Content Optimization for SEO: Where to Start First

Content Optimization for SEO: Where to Start First

You may have noticed something through your own Google searches:

The order in which you place your keywords when searching matters.

SEO professionals optimizing website content for search engines

To get more accurate results, I find myself reorganizing my queries. I’ll place what keywords I want to emphasize near the beginning of my search phrase. And then I get more accurate results because of it.

When I search like this, it reminds me of optimizing content for SEO.

Google seems to place more weight on the words mentioned at the beginning of SEO elements.

Elements like titles and URLs. Maybe even meta descriptions.

But most importantly, inside the content itself, like the first few sentences of your content.

Why does Google do this? Look at the first few sentences of this post. It is logical that it’s going to start determining relevancy here.

GPT-3 can now write amazingly realistic autogenerated content based off of a few sentences as a prompt. Sniffing out what an article is about is now easy for a robot after it reads the first handful of words.

So, what can you do to optimize your content more consciously?

Common practice says you should put your most important phrase at the beginning of the title, but make sure it reads well.

I often use a keyword for my URLs. I like to keep them short as I can.

How about the optimization of the first sentences?

You’ll mention your most important phrase here, but what about beyond that?

There’s an opportunity here to help Google establish relevancy. Mention associated entities or concepts alongside your main keyword(s). Co-occurrence. If an article is about “Rocky Road”, make sure you mention phrases like “ice cream” in your first few sentences.


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