6 Ways to Find Local Clients for Your SEO Business

6 Ways to Find Local Clients for Your SEO Business

Local SEO is one of the quickest ways to build a legitimate online business. There is a huge demand for search engine optimization, but many business owners don’t have the time or expertise to dedicate themselves to it. It is possible to find a small number of clients, work on a monthly contract, achieve good rankings, and increase your reputation in the community. SEO for local terms is far simpler than targeting global terms, so the task of ranking a site is possible if you follow some basic SEO principles. However, finding local clients sometimes poses a problem, particularly if you are used to less personal forms of online business. Implementing the following six methods, you will be able to find a collection of clients who can help you develop your agency.

Rank Your Own Site

If you can rank for the major SEO term in your city, interested business owners will find your site. Achieving one of the top ranking positions — particularly the top spot — will do most of the selling work for you, with instant credibility being afforded to you. People actively searching for SEO related terms will not need to be convinced of the benefits in most cases. Ranking for SEO terms can be tricky due to the skill of your competitors, but it is possible to achieve with consistent effort.

Rank Niche Sites

While limited numbers will search for SEO terms, most business owners will at some point search for their own niche market. People are naturally curious to see if they appear for their local terms, so you can anticipate some disappointment if they are not ranking. However, if you have ranked a niche site you will be providing proof of your abilities. It won’t be possible to rank for every industry, but you can choose ones with a number of potential clients. Include a banner on the site advising that it is available for sale or on a rental basis. You can also be proactive in directly contacting businesses who don’t appear on the first page of the search engines.

Word of Mouth

It is possible to develop your business to a point where word of mouth can bring in numerous clients. This won’t be attainable initially, but with positive reviews and testimonials it can be achieved. After you have spent some time working on a project, ask the business owner if they would be willing to contribute a review. You might often find they will naturally recommend you to acquaintances, particularly if they are getting great results.


Affiliate marketing is usually associated with physical goods or information products, but you can implement it into an SEO agency. Offer your existing clients a free month, or a similar bonus, if they can bring you a new client. Most business owners have relationships with a number of other entrepreneurs, so they can usually provide some leads. You could even speak to well connected entrepreneurs who could receive a commission for each new client you get.

Local Sites and Forums

It can often be cost-effective to pay for advertising on local sites. Advertising costs are usually very low in local markets, so you can make a good return on your investment. Many local sites won’t be particularly targeted, but there might be certain business sites or forums that have a higher relevancy. Forums also offer the chance to create a presence, with relationship building at the core of local business.

Local Meetings

While many SEO professionals like to work online, some of the best results can be achieved by meeting people in person. Most big towns and cities will have meetings for business owners, with the opportunity to network and promote yourself. There are huge numbers of business owners who are intrigued by the online world, but they have only made small steps into it. With the right sales pitch, encouraging these entrepreneurs to use your SEO services will not be difficult.

With the right sales pitch, each of these methods should guarantee you clients. There is a high demand for SEO services for local businesses (which is why it may make sense getting a solid reseller on your side – you will get busy!), so you just need to put yourself in the right places to secure contracts. As more people receive an exceptional service, securing clients will get easier. Strong testimonials, word of mouth, and lots of proof will lead to more business owners seeking you out directly.

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