Click Intelligence: Data-Driven Blogger Outreach

Click Intelligence: Data-Driven Blogger Outreach

Many digital marketing companies out there with blogger outreach services do the same things over and over again. They just reach out to the same list of prospects they have compiled over the years.

This is not necessarily wrong as you do get to build relationships with outreach along the way and gain contacts. But blogger outreach specialists should always enhance their data to be up-to-date. This will keep them competitive.

Click Intelligence has known this for so long as a link-builder with a decade of experience.

Who is Click Intelligence?

Click Intelligence is a digital marketing agency specializing in link-building and SEO, but they do have other services, such as paid search and social media advertising. If you want a full package for your digital marketing needs, they are worth approaching.

The company is made up of a team of close-knitted professionals – from account and content managers to SEO specialists and copy editors. All of their professionals are on-site, providing you with accessible talents for your various needs. You are sure they won’t be outsourcing your blogger outreach content either.

What is their edge?

Click Intelligence’s edge is their data-driven approach. And you can see this in their blogger outreach services.

Many companies that offer such services use the same list of prospects for all their clients. This can be a problem because different clients have different needs, even those in the same industries and niches. When these companies don’t update their list, they are also missing out on new valuable prospects.

Click Intelligence does have lists of their own that they have built over the years of blogger outreach. But these lists are updated regularly. This is all thanks to their manual approach. This approach doesn’t just update their lists by not relying on automated lead finders. They also add a personal touch to their outreach campaigns.

How does their blogger outreach process work?

They pride themselves on doing manual outreach, building contextual links, and writing high-quality and linkable content. Here is an overview of their blogger outreach process:

  • Campaign planning: In this stage, they will discuss everything about the campaign, including SEO metrics that they will work on, the word count of the content to be published, and the volume you need for a successful link-building campaign.
  • Manual outreach: Click Intelligence will then start with the actual outreach. They will reach out to the prospects on their lists. Well-written blogger outreach emails are crucial here. And at the same time, the company will also look for new prospects, so as not to miss potential opportunities.
  • Content production: Once Click Intelligence and the prospects come to an agreement, the digital marketing company’s in-house writers and editors will develop high-quality content. This ensures that you are not just begging or paying for a link. You are actually providing value to the prospects’ audience.
  • Deployment and reporting: When the articles are finally published and your links have finally been built, a dedicated account manager will reach out to you with a detailed report of the campaign.

An underrated aspect of this process is your deep involvement. You can discuss the campaign with Click Intelligence. You can approve and disapprove websites for the blogger outreach campaign. And you can require amendments to content pieces.

You can’t go wrong with Click Intelligence

Click Intelligence is a huge digital marketing company. And they specialize in the very thing you need – blogger outreach. Unlike other blogger outreach service providers, Click Intelligence actually uses and updates their data. They don’t just gather high DA and DR websites and email addresses and call it a day. They collect data consistently and make updates to keep them competitive.

Don’t get burned when outsourcing outreach and link-building. But thankfully, you can’t go wrong with a blogger outreach service provider that has a data-driven approach like Click Intelligence.


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