How to Ensure Your SEO Reseller Plan Works

How to Ensure Your SEO Reseller Plan Works

Getting a website to the top for certain keywords with a specialized service could make you tens of thousands of dollars. However, creating your own product, managing it and making sure the keywords rank could take up a lot of your precious time.

Thankfully for SEO reseller packages, the only work you would have to do is set your own price and outsource the work to your reseller. If this is something that you have thought about doing, you probably have quickly realized that there are hundreds of resellers out there that “claim” they have the best services on the web. Sure, while some may be telling the truth, a lot of them may make your potential clients extremely upset.

To help you find the best of the best, here are some questions you’re going to want to ask any potential reseller to find the best one:

  1. Test

    If you’re going to resell something, it’s important that this product is going to work because if you think about it for a second, would you want to sell something that doesn’t work?

    Before you even consider working out a deal with a reseller, test out the services on your own websites to see how everything works. Is the quality good? Did you see any improvements in your rank? If you’re noticing positive results, then this is probably a product that you can stand behind.

  2. Results

    The next thing that you’re going to want to look at are the results. What kind of results does this reseller claim? Do they guarantee a top 10 ranking? Do they guarantee top-tier links? What kind of clients have they worked with in the past? A good reseller isn’t going to be afraid to show you a case study or even refer you to a past client.

  3. Types of Links

    The most important part of a reseller package is the type of links they are going to build for you. Are these links coming from guest posts? Infographics? Blog comments?

    The key here is to make sure that these are links that search engines are going to love for years to come. Remember, in today’s search engine era, you’re going to want to focus solely on the link quality, not the quantity.

    You’re going to want to only deal with resellers that build links that won’t risk a penalty. These links include guest posts, citations, outreaching to resource pages and so forth. Try to avoid the services that try to get your link in as many places as possible.

  4. Slow and Steady

    In the SEO world, it isn’t a race when it comes to building backlinks. If the search engines notice that you building links too fast, this is going to seem unnatural, potentially raising red flags.

    A natural backlink profile is going to acquire backlinks slowly over time, but not only that, these links are going to consistently come through.

    As stated above, a good reseller isn’t going to worry about blasting your links in as many places as possible, but instead, a good service will take their time to build the best links possible.

  5. Evidence

    A good service is going to give you a full report once the services have been completed. This report is going to include where the links showed up, the anchor text used and the power of the domain where the link showed up.

  6. Specialization

    Some resellers are going to focus on selling services to those who want to rank globally, while others may focus more on a local level. If you’re going to cater a certain audience, make sure that this service is going to be able to cater to them.

    For example, if you were to focus on local SEO clients, it would be silly to use a service that reaches out to websites that don’t relate to the local niche. As you probably know by now, local and the usual organic SEO are a lot different from each other when it comes to ranking.

Hiring a reseller is a great way to focus solely on your marketing efforts only. Once you find a reseller that works, it can take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

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