How to Get Your First 10 SEO Clients

How to Get Your First 10 SEO Clients


Providing SEO services for local businesses is one of the quickest ways to build a profitable online enterprise. There are numerous opportunities online, but many require an initial investment, have a steep learning curve, and take time to come to fruition. Local search terms, though, are typically easier to rank for than general terms, allowing you to provide tangible results for clients.

Most business owners know less about SEO than relatively novice online marketers, due in part to the numerous other factors they need to focus on, so there is always an opportunity to sell your services. Using the following techniques, gaining your first ten clients is extremely achievable, with the result being a successful business providing recurring income.


Rank Your Own Site

Reaching a targeted audience reduces the need to sell people on your ability. One of the easiest ways to reach this audience is to rank your own website for local SEO and marketing search terms. Business owners searching for relevant terms will already have an idea of what they want, so you won’t need to promote the overall concept. The majority of business owners use Google as it is the major player in SEO as compared to Bing, Yahoo and others to search.


If you appear at the top ranks in Google, there will also be less need to promote yourself as your rankings will speak for themselves. To boost your rankings further you must understand Google algorithm (1) as well as ensure to attract organic traffic to your site(2).


Facebook Advertising

In comparison to many advertising platforms available, Facebook has a large user base, a lot of demographic data, and is affordable.


Using broad terms won’t be very effective but targeting local businesses in your area can provide good results. There may also be local business groups, with the opportunity to communicate directly with potential clients. This initial communication can be very effective, providing a chance to build a relationship first before promoting your SEO services.


Target Sites with Low Rankings

Businesses with high search rankings are probably already using SEO services, but sites lower down might not be. If a business has a website, they are naturally hoping to get traffic, but outside of the first page, the traffic will always be negligible. Contacting business owners struggling with rankings is a great way to find clients, particularly if you have plenty of proof of your abilities.


Local Business Meetings


Local business meetings provide an opportunity to meet in person. Building a relationship increases the chances of gaining a client, with most business owners reluctant to agree on a contract immediately. The bigger clients, paying a higher monthly fee, will want to meet on multiple occasions, so a meeting can help you begin the relationship.


Recommendations and Referrals

If you can gain a few initial clients, recommendations and referrals can help you build your business into a profitable enterprise. Make sure you have a solid local SEO reseller on your side if you’re targeting local businesses.


Most business owners have their own clients, suppliers, and friends, so a recommendation will go a long way. This process can often occur organically, but you can speed it up by offering discounts for any existing clients who refer new business. It is vital that you can identify potential referral opportunities(3)as it goes a long way in building trust in you.

By using these techniques, gaining ten clients is easily manageable. This number of clients is enough to build a sustainable business, but you will need to make client acquisition a part of your strategy as you will experience attrition. Local SEO is a reliable business, whether individually or one aspect of an online enterprise, so now is the time to start looking for your first client.

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