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6 Local SEO Strategies That Speak to Local Business Owners (And How to Pitch Them)

Businesses that rely on local customers and foot traffic are the ones who benefit the most from local SEO. Such businesses include local retail stores, restaurants, and home and professional services like HVAC and law firms. But many business owners in these industries find the online world overwhelming. As the SEO agency, it’s your duty

Citation Cleanup Services: Everything You Need to Know

Citations are listings or mentions of your company’s name, address, and phone number anywhere online. Most citations come in the form of listings in directories like Google Business Profile and TripAdvisor, but mentions of your company in blogs and social media posts are still considered citations. Citations can be inconsistent or flat-out wrong, confusing potential

The Top 10 Local SEO Reporting Solutions for Agencies and In-House Teams

Local SEO is not just about optimizing online visibility in a specific geographical area. It’s also about gathering data, formulating insights, and delivering reports to your business shareholders or clients. Whether you are an SEO professional working for a digital marketing agency or an in-house SEO expert for a business, local SEO reporting is crucial

Local Citation Services: The Ultimate Guide

There are many SEO ranking factors out there, and they go beyond domain authority and optimized content. It’s not always about you. Sometimes, it’s also about how others talk about you. This is where citations come in – a ranking factor that is especially important at the local level. Thankfully, there are a lot of

Creating an SEO Plan for Local Clients

Regular SEO will help businesses rank nationally or even internationally. But most businesses don’t need such rankings, not to mention that the national and international playing fields are super competitive. Local SEO is often more important, especially for more localized businesses like coffee shops, real estate firms, and mom-and-pop stores. Here are the general steps