What Is White Label Link Building?

What Is White Label Link Building?

White label links are simply web pages that are built by another source or service that are then applied to the provider’s own brand identity. In laymen’s terms, this means that a page link is built from another party or contractor, that is then used for the provider’s own purposes and then marketed as their own product.

The appeal of white label link building is that it offers brands the opportunity to expand their reach and capability to beyond their own capacity, without having to actually create an entire new infrastructure, which can be very costly. White labeling is also not only used for building web links, but also expands to the industries of finance, manufacturing, electronics, and much more more.

For example, many small banks use white labeling to outsource their credit card offerings. You can expect to find almost all retailers accepting Visa and MasterCard credit cards, but not many are going to be able to offer credit specifically from a small bank. That’s why these banks use the capabilities of large credit card companies like these, so that their customers can have further transactional reach.

White labeling online started in 2001, with the online mobile phone company UK Phone Shop offering other companies the chance to use their system site under their own branding, earning profit from a commission.

So, you can see how building links this way easily creates proprietary value for web hosts, as it can be more of a hassle and a huge cost to build your own links that are Search Engine friendly. It allows you to use the best technology and expert input, for a much better price than you could ever hope to source for yourself.

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