Where to Buy High Quality Backlinks (And Where Not To)

Where to Buy High Quality Backlinks (And Where Not To)

Didn’t the experts tell you you can’t buy high quality backlinks? The problem is, high quality backlinks don’t just show up when you have a website up on the internet. They are something that you actively have to work on in order to actually get them, especially since many of these sites have no need of your attention and help in the way that you need theirs. Instead, you should take a look at the various methods by which you can build a great link foundation, not to mention the places you ought to avoid unless you want to do more damage to your SEO than help. You can do blogger outreach, but you can also buy backlinks, but you should be careful in doing so.

Before telling you where to buy backlinks (and where not to) we should define just what a GOOD link is.

A quality backlink is a link to your site that you have not traded for one that you host. This is considered “one-way.” For example, if you are mentioned and linked to in a blog, then that is a backlink for your website. If somebody links to you on a social media network, that could be considered a backlink depending on a number of factors. A good backlink is a link from a website that already is highly regarded and usually has a high Page Rank, which is the measure that Google uses to determine how relevant a website is likely to be to a number of related queries.

So, here are some ways you can find good backlinks, and a few places to avoid.

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Where to Buy Backlinks – 4 Sources

1. Email and ask

If there’s a particularly popular website in your field that you think would be willing to host a link for you, email them and ask if they would. Keep in mind, there’s a good chance that they sell these links for either a flat fee or a monthly price. Be sure to discuss this with the person running the website to make sure that you get the right price and fully understand the conditions that apply when you make your purchase.

Keep in mind also that many sites are willing to host your link for free. Popular blogs hosted on free sites, for example, may have thousands of viewers a day but see no reason to actually charge to get on a blogroll. You may have to demonstrate why your site is worthy of their attention, but at the very least, it’s less expensive. That being said, though, don’t expect free links and be sure to go into the deal expecting a certain layout.

When sending out emails, make sure to write effective subject lines and bodies. The last thing you want is to appear like a bot and spammer.

2. Try Marketer’s Center’s link building services

One of the best places to buy quality backlinks, Marketer’s Center has years of experience with link building of all sorts and they are able to get you backlinks on a number of high-quality related sites for a small fee. In many ways, this is the easiest approach to link building, since it lets others do the work of actually seeking out places to host your links, many of which they are already familiar with or possibly own and control themselves. They have had a lot of time to develop relationships with high Page Rank websites and build their own which hold a lot of sway but aren’t too saturated with links already.

The other advantage of using Marketer’s Center is that they know how to build links for you. What sorts of anchor text you should use, how often you should link to any given page on your website, and other small technical details that you might not be aware of. Additionally, they provide big citation building services to enhance your online presence even further.

3. Look at Forum BSTs for link building services

There are places to discuss almost anything on the Internet someplace, and that is no different with backlinks. That’s why forums like Wicked Fire and Warriors for Hire exist – to help you find the best methods and companies to work with in order to get quality backlinks. Not only do a number of good forums also provide links if you make sure they’re in your signature and participate, but they also can give you ideas of where you could go and what you can do to get a good link base set up. Mentions of your company across the internet, including forums, are also a great way to build local citations.

4. Approach any decent link building agency

There are a number of really excellent quality agencies available that can help you deal with your specific link building needs. We’ve even written a list of the best link building agencies and highly recommend taking a look at them, most of these will help you buy quality backlinks.

Places to Avoid for Buying Backinks

1. SEOClerks

I have been seeing a lot of SEOClerks spam on a lot of webmaster forums I frequent. It seems to not only drive traffic to its site with spam, but also sell spam. This site has a lot of reports of scam activity when it comes to how they treat their vendors, with several of them complaining to various sites about how their accounts were closed randomly and without explanation when they had earned a decent amount of money. On top of that, you’re often dealing with freelancers who may not have the experience to create appropriate backlinks for you and your business. Unless you wanted to run a negative SEO campaign on someone, this isn’t the place to go for good links.

2. Fiverr

There is a big temptation to go with this site since it is pretty cheap. Services from people starting at $5 sounds pretty good at first, but think about what you’re going to get when some services sell links for a penny…Nothing good, really. But like SEOClerks, you’re dealing with freelancers who may have never done any of this before. There is no quality control to speak of, just random people who may or may not be able to give you what you need in order to get the most out of your SEO. They are not professionals, and you really will get what you pay for in this regard.

3. Link scheme sites

TNX, various public blog networks, SAPE…There are a lot of ways to build links out there that seem too good to be true, and that’s because they generally are. They will promise free links so long as you visit their sponsors, pay them, or present complicated schemes that involve you linking back to them, and then deep linking to something that you’ve done…it’s a mess. Don’t fall for these sorts of methods. They will end up harming your site in the long run. The best way to build links is to get links on other people’s sites who actually are in your industry or talk about it. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time on sites that may actually do more to hurt your SEO than to help it.


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