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Local Social Mesh Now Available

Today I’m happy to announce that Local Social Mesh is officially ready for you to try out. You’ll find the order form active at dash.marketerscenter.com We’re also giving a 20% discount for anyone curious that wants to order for the next 7 days. Please use coupon code TRYIT to get your discount when you order through the order

Try Our Updated Hyper Local Citations Service (with a Discount!)

This February we’ve made a few quality improvements to Hyper Local Citations. We have updated the form to ask for your prioritization preference: should we prioritize niche/city-specific citations first or citations that give live links immediately? Some prefer getting the live links first, while others want to see the niche/city citations first (even if they

Why Are SEOs Talking About Entity Explorer?

Why Are SEOs Talking About Entity Explorer? Reason #1. You can use Entity Explorer to improve pre-existing pages.Look in Google Search Console and find pages you want to improve. Checkthe queries getting impressions and drop those keywords into EntityExplorer. You’ll get a ton of content ideas on how to beef up those pages. Reason #2

Master Entity SEO with Entity Explorer

Some have said that entities will surpass links and content as the key to rankings. I wouldn’t go that far, but I can say that entity SEO is becoming more important as Google relies more on machine learning to create a more accurate ranking algorithm. What is an entity? Well, really almost anything can be

GMB Optimization Service: GMB Foundations

GMB Foundations is a 4-week Google My Business optimization service that covers all facets of optimizing a location for improved local search performance. Whether you’ve just signed a local client, trying to retain old clients, or looking to give older clients a fresh boost, this GMB optimization service gives a great foundation for local rankings.