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Citation Cleanup Services: Everything You Need to Know

Citations are listings or mentions of your company’s name, address, and phone number anywhere online. Most citations come in the form of listings in directories like Google Business Profile and TripAdvisor, but mentions of your company in blogs and social media posts are still considered citations. Citations can be inconsistent or flat-out wrong, confusing potential

Local Citation Services: The Ultimate Guide

There are many SEO ranking factors out there, and they go beyond domain authority and optimized content. It’s not always about you. Sometimes, it’s also about how others talk about you. This is where citations come in – a ranking factor that is especially important at the local level. Thankfully, there are a lot of

Try Our Updated Hyper Local Citations Service (with a Discount!)

This February we’ve made a few quality improvements to Hyper Local Citations. We have updated the form to ask for your prioritization preference: should we prioritize niche/city-specific citations first or citations that give live links immediately? Some prefer getting the live links first, while others want to see the niche/city citations first (even if they

GoDaddy Get Found – Is It a Worthwhile Tool?

Incorrect local listings may not sound like a big deal, but they can have a gradual negative effect on the reputation and health of your business, mainly because inaccurate information sends customers to your competitors. Many digital marketers know this, and that’s why some of them specialize in cleaning up citations. In order for listings

A Yext Alternative Worth Looking At

In today’s competitive digital market, citations play an integral role in establishing your business and building an impactful brand presence. How? Most customers use major search engines like Google to find information on services and businesses locally. However, a significant portion of this crowd inevitably gets directed to local business directories. These directories serve as