Top 5 Backlink Analysis and Research Tools for Businesses

Top 5 Backlink Analysis and Research Tools for Businesses

Recent research revealed that, on average, Google receives 3.5 billion searches per day and 40,000 search queries per second. Based on this fact, your website needs to rank on the top pages of SERPs, preferably on the first page to get a generous piece of this pie.

Search engine optimization is the secret ingredient that you can count on to make this dream a reality. With Google paying more attention to backlink profiles when ranking websites, it is imperative to work smart to get plenty of quality links from authority sites with high domain authority.

The external sites that point to your website should have a high DA, relevant to your niche, and be reputable. Like content marketing analysis, you need to regularly carry out backlink analysis to identify loopholes and low-hanging fruits that you can leverage to get more backlinks.

Luckily, you no longer have to evaluate the links manually. There are backlink analysis and research tools that you can use to analyze the backlinks and stay ahead of the curve. Take the time to learn how the tools work to find one that best suits your business.

Before we review the top backlink analysis and research tools for business, here are three surefire strategies for creating a robust backlink profile for your online business today.

  • Focus on creating stellar content that the targeted high authority websites are likely to link to once published.
  • Use advanced analysis tools to benchmark your backlinks and competitors’ backlink profile.
  • Commit to writing several guest posts per week for high-authority websites. Note that online businesses with a dedicated blog enjoy 97% more links, and their pages get indexed 434% more often.

Now, let us look at the five best backlink analysis tools available online today.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a holistic SEO that comes with an advanced backlink analysis tool wired to monitor backlinks. The report it generates will help you create an effective content marketing strategy that will catapult your website to the top of SERPs.

The audit report will give you a clear perspective of which links add value to your domain and which ones should be ditched. It also shows the ratio of nofollow and dofollow links to enable you to focus more on acquiring dofollow links.

More importantly, you can do a competitor’s backlink analysis to know the sources of their dofollow links.

Top SEMrush features

  • Detailed analytics report of the competitor’s backlinking strategies
  • Deep analysis of the different types of backlinks
  • Ability to check the domain authority of the sites pointing to your website as well as the competitors’ domains
  • Ability to accurately reveal the geo-location of backlinks

2. Serpstat

Serpstat is more than just a backlink analysis tool. It’s a legit growth hacking tool that you can use to analyze your content marketing, SEO, and PPC campaigns. This tool will get a comprehensive list of all the referring pages, domains, and anchors.

It also goes the extra mile to generate Page Rank and Trust Rank metrics to give you ideas of ideal domains for link building to ensure that you only get backlinks from reliable sources.

Top Serpstat Features

  • Presents backlink data in one report that is structured in a user-friendly way
  • Ability to track competitor’s backlink strategies
  • Ability to pinpoint pages that get many backlinks and those that need to be revamped to match the top performers

3. LinkAssistant

Thousands of small and medium businesses use LinkAssistant to analyze their backlinks. One of its highlights is its ability to group the backlinks into categories.

Google bots are always on the lookout for websites that try to beat the set algorithm. With LinkAssistant, you can identify links that can result in your site getting penalized as well as pages that attract the most backlinks.

This tool also comes with an SEO SpyGlass feature that you can use for free to carry out unlimited backlink and SEO campaign evaluations. As your business scales up, opt for either enterprise or professional packages with additional features.

Only a few backlink tools can surpass SEO SpyGlass’s ability to pull links directly from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other platforms. All your backlink profiles will be presented in one database for easier evaluation.

Top LinkAssistant Features

  • Historical data to know how your backlink profile has been changing
  • Information on the type of content that generates the most backlinks
  • A comprehensive report of all referring domains, backlinks, and ratio of dofollow and nofollow links
  • Monitor competitor backlink analysis through domain comparison

4. Rank Signals

Rank Signals is a helpful tool that you can use to analyze the number of backlinks your websites have accrued over time. You can also count on it to know your competitor’s backlinks. This information will point your guest post outreach campaigns in the right direction.

There are thousands if not millions of websites that you can link to, but finding them can take weeks if you opt to evaluate them manually. Rank Signals will do all the hard work for you by listing all the new linking opportunities.

Top Rank Signals Features

  • Ability to carry out competitor analysis
  • Pinpoints toxic and spammy links in your profile
  • A link explorer that identifies nofollow links, broken links, and tags

5. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is an all-in-one backlink analysis tool that is engineered to supercharge your website SEO. Growth Marketing Pro developed it with the primary goal of providing business owners and SEO services providers valuable insights about not only backlinks but also Facebook Ads data, keyword suggestions, competitor’s backlink analysis, and Google Ads data.

The backlink reports are sourced directly from the search engine results pages to enable you to make decisions based on accurate data.

Wondering which sites are linking to your competitors? Use GrowthBar to conduct an in-depth analysis of their backlink profile.

Concisely, it will show you each of the competitor’s top-ranking backlinks and their respective DA in the SERPs. The backlink list can be exported to a CSV file in just a few clicks.

Top GrowthBar Features

  • Shows domain authority of recommended sites for backlinking in Google SERPs
  • Ability to track competitor’s backlinks and DA
  • A comprehensive report of your website backlink data
  • Ability to export backlinks to a CVS file to further analysis
  • Free trial version available

Final Thoughts

A healthy backlink profile is the cornerstone of SEO, and so it’s prudent to invest in any of the above top backlink analysis and research tools. Use the free trial versions to compare the features to find one that best suits your brand and objective. Be sure to run tests regularly but not too often to avoid making decisions based on temporary changes in the market.