • UAW Site – 10 links

If you want to dig up the historical data, check out the thread starting on page 2. As you can see from the data, it really took a good month and a half before the links started showing up.

I think this really emphasizes how most of these syndication services drip your articles and links out for a more natural link building effect.

Free Traffic System was the network that surprised me the most. It outdid some of the paid services by a long shot. If you’re new to syndicating your articles using networks like these, this would be a good place to start. You can’t beat the price!


  • Andrew David Scherer

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  • Dave

    What is the difference between “AR Site” and “Article syndicated by AR”? First one spun, second one unspun?

    1. Andrew Scherer

      AR site is the site which I pointed the AR links to. An article syndicated by AR is where the article itself has ranked for the term – it is hosted by another domain.

  • The Limitless Man

    You really should consider charging for this info. You have saved me MONTHS of work with this article alone. Will definitely forego some Starbucks this month to save up for a package!

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