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Google’s Local 3-Pack: How to Highlight Your Local Business Online

What is Google’s local 3-pack? Simply put, local 3-pack is what Google’s search engine algorithm displays as the top 3 results for searches performed by local users when looking for places, brands, companies, establishments, businesses, and stores among other related stuff near them. And as these are mainly for local searches, Google provides storefront addresses

SEO and AI Content Creation

I think that on the one hand, a search engine is like an oracle. It is neutral and knows everything; it has no preferences or feelings. And on the other hand, a search engine is like a person. It has preferences and feelings, it can be biased or not. It can also be like a

Content Optimization for SEO: Where to Start First

You may have noticed something through your own Google searches: The order in which you place your keywords when searching matters. To get more accurate results, I find myself reorganizing my queries. I’ll place what keywords I want to emphasize near the beginning of my search phrase. And then I get more accurate results because

Compounding Keywords with Google Search Console

The more you rank, the more queries you will discover. The more queries you find, the more you can target. The more keywords you target, the more you’ll rank for. I call this flywheel “Compounding Keywords” It’s a process made possible by Google Search Console. Thanks to it generously returning impression data, you can crack

The 80/20 Rule in SEO

The 80/20 rule applies to SEO. A few core factors will get you the most results. I’ve found this to be especially true in less competitive spaces (such as local SEO). Sometimes I find myself geeking out over insignificant factors. I have to stop and ask myself, “Is this worth my time?” Recently, a member

Don’t Let Google Rewrite Your Page Titles

It’s probably not great to have Google rewrite your titles for you, is it? Looks like the sweet spot for titles is 20-60 characters. Statistically, Google doesn’t seem to rewrite titles very often in this character range. Just ran a scan on a local site of mine with Screaming Frog. Only 46% of page titles

Diversifying Your Traffic Sources Beyond SEO

Initially building your brand off the shoulders of Google isn’t a wrong move. I’ve done it countless times. But at some point, it’s wise to expand beyond SEO. Building up other traffic sources makes the asset you’re creating more valuable because it’s more resilient. (Ironically enough, it helps your SEO too.) At some point, that