5 Strategies for Building Out Local SEO Client’s Websites

5 Strategies for Building Out Local SEO Client’s Websites

Websites are very important to businesses because they help get their names out there and attract leads and potential clients. Even businesses that focus on specific localities like cities and neighborhoods will perform better with websites. Here are some strategies for building out the websites of your local SEO clients.

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1. Start with a clear plan

Different local SEO clients have different needs and wants. For instance, a big corporation that is prominent in a specific city will obviously be a different case compared to a mom-and-pop shop that is not that prominent even in a tiny neighborhood.

This is why you should clear a few things up first before building a website for your local SEO clients. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • Who is going to build the website? Is it the local SEO agency, an in-house designer, or an outsourced freelancer?
  • Who is going to maintain the website? Is the local SEO agency there to continuously add new content and fix errors or is its only job to build one?
  • How much help will the website builder need? Does the local SEO agency help with the website architecture and design or its only concern is strictly local SEO?

You have to set boundaries and goals, so you are on the same page with your local SEO client.

2. Prioritize architecture, design, and user experience

Some businesses, especially those with competent in-house designers, may think that they can completely handle the architecture, design, and user experience of their websites. There is nothing wrong with this, but don’t be afraid to give suggestions even if you have been hired strictly for local SEO.

In fact, architecture, design, and user experience can influence local SEO too. Make sure that the website architecture is logical and sound, so navigation is easier and internal linking is more optimal. A good website architecture may convert random website visitors into customers.

Businesses may want more control over the design, and you can oblige. As long as you are using your local client’s branding, color, and voice, you are good to go. But don’t forget to make the website look polished and professional. It will make the business more authoritative and trustworthy.

The user experience is also very important. Make sure the website’s functions perform well. It should be easy to make orders, navigate through products and services pages, and find business addresses and directions.

3. Optimize for common local SEO tactics

Local SEO will help your clients become more visible in online searches in a specific location. You can optimize your client’s local SEO with a few changes in their website’s significant pages and keywords. You can also tell Google directly where the business is located, so Google recognizes the business and makes it more likely to appear in local search results.

  • Optimize Home and About Us pages. These pages should not just tell website visitors who your clients are. They should also clearly state where the businesses are located. These statements will help both potential customers and search engines.
  • Try to rank for local keywords. Look for popular search terms in your clients’ locations and niches. As much as you can without appearing spammy and robotic, incorporate these keywords in significant website pages and blog posts.
  • Create a Google My Business profile and embed it on the website. Set up GMB profiles for local SEO clients. Make sure the business descriptions and details are accurate in the profiles and try to incorporate keywords as well. You can then embed Google Maps on the About Us pages of your clients. This is also a great way to boost your local citations.

4. Create local content

Website content is not always universal. Content can vary from location to location. For example, if your local SEO client is a law firm, you can write informative articles about the laws in their state. After all, laws can differ from place to place. The same thing applies to real estate firms, restaurants, and practically any business you can think of.

You can also write about local activities, events, and relevant news stories.

Local content feels more personalized, and in many cases, it is the only content choice for some businesses because it is so optimal for their local SEO strategy and, ultimately, their rankings.

Local clout is an important aspect of building a local SEO client’s website. It gives the website authority and social proof. Some of the best ways to get clout are through links and reviews.

  • Create content that other local websites can link to. You don’t just create local content. You have to make sure that it is also high-quality – high enough that other websites even link to it to share it with their own audience.
  • Reach out to other local websites and influencers for links. Backlinks don’t always come on their own. Build a backlink profile yourself by reaching out to others. You can write content for other websites in exchange for links. You can also work with or pay local influencers to promote or link to your local SEO clients’ websites.
  • Encourage GMB reviews. Google, the most prominent search engine in the world, loves an active GMB profile. One way to show your activity is to showcase reviews in it. Encourage customers, especially those who are clearly happy with your products and services, to leave reviews on your clients’ GMB profiles. It can also highlight how your client can manage multiple clients at the same time without diminishing results.


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