Getting Started with White Label SEO – A Comprehensive Guide

Getting Started with White Label SEO – A Comprehensive Guide

SEO is essential for any business that relies on online lead generation to increase sales, making this one of the most in-demand services around today.

Providing customers with added value in the form of SEO solutions is simple enough, but for most agencies, time and resources are what stand in the way of them expanding their offerings. However, there is a way to offer these services without having to hire or train additional employees.

SEO company making a deal with a white label SEO provider

White label SEO – what is it?

White label SEO solutions come in the form of a service or external platform that can be used to optimize your client’s online presence. White label refers to the fact that the service can be re-branded and sold as your own.

Basically, white label SEO solutions allow you to sell additional services to your customers without needing to focus on fulfillment.

Here are the two available options:

  • SEO Services. Purchasing a white label SEO service means a third party will take care of the fulfillment for you.
  • SEO Tools. Provide your customers with the ability to manage their own search engine optimization using branded tools.

There are currently millions of SMBs in the United States that need to rank higher in search results, making this a worthwhile opportunity for all digital marketing agencies and professionals.

Why go the white label route?

According to MediaPost, a large percentage of small to medium businesses still struggle with search engine optimization and paid search campaigns, making SEO an obvious addition to your existing digital marketing service offering.

Here are some of the reasons to consider becoming an SEO reseller:

  • Land more or bigger clients. Diversifying your offering will help you attract additional as well as bigger clients. In most cases, businesses don’t want to have to shop around for more than one digital agency, so the more services you can offer, the better. Upselling to existing clients will also be possible.
  • Faster expansion. Adding a whole new service to your overall offering isn’t usually a quick process but becoming an SEO reseller helps speed things up.
  • Focus on your core competencies. Hiring and training staff to fulfill new service roles is a big commitment, plus you need additional budgeting. White label SEO solutions allow you to skip all of this and focus on your core competencies instead, sales being one of them.

The best white label SEO resellers

There are a number of important aspects to consider when choosing a white label SEO solution, including affordability, the quality of the fulfillment, as well as results. You also have to look at the locality. For instance, it can be a good idea to hire an Australian agency if you are in the Australian market and a UK-based agency if you are in the UK scene.

You have to look for these factors to increase the chances of your SEO reseller plan working.

Here is a roundup of the top white label SEO resellers:

1. Marketer’s Center


Marketer's Centre_White Label SEO

We are a leading SEO reseller and are well known for offering the best services to clients. In fact, the reviews on forums such as WafoWFBHW, and BC speak for themselves.

If you are looking for affordability, transparent reporting, quality results and want to deal with a trustworthy brand, Marketer’s Center is the white label solution for you. In just 8 years, Marketer’s Center has served over 2,000 SEO consultants, agencies, and online marketers, all of whom have worked on over 10,000 client projects.

SEO Services Offered:

  • Citation Creation & Distribution. Create custom local business citations, submit citations to big local data sites, and add custom videos and citations to video, image & audio sites
  • Citation Cleanup. Correct and boost existing business citations
  • Website Audits. Discover why a local site might not be ranking and how you can improve site performance
  • Google Cloud Links. Use Google’s authoritative properties to benefit client sites
  • Local Mini Sites. Push local link juice to client websites to improve SEO rankings
  • Infographic Creation & Distribution. Build backlinks and unstructured citations using visual content
  • GMB Premium Posts. Keep your client’s GMB profile active with regular, engaging posts
  • Authority Builders. Easily increase client website authority using proven tactics
  • PR Marketing. Create impactful press releases that are widely distributed to a trusted network of news sites and journalists

To find out more about how Marketer’s Center’s white label SEO solutions can grow your business, sign up for the reseller dashboard, which will give you access to a full price list.

2. PlacementSEO


Placement SEO_White Label SEO

PlacementSEO has been around for over 5 years and specializes in franchise SEO marketing as well as white label SEO. The brand is known for providing actionable results and sizeable returns on investment.

There are currently over 2,000 websites that use the PlacementSEO system and the brand has several noteworthy partners, including Dutchess Capital, Rowe Digital, Nest Egg Guru, and Medworks Media.

SEO Services Offered:

  • Franchise SEO. The PlacementSEO franchise program is designed to enhance organic visibility, increase leads, and boost revenue using proven SEO and digital marketing tactics. The program allows corporate teams to provide franchisees with a strategic plan that will create new revenue streams
  • White Label SEO. The white label SEO program from PlacementSEO helps small, medium, and enterprise-level organizations fill essential marketing gaps. The services that are included in their while label SEO program include link building, local map citations, press release creation & distribution, competitor analysis, and more

Create a free account to find out more about the prices of PlacementSEO’s packages.

3. HubShout


HubShout_White Label SEO

HubShout has been around for over 10 years and is known to be one of the pricier SEO vendors around today. With that being said, they are still a popular choice amongst small to medium businesses and have been featured on sites such as Moz, Content Marketing Institute, and Search Engine Watch.

The HubShout team consists of 30 experienced analysts, developers, writers, designers, and account managers who work with hundreds of agencies.

SEO Services Offered:

  • Content Marketing. Help your customers achieve their goals with substantial content that encourages engagement
  • SEO. Use proven tactics to enhance client rankings and increase website traffic
  • PPC. Run targeted PPC campaigns for clients and send in-depth reports upon completion
  • Local SEO. Claim, update and promote client listings to improve local search results
  • SEO Software. Keep track of all client projects and campaigns using HubShout’s easy-to-use SEO dashboards

If you are interested in any of the services offered by HubShout, you can sign up for a free demo on their site.

4. SEOReseller


SEOReseller.com_White Label SEO currently services over 400 agencies in 12 countries across the globe and is known for their excellent customer support and transparency.

The team at is dedicated to helping agencies expand their offerings while also strengthening their relationships with customers. The brand’s end-to-end workflows are what ensure campaigns and projects run smoothly.

SEO Services Offered:

  • SEO. Enhance the rankings and traffic volumes of local, national, and international client sites using proven SEO tactics such as website audits, content marketing, local citations, keyword research, on-page optimization, and more.
  • Social Media. Help clients build a social media presence by claiming social media space and developing engaging campaigns
  • PPC Management. Run targeted PPC campaigns and provide clients with in-depth performance reports
  • Web Design. Help customers create visually pleasing, responsive, and optimized websites
  • Reputation Management. Build listings, manage mentions, and use reviews and feedback to enhance the reputation of your customers offers a 14-day free trial and you can sign up on their website.

5. The HOTH


The Hoth_White Label SEO

Founded in 2010, The HOTH is another popular white label SEO service provider that promises speedy delivery, great results, and excellent customer service.

The HOTH team is definitely one of the biggest, which has helped them win several awards over the last few years. The brand offers a wide range of SEO tools and white label services that help agencies to expand their offering.

SEO Services Offered:

  • SEO. Help clients increase website traffic using fully-managed SEO campaigns
  • Content Creation. Use high-quality content to increase website authority and traffic
  • Link Building. Boost SEO rankings using proven link building tactics
  • Citation Building & Clean-Up. Get clients listed in top local and industry directories and fix existing citations
  • Press Release Distribution. Distribute client press releases to over 30,000 journalists
  • Product Optimization. Improve the performance of customer eCommerce sites
  • Social Media. Register all social media profiles for customers
  • Reputation Management. Use reviews and feedback to boost client reputations

To find out more about The HOTH services and pricing, create a free account on their website.



Fat Joe_White Label SEO

FATJOE’s white label SEO solution focuses on link building and content creation and the brand has been featured on several high-profile sites, including MOZ, Smart Insights, and PubCon.

The brand’s very specific offering is their USP and their team has worked with over a thousand agencies to date. The reviews on their website also speak to their success as an SEO services vendor. Their SEO solutions are built to be resold and there are no contracts involved either.

SEO Services Offered:

  • Blogger Outreach. Generate natural in-content links for customers from real bloggers
  • Content Creation. Create high-quality content that will drive more traffic to client sites
  • Local Business Citations. Manual submission of citations to local and industry directories
  • Press Release Distribution. Distribute customer press releases to hundreds of news outlets and thousands of journalists
  • Infographic Creation & Outreach. Get customer infographics posted on blogs with a credit link

Create a new account on their website to get 10% off your first order.

White label SEO tools

White label SEO tools are another option for agencies and professionals that want to expand their offering without having to focus on fulfillment.

White label tools can be branded as your organization’s own and resold to customers who can use them to manage their own search engine optimization efforts. White label tools give agencies the ability to ramp up their services quickly and cater to a wide variety of customer needs in a cost-effective way.

Here are some of the top white label SEO tools available today.

SEO dashboards

1. Cyfe


Cyfe SEO Dashboard

This all-in-one white label dashboard gives users the ability to track SEO, PPC, social media, and SEM campaigns in one place.

The Cyfe dashboard works with several major platforms, including Google Analytics, MailChimp, Facebook, WordPress, PayPal, Salesforce, and more. This white label dashboard is highly customizable, which means you can offer each of your customers exactly what they need to keep track of their online campaigns and site performance.

Users have also reported that the simplicity of the dashboard is one of the features they appreciate the most.

SEO dashboard features include:

  • Monitor multiple campaigns. Multiple websites and campaigns can be tracked at once
  • Pre-built connections. Easily pull detailed data from popular sources such as Google
  • Secure data collection. Use pre-built widgets to pull through data from client databases
  • Real-time reporting. Clients can generate and share read-only reports with all team members
  • SMS and email notifications. Monitor metrics when you’re away from your desk
  • Manage social media campaigns. Plan, schedule, and monitor social media campaigns
  • Access to all features. Clients have a separate account and can access all of Cyfe’s features

Cyfe’s pricing starts at $29 but custom solutions are available for larger agencies.

2. RankRanger


RankRanger SEO Dashboard

Trusted by brands such as Dell, Sony, Vodafone, and British Airways, RankRanger is an impressive white label SEO dashboard that focuses on helping users work toward optimal rankings.

The platform offers integrations with several major platforms, including Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Business, Yext, and more. Basically, all the platforms you need to monitor rankings, online reputation, and website performance.

While the pricing structure is attractive, users have reported that the interface isn’t the easiest to figure out, but once you do, this can be a really useful tool. Custom graphs and settings allow you to create a personalized experience for each client, while custom data packages give agencies the option to create data specifications that work for them.

SEO dashboard features include:

  • Organic SEO. Monitor site visibility, compare search engine rankings, analyze on-page elements, group, and tag keywords, pull daily, weekly, and monthly reports, and more
  • Paid Search. Access competitor insights, monitor paid search metrics, perform ad audits, track local ad rankings, and set up automated ad alerts
  • Competitor Analysis. Analyze top organic and paid competitors, view competitor ad campaigns, track competitor rankings, and identify keyword opportunities
  • Keyword Research. Research and identify keyword opportunities for optimization purposes

RankRanger offers a 14-day free trial and you can sign up on their site.

3. AgencyAnalytics


AgencyAnalytics SEO Dashboard

AgencyAnalytics is definitely one of the more robust SEO dashboards out there and setting everything up is easy too.

AgencyAnalytics is currently used by over 3,000 marketing agencies, including, Resolve, Audience Bloom, and Oozle Media. The dashboard also connects to 30 major platforms, including Instagram, Google Business, AdWords, MailChimp, Yext, and more.

The simplicity and versatility of the platform are what make this one of the more popular choices among digital marketing agencies. Their pricing is more or less in the same league as RankRanger, which is not bad considering what each package includes.

SEO dashboard features include:

  • SEO. Clients can track keyword rankings, pull backlink reports, audit websites, analyze competitors and keep track of website performance
  • PPC. Monitor PPC campaign analytics, highlight conversion-related metrics, and easily include a markup in all PPC reports
  • Social. Track engagement stats, gather demographic data on fans and followers, and track influence over time
  • Email. Monitor email list growth and engagement metrics, pinpoint top-performing campaigns, gain an understanding of email subscribers, and keep track of bounce rates
  • Call Tracking. Keep track of top traffic sources, analyze contact details, and monitor staff performance
  • Reviews. Track ratings, monitor new customer reviews, identify review sources, view customer engagement, and measure sentiment

AgencyAnalytics also offers a free 14-day trial, which you can sign up for on their website.

Rank tracking tools

1. LocalFalcon


Local Falcon_Rank Tracking Tool

LocalFalcon, which is part of the dba platform, is a recommended rank tracking tool for businesses that want to keep an eye on local maps results.

What makes LocalFalcon different is that instead of just providing you with data based on one point on a map, it offers a more in-depth view of what happens at a street level. The tool works anywhere in the world and with any language.

Tool features include:

  • Specifically designed for Google Maps. This is one of the first rank trackers that was specifically designed to work with Google Maps, which is great if you want to rank in the Google Maps Pack
  • Improve local rankings. Use the tool’s interface to make actionable changes that will enhance your local rankings
  • Instant results. Local businesses can run scans and see results within a matter of seconds

LocalFalcon offers a pay-as-you-go as well as a monthly rate and you can try the tool out by signing up for an account on their website.

2. Local Viking


Local Viking Rank Tracking Tool

Local Viking is a ranking tool that makes it easy for businesses to schedule Google Business posts, track rankings, and manage Google Business properties from one dashboard.

Not only is Local Viking affordable, but they have created packages that suit businesses of every size. Their pricing starts from $29 per month, which will allow you to manage 10 business locations.

Tool features include:

  • Automate Google Business postings. Automating your GMB postings will save you time and ensure that fresh content is always going out
  • Local rank tracking. See your business location’s visibility from every point of the area you serve and track how your business shows up in local searches on mobile & desktop
  • Google Business management. Easily manage all of your business locations using one simple interface
  • Secure Google Business properties. Receive text and email notifications whenever your business listings are maliciously edited

Sign up for one of the Local Viking packages on their website to get started.

Local SEO tools

1. BrightLocal


Bright Local Local SEO Tool

BrightLocal is a collection of SEO tools that make it easy to manage local SEO efforts, business listings, and your online reputation. This all-in-one marketing platform is used by brands such as Nandos, Ikea, Roto-Rooter, Specsavers and more.

The BrightLocal tools have already been used by over 80,000 marketers who manage local SEO for their clients. Their team is made up of over 150 staff in four countries and their pricing structure is very reasonable considering you gain access to a large selection of tools.

BrightLocal features:

  • Local SEO tools. Perform SEO audits and track local rankings to enhance SEO efforts
  • Reputation management. Increase and monitor reviews from clients across multiple sites
  • Citation builder. Use the citation aggregator and data submission service to increase brand visibility online
  • Agency lead generation. For agencies that want to generate more leads, BrightLocal optimizes the lead generation process by increasing engagements

You can try BrightLocal out for free for 14 days and you don’t need a credit card to sign up.

2. Whitespark


WhiteSpark Local SEO Tool

The Whitespark selection of tools is designed to help businesses generate more leads using Google. With the help of a team of experienced search experts, Whitespark aims to make local search a faster, more accurate process.

The Whitespark team is dedicated to helping agencies, enterprises, and small businesses solve local search problems and is known for their hands-on approach.

Whitespark features:

  • Google Review link generator. Easily generate a unique Google Review link that can be shared with customers
  • Local citation finder. Discover where to list a business online and track competitor activity
  • Local rank tracker. Obtain an accurate picture of overall SEO performance and online visibility
  • Reputation builder. Help clients earn more positive reviews from local customers
  • Link prospector. Find new outreach opportunities that will earn clients more links and shares

The pricing for the local search tools offered by Whitespark depends on your specific requirements. They do offer a 14-day free trial.

Backlink tools

1. Ahrefs


ahrefs Backlink Tool

Ahrefs is one of the most well-known backlink tools on the market today. In fact, Ahrefs offers one of the widest selections of SEO-related tools but we will be focusing on the backlink tool.

After Google, Ahrefs is said to have the second most active web crawler, which means they have one of the best backlink databases too. Simply enter a URL to check backlinks and view actionable SEO metrics that can be used to optimize your backlink strategy.

Ahref backlink tool features:

  • Access domain & page-level metrics. Analyze any website, URL, or subsection of a site and receive insightful metrics
  • Monitor backlink growth. Access an interactive view of referring pages and domains in order to monitor the decline and growth of backlinks
  • Backlink profile breakdown. View a detailed report of every page linking to a target
  • Receive organic traffic estimates. No other tool will show you data on the popularity of linking web pages and offer organic traffic estimates
  • Pull a Best By Links report. Research your competitor’s most linked-to pages
  • Access an outbound link breakdown. The Ahref’s Linked Domain report gives users access to metrics on all outbound linked domains

While their backlink checker is free, you can access premium features for $7, which will give you a 7-day free trial.

2. Majestic


Majestic Backlink Tool

The Majestic Marketing backlink tool was designed for entrepreneurs, developers, media analysts, and SEO professionals.

The Bulk Backlink Checker tool from Majestic is capable of analyzing up to 400 URLs if they are copied and pasted, and up to 1,000,000 URLs if they are uploaded via a file. Users have commented that the speediness of the tool is what appeals to them the most.

The Majestic tool is not as robust as the one offered by Ahrefs, but it still does the job. It all depends on what you require as a marketer or agency owner.

The backlink tool is included in all three of the plans offered by Majestic, which start from $49.99 per month.

Competitive analysis tools

1. SEMRush



There are very few tools that measure up to SEMRush in terms of competitor analysis. Not only is the interface easy to understand but the reports are detailed and highly valuable too.

SEMRush has been around for over 10 years and they employ over 650 of the best SEO experts in four countries. The brand is trusted by the likes of eBay,, BNP Parabis, Quora, and more. Their pricing is very reasonable when you get access to such a wide selection of tools, competitive analysis being one of them.

SEMRush features:

  • Traffic analytics. Find out more about competitor website traffic, analyze their regional presence, and discover where they’re focusing their marketing efforts
  • Organic research. Identify the domains that they’re competing with for organic traffic, pull reports on competitor keywords, conduct an analysis of competitor backlinks, and find backlink and keyword opportunities
  • Advertising research. Discover main paid search competitors, analyze ads competitors are using, and uncover your biggest competitors in Google Shopping
  • Brand monitoring. Monitor the reputation of competitor brands online and track the performance of their content
  • Social media tracker. Keep track of competitor social media activity

By creating a free account, you can make up to 10 requests per day. For more requests, a premium account will be required.

2. Sprout Social


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a popular competitor analysis tool that focuses on social media. The platform is currently used by over 20,000 brands, including Cinnabon, Subaru, Trunk Club, WAHL, and TicketMaster.

Social media data can be used to make informed business decisions and tracking both client brands as well as competitors can provide businesses with invaluable insights. The Sprout Social platform integrates with all major social media sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sprout Social features:

  • Social performance reporting. Track content performance and engagement strategies and optimize social media efforts using robust, in-depth data
  • Social listening and insights. Analyse client brands, access industry insights, and review competitor data using the platform’s deep social listening capabilities

How to price SEO services

Agencies and marketers can base their SEO services pricing on three things: results, subscriptions, or hours worked.

1. Value pricing

Value pricing is based on results instead of fulfillment. This specific method works for both marketers and clients because marketers don’t need to worry about contributing a specific number of hours and clients aren’t worried about how much they’re getting billed.

On the downside, value-based pricing can be a tougher sell because clients are used to paying by the hour or for a subscription. It can also be very difficult to upsell, which means you need to be able to sell the additional value you will be contributing. However, by becoming a well-known name in your sector and generating enough referrals, value-based pricing is the best way to generate a profit. It may also be a good choice if you are still looking for your first clients.

2. Subscription pricing

The subscription model is another option for marketers and agencies looking to add SEO services or tools to their offerings. Subscription-based pricing allows customers to pay for a subscription that will give them access to a tool or set of services for a specific period of time. Most subscriptions work on a monthly or annual basis.

Subscription pricing works well because it’s guaranteed and recurring revenue. Customers also respond well to subscriptions because they are convenient and tend to be more affordable.

3. Hourly pricing

Charging by the hour is still one of the simplest ways to charge customers. Research shows that most SEO professionals and agencies charge anything from $100 – $200 per hour, which isn’t a lot. Hourly pricing also makes upselling much easier. For example, if a customer wants faster results or more services, it’s easy to bill them for more hours every month.

Along with charging for every hour worked, there is also the option of billing customers for a specific set of hours per month that they can allocate according to their requirements.

How to charge for SEO services

One of the biggest mistakes that both agencies and marketers make when pricing their SEO services is undercharging.

Take the time to do your research and find out what competitors are currently charging. The last thing you want is to add a new service or tool to your offering only for it to not be worthwhile. When researching competitors, make sure that they have a similar offering and more or less an equal level of experience to get a clear idea of current industry rates.

For many agencies, a knowledge gap, time, and talent are common limitations to company growth. White label SEO services make it that much easier to scale an agency without needing to worry about these common limitations.


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