Press Release Link Building Services: What Are They?

Press Release Link Building Services: What Are They?

When you are looking for digital marketing and public relations services online, you often see press release link building services. If you are involved in digital marketing and public relations, you probably already know what they are. But what if you are a business owner just trying to grow your business online? What are press release link building services, exactly?

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Press releases and digital marketing

Back in the day, press releases have been used to communicate important company information to the public, such as new products and services, upcoming events, and just anything newsworthy. In the digital age, nothing much has changed. Press releases are still used online for digital marketing and public relations.

In the online world, press releases are just a little more complicated because of links.

When you are writing press releases, you can include links back to your websites, social media profiles, or any other digital space you have. The press releases can also give you local citations. Basically, you are not just using press releases to inform the public of important company information. You are also using them to lead readers back to your digital space, potentially converting them into customers.

Link building can involve a lot of intricacies. You may need to do keyword research to know what the best keywords are to link to. You may even need to analyze the keywords your competitors are using and ranking for. And you may also need to use online tools to help spread your press releases with your links.

Some business owners choose to just hire agencies to do these intricacies for them, and that’s where link building services come in. After all, the links don’t just come from the press releases themselves. You can also build links by catching the attention of others who can then write their own pieces about your press releases, and these written pieces will usually have links back to your website.

Press release link building services basically combine the intricacies of creating effective press releases and making sure they are used to build proper links. Even though the ultimate goal of links is to get more sales, they do have other benefits. They can solidify your authority and reputation as a company, increase your online visibility, and help you gain the favor of popular search engines like Google, especially if the links come from already-authoritative and reputable websites.

With effective press releases and link building, journalists and publications may also be able to pick up your press releases. If they find them interesting and truly newsworthy, they may even write an original piece about them, helping spread the contents of your original press releases. This can put the benefits of press release link building services to the next level – better authority and reputation, more online visibility, and more links back to your website.

Many business owners hire agencies to do press releases and link building for them. This saves them from the time and effort it takes to learn these things themselves. The business owners can then focus more on the other parts of their business.

But if you want to, you can do the press release link building yourself. Here are some quick tips:

  • Make sure that the content of the press release is actually newsworthy. If it’s not, it will not get enough eyeballs. You may fail to attract writers that will write about the content of your press release and will give you links.
  • Don’t be too spammy with the links. Yes, you can include links to your press releases. You can link to your website’s homepage, specific landing pages, social media profiles, or anywhere related to you. But readers can see spam and keyword stuffing from a mile away.
  • Actually spread the word. The least you could do is post the press release on your website. You can also post it on your social media profiles. If you don’t have enough traction in these spaces, consider using press release distribution services and newswire syndication services to increase your reach. Submit your press releases to relevant journalists and publications too. They may end up writing posts about the press releases and giving you links in the process.

Press release link building services are worth it

Press release link building services involve the use of press releases to build links. They have many benefits. They can help spread important company information with press releases and help build authority and reputation with Google with the links you can get from others.

Press release link building basically combines the benefits and complications associated with press releases and link building. This is why many agencies offer such services – to save business owners the hassle of doing such big tasks themselves.

Of course, you can try to build links yourself with press releases, but hiring professionals may give you better results.


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