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Many agencies offer a variety of services – from link-building to technical SEO. Some even white label their services. The advantage of getting agency services is that you can get a complete package for your digital marketing needs. But a common disadvantage is the lack of specialization, which may mean you won’t get top-tier results in any of the aspects of digital marketing.

Some agencies, like, specialize in a specific set of services. In the case of Link Pitch, this specialization is link-building.


LinkPitch Digital LLC is a link-building services company. They focus on outreach-oriented link-building. They pride themselves as “obsessed” with scalable outreach campaigns and high-quality and relevant links that will help their clients in the long term.

Don’t overlook “long term” here. Many agencies just like to deliver results and get you links. And there are instances where these links are removed in the future because of a variety of factors, such as the webmasters simply deciding they don’t want to link to your website anymore even if you have paid for the placement.

The fact that includes “long term” in their company introduction is a good sign. And it only gets better when you look at their blogger outreach process.

Their blogger outreach process’s approach is to offer great value to the webmasters they reach out to. They believe this increases the chance of successful link-building and longevity of the links built. Here’s their process:

  • Evaluating content. The link-building company evaluates your content first and other linkable assets. This is like a content audit to determine your current situation and how you stand as a linkable website.
  • Deciding on link-building strategies. doesn’t just do blogger outreach. They can do broken link-building, unlinked mentions, and other link-building strategies that will suit your specific case.
  • Link prospecting. Link Pitch will then compile a list of target websites that is suitable for your content and link-building strategy. They also avoid link farms and PBNs.
  • Personalizing and finding emails. Once the agency finds suitable websites, they look for the right people to reach out to. It could be the website’s content strategist, managing editor, or even CEO. It will vary from website to website.
  • Crafting outreach and sending emails. Some people don’t like email templates because they may sound generic. But uses techniques to personalize their templates. Their emails are also direct and easy to read, increasing their chances of getting a reply. Effective blogger outreach emails are crucial to the success of campaigns.
  • Talking to prospects and recording links obtained. wants to build relationships with leads and offer value to them instead of just “begging” for links. Once the link is live, you will get email alerts to keep you involved in their process and results.

What you can expect understands that giving value to webmasters is very important in building links. You don’t just beg for links and expect prospects to hand them to you. The company claims to build long-term links, and there is some truth to this because of their approach.

They also personalize and build relationships with prospects, so you know the links won’t be removed easily even though the prospects have absolute control over their content.

If you get’s blogger outreach service packages, you can expect not just random links, but links that will stand the test of time. This is really the company you need if you want to outsource outreach and link-building.

Link-building services done right is an agency that focuses on link-building – and it shows. They clearly know what they are doing with their long-term links approach. If you avail of their services, you know they are not just going to prove their results with random links. The links will actually stand the test of time.

You can never go wrong with an agency with this mentality.


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