The Top 10 Local SEO Reporting Solutions for Agencies and In-House Teams

The Top 10 Local SEO Reporting Solutions for Agencies and In-House Teams

Local SEO is not just about optimizing online visibility in a specific geographical area. It’s also about gathering data, formulating insights, and delivering reports to your business shareholders or clients.

Whether you are an SEO professional working for a digital marketing agency or an in-house SEO expert for a business, local SEO reporting is crucial for your SEO process. The right local SEO reporting solutions can skyrocket your SEO expertise and productivity. Here are the top providers of local SEO reporting solutions.

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What are local SEO reporting solutions?

Local SEO reporting solutions are processes, strategies, and tools designed to track and showcase your local SEO performance. They are mostly tools because many local SEO reporting tools are already powerful enough to include processes like report automation and strategies like data gathering.

  • Local SEO reporting tools are different from other SEO tools. There are many local SEO tools out there, such as backlink tools, keyword research tools, and technical SEO audit tools. Local SEO reporting tools are different because they are specifically designed for reporting, which is really important in gathering and presenting data to your business shareholders or clients.
  • Performance tracking is one of the main uses of local SEO reporting tools. Local SEO reporting solutions in general involve the continuous monitoring and tracking of key performance indicators that are critical for local SEO. They can show progress, regress, and even insights about local SEO performance. Click-through rates, search volume, and traffic are some of the most commonly used key performance indicators.
  • There is no one “best” local SEO reporting solution. Different SEO professionals will require different local SEO reporting solutions, so there is no clear “best” solution out there. For example, if you are an SEO agency professional, you may want local SEO reporting solutions that are capable of white labeling the reports for your clients. And if you are an in-house SEO professional, you may want to settle for a comprehensive SEO tool with some reporting capabilities, or if your company is big enough, you may want a more powerful tool dedicated to reporting with an enterprise package to boot. The best local SEO reporting solutions for you will depend on what you really need and what warrants your situation.

Who are the best providers of local SEO reporting solutions?

1. Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics home page screenshot

In the world of SEO, companies specialize in either offering SEO products and services or providing SEO tools. Agency Analytics is part of the latter. The company is completely dedicated to client reporting for marketing agencies. They are the ideal choice if you are a digital marketing or SEO agency since their solutions are specifically designed for such.

  • Agency Analytics has comprehensive SEO and marketing reporting. Agency Analytics has a centralized platform for SEO agencies and marketers. In this platform, you can generate detailed reports regarding the different aspects of your online presence, from backlinks and keyword rankings to social media performance. It also has email marketing metrics and PPC analytics for those with active outreach campaigns. The platform is diverse and powerful enough to make it super-competitive among local SEO reporting solutions providers.
  • You can white label your reports. When you are an SEO professional in an agency, you need a reporting tool that is customizable, so you can include your agency’s branding in the reports. Thankfully, Agency Analytics has such a feature. Their reports allow brand customization. You can insert your brand colors, logos, and other branding elements in the reports. Their reports are also visually appealing because of graphs and other visualizations. Your SEO client will surely appreciate these because they make data easier to digest.
  • Their system integrates with other popular platforms and tools. Agency Analytics integrates flawlessly with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other powerful tools like Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and Yext. The company boasts about its more than 75 integrations. This means that you can pull in data from different platforms, providing you with streamlined data all in one place. This is particularly useful for those who are managing campaigns across different platforms.

Pricing: Starts at $12/month

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs home page screenshot

Ahrefs is just like Agency Analytics in the sense that it is also essentially a SaaS company for SEO and marketing professionals. They develop SEO tools for all your digital marketing needs. In fact, Ahrefs has some of the biggest repositories of free and paid online SEO tools on the internet. Their solutions are not necessarily focused on local SEO. But they are powerful enough for local SEO and reporting because of their versatility.

  • Choose from a variety of SEO tools. Ahrefs’s strongest trait is the variety of tools they have at their disposal. They have tools for backlink analyses, competitor analyses, keyword research, site audits, and more. They even have AI writing tools now that AI is becoming more popular in digital marketing – thanks to tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney. Ahrefs’s tools have reporting capabilities. You can gather data with these tools as well as create customizable reports with them. They are indeed powerful weapons for your local SEO arsenal.
  • Take advantage of filters and key metrics to generate very specific reports. With the data gathering and monitoring and reporting capabilities of their tools, you can create very specific reports for your local SEO needs. Use their filters and key metrics to find and sort data according to your needs.
  • Ahrefs also has an enterprise option for bigger clients. Are you an SEO professional in an agency or in a big company with some budget to spare for their SEO? Ahrefs has your back. They have an enterprise package to suit your needs. After all, your SEO operations are likely to be bigger than individual SEO freelancers and digital marketers. With their enterprise package, you will be able to receive better access management for your team, 1-on-1 customer support, better integration with their other tools, and more.

Pricing: Starts at $99/month

3. BrightLocal

BrightLocal home page screenshot

BrightLocal is great if you are specifically looking for local SEO solutions. Their powerful tools can help you in all aspects of local SEO, such as boosting your local rankings, building local citations, and increasing your online visibility in general. Another great thing about this company is that it’s composed of real marketing experts, so they know what you truly need for your local SEO campaigns and executions. And of course, their tools have reporting capabilities.

  • BrightLocal can be the only local SEO platform you use for your needs. BrightLocal’s platform has everything you need for your local SEO efforts. With their platform, you can audit for local SEO, build and track citations, get and manage reviews, and track local rankings. Your clients can even have access to dashboards, so they are part of their company’s SEO journey. This will surely give you more points in client relations.
  • You can customize reports with your branding. Create PDF and online reports for your clients. You can customize the reports with your brand colors and logo, making white labeling local SEO products and services easier. You can also create a white label profile, so your brand colors and logo can be in all the reports with just one setup. If you are looking to scale your SEO business, BrightLocal’s white label capabilities will definitely make it easier because of the amount of time you save with their customized reports.
  • You can automate reports even for the most demanding SEO clients. Some SEO clients can be very demanding. Some demands are unrealistic, such as a sudden increase in rankings. But some demands are understandable, such as constant local SEO reports. Thankfully, if you use BrightLocal, you can automate report emails that will satisfy even the most meticulous clients.

Pricing: Starts at $39/month

4. DashThis

DashThis home page screenshot

DashThis is made by marketers for marketers. They know how meticulous and time-consuming reports are because they have firsthand experience. They have completely optimized the reporting process to make it smooth – even automated – for different kinds of marketers, including SEO and local SEO professionals.

  • The DashThis platform is strong enough to accommodate all your digital marketing reporting needs. What kind of data and report do you need? Do you need them for Google My Business, PPC and SEM, social media, or local SEO? Whatever it is, DashThis has your back. They have optimized their reporting dashboard and system to accommodate your needs for all digital marketing departments. Here’s the best part – DashThis is great not just for marketing agencies, but also for in-house marketing teams, small business owners, franchisees, and more. The platform can accommodate different kinds of people and their professional reporting needs.
  • Their customization options are more extensive than other platforms. You can white label your reports with DashThis by adding your brand colors and logo – just like other platforms like Agency Analytics and BrightLocal. But DashThis’s customization options are more extensive because of editable and movable headers, templates, and widgets. They also support multiple currencies and languages.
  • They are proud of their beautiful interface and reports. Most local SEO reporting solutions providers focus on the functionality of their solutions. Yes, the reporting solutions of DashThis are also top-notch. But what separates them from the others is how they are proud of their beautiful and customizable dashboard, which results in more aesthetically pleasing and engaging reports.

Pricing: Starts at $38/month

5. GeoRanker

GeoRanker home page screenshot

Some SEO solutions providers specialize in particular niches to make them more competitive. GeoRanker, for instance, focuses on search engine data extraction. Sure, some SEO solutions from other companies have data mining capabilities as well. But GeoRanker takes data mining to a whole new level with their advanced scraping software that they have developed in-house.

  • Take advantage of GeoRanker’s powerful crawlers. GeoRanker’s crawlers are tailor-made to create custom datasets, such as businesses and leads databases where you can gather geographically-located keywords, raw contact data, and more. This can be very useful when you are into local SEO. The company can also develop unique web scraping services for your specialized needs, such as image crawling.
  • Try their API for seamless integration. You don’t have to completely rely on GeoRanker’s own platform. You can build your own SEO solutions using GeoRanker’s API. The API comes with GeoRanker’s datamining capabilities, making it great for scraping data such as geo-located keywords, search volume, and even competitor analysis. These are crucial pieces of information that can be useful in your local SEO and reporting journey.
  • GeoRanker’s platform does have reporting capabilities. Yes, GeoRanker’s platform has automation and reporting capabilities, but these are not necessarily the platform’s specialty. However, it’s still nice to have them for your local SEO reporting solutions. Get GeoRanker primarily for its data mining capabilities since they will make your reports more detailed and less time-consuming, especially when you need to scrape a lot of data.

Pricing: Starts at $99/month

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics home page screenshot

Local SEO reporting solutions don’t have to be expensive to be worth it. There are free options that can get the job done, such as Google Analytics. It is a web analytics service offered by Google. Surely, the professionals at Google are competent enough to understand your SEO needs as they are working for the biggest search engine in the world. Google Analytics is powerful enough to accommodate all your SEO needs, including local SEO reporting solutions.

  • For a free tool, Google Analytics gives a good variety of SEO data points. Digital marketers and SEO professionals know how important SEO data points are. That’s why companies like GeoRanker focus on data mining in the first place and make big bucks out of it. But Google Analytics can also give you a good variety of SEO data points for free, from conversions and visitor behaviors to traffic sources. These data points can be crucial for your local SEO reports.
  • Integrate Googe Analytics to other Google properties. Google has a lot of properties, and of course, they have seamless integration between them. Google Analytics is no exception. Look at Google Data Studio, for instance. It’s Google’s data visualization tool. You can pull data from different sources, not just Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but also other popular platforms like Ahrefs and Semrush. Google Data Studio, of course, comes with reporting solutions that you can then use for your local SEO needs.
  • Add visual aids to your reports using report templates. Data from Google Analytics can be overwhelming because the platform doesn’t specialize in presentation and reporting. Numbers and simple graphs may be too basic, especially for clients who prefer a more visual feel to their reports. But with the help of other Google properties like Google Data Studio, you can make your local SEO reports more appealing.

7. Moz Local

Moz Local home page screenshot

Moz is one of the most famous providers of SEO solutions, and they have an offering for those looking for local SEO solutions – Moz Local. With Moz Local, you can manage listings and reviews. It’s essentially a platform for business profiles and citations, perfect for local SEO. The platform does have a reporting feature even though it’s not its forte. But the feature may be enough for your needs, especially when your local SEO efforts are focused on profile and review management.

  • Moz Local provides incredible insights about your online presence. Online presence score, profile completeness, and visibility index are some of the unique insights you can get from Moz Local. These insights may help you formulate and revise your local SEO strategies and executions, not to mention your local SEO reporting solutions. These insights will definitely be appreciated by your business shareholders or clients.
  • They also have your usual key metrics. Moz Local data is not just about insights. It’s also about raw data like clicks, impressions, and traffic. Pair these raw pieces of data with Moz Local’s business profile and citation management capabilities and you get a powerful tool that can handle your needs for your Google Business Profile, Facebook page, and more.
  • Their platform allows easy posting of updates and offers. Moz Local is not just about building business profiles and managing reviews. You can also use it actively to post on your profiles. With Moz Local, you can publish and update business information across your profiles, optimize your profiles with rich content such as adding photos, and make social posts for offers, news, and more.

Pricing: Starts at $14/month

8. SE Ranking

SE Ranking home page screenshot

SE Ranking has a complete SEO toolkit for all your SEO needs, including local ones. With their platform, you can conduct SEO monitoring with their backlink monitor, on-page SEO checker, rank tracker, and website audit tools. You can also do SEO research with their backlink checker, competitive research, keyword suggestion, and SERP checker tools. Of course, the platform has SEO reporting solutions too.

  • SE Ranking has an Agency Success Kit. The platform has what it calls an Agency Success Kit. With this toolkit, you can generate leads, schedule SEO reports, and white label your SEO products and services, including your reports. This is the perfect option for white label marketers and SEO professionals. However, take note that the base form of the platform doesn’t have the white label option. You have to get the next-tier package to unlock white label reporting.
  • The platform allows you to give your business shareholders or clients access to your data and reports. One of the best ways to keep shareholders and clients happy and satisfied is to keep them engaged. And there is no better way to engage them than letting them be part of the local SEO journey. Share local SEO insights, reports, and other key information with them with a guest link. Not all local SEO reporting solutions providers have this feature, so this is a clear advantage for SE Ranking.
  • You can manually download reports in different formats. Another feature that makes SE Ranking’s local SEO reporting solutions stand out is its capability to export your reports in various formats, such as HTML, PDF, and XLS. This is great for those consistently submitting reports to their business shareholders or clients. To make the reports even better and efficient, they can also be scheduled, so they go straight to your boss’s inbox automatically.

Pricing: Starts at $55/month 

9. Semrush

Semrush home page screenshot

Semrush started as a small group of IT and SEO professionals looking to level the playing field with accessible marketing solutions. More than a decade later, it is one of the most recognized platforms in the industry, serving as your analytics buddy, marketing mentor, and team member of your SEO agency or in-house team. With their platform, you can do pretty much every SEO process out there, from formulating strategies to reporting progress and results to your business shareholders or clients.

  • Track every relevant KPI with Semrush. You can track every key performance indicator you need for your local SEO campaigns and executions. You can also pull data from their integrations, including Google Analytics, Google Business Profile, and Google Search Console. You can also organize your reports by client profile, which is particularly useful for SEO professionals working for an agency.
  • Semrush has an Agency Growth Kit with a client portal. Again, this highlights Semrush’s compatibility with SEO agencies. They have packages with an Agency Growth Kit providing SEO agencies with many perks, such as the client portal that can give report access to your clients. You can even integrate the client portal into your own website to impress your clients even more. With the client portal, you improve not just client satisfaction, but also your agency branding.
  • Present your report in your own way. Semrush’s local SEO reporting solutions are highly customizable. Make your reports more engaging and professional with their pre-designed themes. Add elements like titles, page breaks, data widgets, and more to shape your reports. And most importantly, you can white label your reports to ensure you are using your branding.

Pricing: Starts at $129.95/month

10. Whatagraph

Whatagraph home page screenshot

Whatagraph is just like Agency Analytics in the sense that it’s completely dedicated to creating and sending beautiful marketing reports. The company’s founder used to run a digital marketing agency. But he found the data and reporting tools at the time were not good enough for the needs of his clients, so he built Whatagraph to fill the gaps. This is what makes Whatagraph one of the best local SEO reporting solutions providers. It’s been created by people who understand marketing and know how crucial it is to collect data, form insights, and create reports.

  • Whatagraph can make specialized reports for your various online channels. Whatagraph can make reports for you for Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and more. Make ad reports and track campaign performance just in one place – the Whatagraph dashboard and report platform. You can also combine data from different sources, so you don’t have to make a report for each. This also makes reporting less overwhelming for your business shareholders and clients because they will only look at a single report for all online channels.
  • Their reports make scaling easier. With Whatagraph’s dashboard and report platform, you can view not just your various online channels, but also your various clients. This makes the platform powerful and scalable for both SEO professionals working in an agency and in-house teams working for a business. There is even an Overview tab where you can get a bird’s eye view of everything. This is crucial in finding campaign and client insights that you may miss otherwise.
  • The platform has an easy-to-use and intuitive design. Whatagraph boasts about their hassle-free reporting and monitoring. They have a Smart Builder that can help you easily build reports with data from their integrations and other sources. They also have an intuitive drag-and-drop system, making it very easy to create charts, graphs, tables, and other elements that will make your reports visually appealing.

Pricing: Starts at $159/month

How do you choose which ones to use?

All these local SEO reporting solutions providers are top-notch. You can choose one and it will deliver what it claims to deliver. Choosing the right local SEO reporting solutions provider is just a matter of compatibility. Do they actually have the features you need and want? That’s the ultimate question.

  • Look at their specializations. Some providers specifically specialize in reports, like Agency Analytics and Whatagraph. Some are more general SEO tools with some reporting capabilities, like Ahrefs and Semrush. And some have more specialized features like citation building and review management. If you want extensive reports exclusively, you may want those that specialize in reports. If you have more SEO needs, you may want those that have generalist SEO tools. And if you have specific needs for your local SEO, you may want those that specialize in local SEO executions.
  • Gauge their customization and flexibility options. Look at how customizable their reports are with their elements, how flexible they are with their key performance indicators, and how scalable they are with their dashboard. If you are an SEO agency, you may also want to look into white label report features. And if you don’t have a lot of time to learn new platforms, you may also consider interface intuitiveness and user-friendliness.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for demonstrations and trials. Many local SEO reporting solutions providers have demonstrations and free trials, usually up to a week. You can try these to get a feel of their products and services without fully committing. Some of them also have money-back guarantees to return your investment in case you are not satisfied. Take advantage of these offers.

Local SEO reporting solutions are crucial for agencies and in-house teams

Local SEO reporting solutions are crucial for the success of your local SEO journey, especially when you have business shareholders and clients that require regular updates. But remember that these solutions are not just about making reports themselves. They are also about gathering data, forming insights, and helping in other SEO processes.


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