Master Entity SEO with Entity Explorer

Master Entity SEO with Entity Explorer

Some have said that entities will surpass links and content as the key to rankings.

I wouldn’t go that far, but I can say that entity SEO is becoming more important as Google relies more on machine learning to create a more accurate ranking algorithm.

What is an entity? Well, really almost anything can be an entity. An idea, concept, or brand…. not just a person, place, or thing.

To really define what an entity is, it must have connections and relationships with other entities.

For example, when someone talks about “Blue” how can Google discern what they’re referring to?

The color, a hue, an RGB value?
Or the name of the cartoon puppy from the kid’s TV show Blue’s Clues?
Or the annoyingly memorable one-hit wonder from the band Eiffel 65?

Google can look at words and related entities surrounding the word “Blue” to not only predict what the author is talking about but also to establish the relevancy of a page.

Perhaps Google is also comparing your page with other pages trying to rank for the same terms, seeing who has the most relevancy in part based on what related entities are mentioned.

We have created a free tool for the community to assist with entity SEO in an easy way.

We call this tool Entity Explorer

Go to and type an entity into the search field.

You can build out what I call “entity maps” and from these create article outlines that will help you produce more authoritative content.

To use our free tool go to


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