5 Benefits to Ranking in the Google Maps Pack

5 Benefits to Ranking in the Google Maps Pack

Whenever you search for a business in your area, you will notice that the SERP will contain a box with three or so businesses. This box is the Google Maps Pack. All businesses, especially on the local level, are fighting to rank in the Google Maps Pack because of how beneficial it is. It may be the very thing that puts them above the competition. This is why they optimize the hell out of their GMB profiles too.

Here are the top benefits of ranking in the Google Maps Pack.

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1. It provides incredible brand awareness

If you are a restaurant and you show up in the Google Maps Pack for local restaurant queries, your brand will be easy to know and spot. Businesses pop left and right every day, and they all have websites and social media profiles. People won’t be able to keep up with every business out there. But your business will stand out if it ranks in the Google Maps Pack for relevant searches.

Another great thing about the Google Maps Pack is the fact that it’s compact. In the box, you will be able to see the business information of the businesses inside the box. You will see their names, addresses, and contact information. You can even see customer reviews. This is incredibly valuable if you want to get your name out there and get more potential customers.

In fact, it’s so valuable that even some agencies rely on white label GMB services companies to make themselves competitive in the industry.

2. It boosts authority and reputation

You don’t need to be a digital marketer to realize the value of top search results. Even ordinary people with no SEO background know that the businesses at the top of search results, including those ranking in the Google Maps Pack, are the most competent and relevant. After all, even if you optimize for the top ranking factors, you won’t be at the top. Those who are, therefore, are doing something others are not.

If you have such a ranking, you will have better authority in your industry and a better reputation as a business as a whole. It helps that many people are kind of lazy. They just trust Google to provide them with the best results and buy the products and services of the top businesses in the SERP. Basically, you are also riding Google’s authority and reputation as an effective search engine if you rank in the Google Maps Pack.

3. It gives you social proof

Yes, some people are lazy and will just buy according to the top search results. But some people are more nosy. They will look into the businesses first before buying anything. One of the many things they look at is reviews. They want to know the experience of other customers to get an idea of the quality of your products and services.

That’s why ranking in the Google Maps Pack is so powerful. It helps feature customer reviews. With just a few more clicks, searchers will be able to read reviews and view star ratings. Ranking in the Google Maps Pack is great because it caters to both the lazy and the nosy potential customers.

Having a lot of reviews on your profile also shows that you are active online, which can only be a plus for customers and searchers. Another way to show that you are active is by consistently posting on your profile

4. It leads to more potential customers

Brand awareness, authority and reputation building, and social proof ultimately lead to the same thing – more potential customers.

If you have a strong brand and name recall, you may be one of the first things people think about, even if they haven’t bought anything when they have seen your Google Maps Pack ranking for the first time. If you have good authority and reputation, people will be more trusting of you, and that means they will be more comfortable in giving you money for products and services. And if you have social proof, people will be more confident of the products and services they pay for.

The great thing about your Google My Business profile is that it’s customizable. You can input the most important information regarding your business. When the profile shows up in the Google Maps Pack, you are putting your business and its relevant information out there. This may help spread the word regarding your business and may even indirectly improve your organic rankings.

In your profile, you can put links back to your websites and social media profiles. This can be a great advantage because you can lead customers back to your own ecosystem where you can increase the chance of conversions. And you can also link back from your website to your GMB profile by embedding Google Maps in your Contact Us page. The Google Maps Pack is just part of your overall digital footprint.

Ranking in the Google Maps Pack is advantageous

Ranking in the Google Maps Pack has so many benefits. It can increase brand awareness, boost authority and reputation, and provide social proof to potential customers. You can also put links to your GMB profile to direct potential customers to your websites and social media profiles.

They all ultimately lead to one thing – more customers and sales. Optimize your Google My Business profile, rank in Google Maps, and show up in the Google Maps Pack. These are digital marketing essentials for businesses, especially those who like to make it on the local level.

Many businesses reach out to Google Maps ranking companies for help. But you may also rank by doing it yourself. Let the benefits of ranking be your inspiration.


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