The Best Niche Edits Links and Services You Can Buy Online

The Best Niche Edits Links and Services You Can Buy Online


With how much SEO has evolved in the past decade, there is no longer a single set of methodologies or processes that website owners can do in order to gain organic traffic coming from search engines.

In relation to this and in the field of Off-Page SEO, you as a webmaster now have several options available for you in terms of building links that will then boost the ranking quality of your website.

You know about link building techniques like doing outreach campaigns and guest posting, among others. If you’ve been in the online business for quite some time and have delved deep into the process of SEO, you have probably heard of Niche Edits as well.

Consequently, there has been an increasing argument on the viability of guest posts vs niche edits when it comes to improving your website’s ranking not only on Google but also on other search engines.

Today, we will be providing you with insights on the following Niche Edit Links and Services providers:

But before that, and for those who are learning about Niche Edits for the first time, we prepared a short guide that would enlighten this feature for you.

So what exactly are niche edits?

If you just recently launched a business online, a local business owner trying to break ground in the online space, or an individual budding digital marketer getting a feel for SEO and all its processes, then this is probably the first time you’ve heard of Niche Edits.

Well, worry not. We wouldn’t want our readers to look for other sources just because they have no idea what they’re talking about. So let’s give you a brief explanation of this off-page SEO methodology.

Also known as Curated Links, Niche Edits are what you would normally see as a contextual anchor link that is inserted into an old guest post, blog post, or even a page that already exists of high quality. 

The main key here is that the post has aged quite well, which then means that not only has it already been indexed by Google, they have also ranked it in their search engine results pages. 

And since these pages have already been ranked by Google, the links you will then build within them will have one of the strongest ranking factors that you can and will ever gain via manual link outreach. Not to mention the fact that this method is as white hat, safe, and legal.

There is of course a reasonable explanation for this. Niche Links or Edits provides the websites they link to a much better and higher grade of link juice because Google is known to love high-quality articles that have aged nicely with nice traffic as well as a naturally built authority.

In comparison, Guest Posts which are considered to be the closest to real links that you can get, since you gain a link from a new post or page. However, it is also true that these posts, being new, have zero authority or internal influence. 

Whereas niche edits have link juice already within it which it would then send back to your site.

What is considered a normal edit?

There are some forms of niche edits that can actually be considered natural. There are actually several reasons we can cite as to why someone would make edits to an old page in order to add a link.

For example, citing a source that was published recently in order to strengthen a point in a topic like a link to a company name, news article, or recent study.  

In fact, there are a huge number of SEO companies that tend to look for brand mentions that do not have links in them in order for them to request a placement.  These steps are really very effective methods in terms of building links and can be considered natural in nature.

Broken link building is another valid and natural cause for making niche edits. Since, in the process of broken link building, what you do is look for competitor pages that lead to a dead page or routes to a URL that no longer exists.  

You’ll now have the reasoning to then find all these websites that are being linked to that page in order to make a request for them to update their page since it has a broken link on it.  

It is a given of course, that you can only suggest one of your pages that is highly relevant to the topic at hand.

Since these methods and reasons are coming from natural causes, they actually make perfect sense. Google would surely have zero problems with you doing it, or even hiring someone else, an individual, a company, or even an agency, to do it for you.

How are niche edits different compared to other off-page SEO methods?

Well first and foremost, and like all other links that we build for the purpose of SEO rankings and link juice, it is highly dependent on the type and quality of contextual strength.

The fact is, most websites and blog owners nowadays would rather accept a link -or a link edit for that matter, rather than a whole article.

The reasoning for this is not really that complicated. In fact, it is quite understandable. 

For one, these webmasters and blog network owners do not have the time or are at least not willing to exert the effort of reviewing all the article submissions that come their way.

At the same time, no sane website owner would readily accept contents that are being sent to them blindly and without doing the proper review. That may and will prove to be a very disastrous miss on their end.

Hence, it is quite easier and frankly, safer for them to accept links that are being built on natural grounds.

Are all niche edits completely white hat?

At this point in time, and with the advancement of SEO techniques, the solid answer is No. And this largely depends on the nature of the backlink being built. 

We all need to accept the fact that if any SEO method exists on the White Hat side, a Black Hat SEO personnel would equally and unequivocally use it for mischievous ways.

So how can you identify whether the digital marketing agency or company you are currently engaging with is using white hat methods or not?

Well, there are three easily identifiable and qualifying distinctions:

  • If the links that were built for you came from requests made by the agency you hired to people who own websites and blogs through natural means like broken link building or sharing a similar resource, then that’s pretty much white hat.
  • If the agency you’re engaging with pays a fee for adding links routing to your website’s pages, then it is safe to say that they are using a ‘grey hat’ strategy. It’s not ideal, it’s not natural, but since it has the consent of the website owner, then it’s pretty much legal too. 
  • However, if they are using dodgy and suspicious link networks like SAPE in order to inject niche edits into websites that have been hacked or stolen from their owners, then that’s Black Hat SEO right there and we highly suggest that you end your engagement with them before your website suffers the full brunt of the consequences that Google will penalize you with.

Do understand that Google in itself and in accordance with the policies they have aligned for all webmasters who aim to rank in their Search Engine Results Pages, actually frown upon any form of link building strategy.

Google’s ideal reference links come from content creators and website owners naturally thinking about your brand, linking to contents you made, and referencing your pages of their own volition because they deemed it to be highly relevant to theirs and would greatly strengthen the point that they are trying to make.

Nevertheless, even popular SEOs like Neil Patel and Brian Dean for example still do and recommend link building for websites. They even have good guides detailing their preferred link building strategies as well as methods on basically asking people to permit Niche Edits.

So in essence, it’s not actually so much as the link that determines whether something is safe (white hat), risky (gray hat), or even high risk (black hat). More like, the nature of how you gained the links is the main basis.

Here are several guiding questions that you would need to ask when engaging with digital marketing agencies for Niche Edit services:

  • Was the edited link placement done on a page with high authority ratings? 
  • Does the page belong on a website that has high authority ratings as well?
  • Was the article where your link was placed relevant to your industry, business, brand, or website?
  • Do other links exist on that specific page where your link was placed on?

All of these are factors that contribute to how effective the backlinks built by these agencies for you will be.

Of course, since the general belief is that contextual links are considered to be the most powerful forms of all backlinks, there is a premium for this type of service. 

Taking into consideration that Niche Edits are done by adding a link to an already existing page on a well-aged and well-ranked website rather than going through the process of creating a new post or article via guest posting. 

Nevertheless, you can be assured that you will definitely be gaining more link juice flowing to your site through Niche Edits.

You’ll actually gain even more if that article or page already had some internal as well as external links that exist within it.

You can look at and consider Niche Edits as an easier form of building backlinks compared to guest posting, but more or less better in performance and in terms of influence.

With Niche Edits you don’t have to write a post, draft an article, or create any types of contents.

And as mentioned earlier, most website owners are more likely to accept a link placement request than accept a whole draft of an article or a content post proposal.

Where did the term ‘niche edit’ come from?

Okay, before we go to our recommended digital marketing agencies and companies that can provide Niche Edit services for you, it would be better that you fully understand first what you’re getting into.

First, let’s simplify the definition of Niche Edits in comparison to the common off-page SEO method of Guest Posting: A niche edit is simply adding a new link to any piece of content that is already published, indexed, and ranked by Google.

Guest Posting, on the other hand, requires the source to draft and create new content that would then be added to the blog site or website you are trying to gain links from.

Using examples, if you are in the business of writing scripts for films or if you are an author who just submitted your script/book to your agent, and that same agent told you to make edits or update anything on it no matter how small of a part that may be, then you’re making niche edits to your creation. 

Another example would be if you find yourself editing or revising the current contents that are live on your website after you have written and published these articles days, weeks, months, or years ago, for any reason, then that’s considered a niche edit.

Actual Niche Edits – contrary to how they have been popularized, aren’t really injected or hacked link placements. In very simplistic terms, they really are nothing but the editing and revision of new content in order to replace or oftentimes ‘update’ old content no matter the intent.

It is highly unfortunate though that when a term is coined, the creator really has no control over who implicates it as well as what the consequences afterward would actually be. 

You read that right. Niche Edits are not inherently blackhat as most sources on the internet would imply. All they are is actually something that website owners do as a normal part of managing their pages.

Niche Edits entail the manipulation of content in more ways than one, and for more than a single purpose or intention. What’s ironic is that many of the truly Blackhat SEO services that are available nowadays sell some types of backlinks while calling them niche edits. 

Which in reality, they aren’t all niche edits.

Coining the term “niche edits”

No one can actually trace who or which online entity invented the idea as well as the concept of making niche edits. 

To be fair, whoever was the first person who made edits, revisions, or updates to their website’s contents after it has been written and published, and updated them with new information, reference links, images, and made other changes would be the right person who invented the concept and can be considered the father (or mother) of Niche Edits. 

In fact, even then it would not be right and quite frankly appropriate to really call it a concept. The process of just editing a piece of already published content was something that writers have invented and have been doing even before the birth of the Internet.

However, it is a fact that the “Niche Edits” came from a well known online Entity. Niche edits was a term that was coined by a Digital Marketing Agency named SERPNinja for the purpose of differentiating themselves from the common jargons being thrown around by the larger SEO companies that share the same pond with them.

This was way back when the standard offers for backlink building were 300,000 tiered pyramids  and online businesses were still willingly paying to have posts published on Private Blog networks.

Of course, it was also at this time when people were yet to realize the implications as well as the link farms they were starting to build to last and thrive for a long time. 

Back then, customers did not understand what made these kinds of SEO techniques different from, say, a footer link, or an innocent blogroll link, for that matter. Back then, we all knew and agreed that the easiest method to achieve ranking was through the process of branding.

All SERPNinja did was take what they learned at the time from an individual who had coined the term ‘link wheel’. A term that simply meant backlinking a number of websites together in what would virtually appear to be a circular pattern. 

Not that it can be compared to Edison’s Lightbulb in terms of innovation, and hardly the realization of the decade in terms of how to make SEO tick, but this simple yet effective concept worked wonders back then. 

And equally well the coined term did too as it had created an influx in not just on the original innovator’s sales and profits, but also all of the sales of businesses and everyone else who began using the same term in order to sell their backlink services.

SERPNinja saw these effects and what ‘linkwheels’ did for this individual, and like any business in any era, they tried to come up with one of their own. Consequently, and of course, as expected, after a bit of brainstorming, the term ‘Niche Edits’ was born.

And it seemed like the easiest and not to mention the most natural term at the time, especially since it wasn’t awkward to say out loud, while still encompassing what the product they were selling was: A simple edit on a niche (or industry, for that matter) relevant piece of the already published content.

Where did the first niche edits come from? How did SERPNinja actually develop the process?

SERPNinja understood that there are no new ideas, as Mark Twain so aptly stated. This means no one can actually make anything new under the sun. 

And it doesn’t matter how many sales threads came out every week which promises some new kind of SEO method or technique. Whether it be through tiering, or newly drafted structures, or even pyramids or wheels in representation. 

Essentially, all of them are pretty much the same stuff.

Of course, as human beings are expected to react when one knows that it is no longer possible for anyone to innovate on a new link type or SEO method what we do then is to analyze what’s already currently working and then expand from that point.

Back then SERPNinja was very active in trying to rank their pages in SEO, and they were trying to place their websites in the rank 100s. These are purely Amazon affiliate websites, Clickbank websites, as well as Forex and Diet private affiliate program websites. 

And this was all happening in 2017. Back when the value of content mattered a little bit less in ranking factors and what was really essential in trying to be included in any search engine’s first page was the website’s SEO profile. 

Also, and this was highly common at that time, if you were in the field of blackhat SEO, cranking up websites in order to rank them utilizing several high volume spam packages was a trivial matter. 

And this can be done for a few weeks at a time. All the while banking for the time that your website’s pages are ranking all the way at the top.

Since SERPNinja was mostly in the business of doing Whitehat SEO – and whitehat in terms of not completely relying on magic or miracles, both of which are actually nonexistent in the field of SEO, they understood that the huge amount of work that is needed to put into their affiliate websites would not even be worth the equivalent of their pages being ranking for a few weeks, only to be sandboxed immediately afterward.

It is at this point in time when SERPNinja discovered about SAPE networks and the potential it brings. 

Especially since at that time, something like SAPE actually seemed like an instant magical solution, a miracle. To them, it also seemed to fit whatever their needs at the time were.

However, they soon discovered while working with it that a few issues have begun to pop up for their clients:

  • They found that the User Interface being used by the network was not very user friendly
  • They also discovered that the links being generated by SAPE for them were more often than not, risky for SEO as they can mostly be found in the middle of the page, in the footer, or somewhere that is not easily accessible whether by the crawling and indexing bot or the users themselves.
  • Due to the volumetric nature of the results being produced by SAPE, much of the websites that were being targeted were mostly unaware that they had basic code injected into their contact form or in some other way and entry point.

Of course, and as with any digital marketing agency they initially tried to make contact and cut out some sort of a deal with the webmasters and network administrators.

However, SERPNinja also found out that these online entities did not seem to care about accommodating anyone with any further and additional features outside of what was already built in the system.

It is at this point that the realization was made that if they could not reach any sort of useful agreement and solution with the SAPE network, then it would be up to them to find other, albeit smaller networks that would be more accommodating and customer-friendly, not to mention receptive to looking into customer feedback in order to shape and improve their platform. 

Similar to how users would be using Bing or Yahoo if they suddenly find that they can’t use Google for their search engine needs. 

SERPNinja also began to look for safe SAPE network alternatives that actually had the same concepts albeit with a different system. And they searched for this on blackhat forums as well as DuckDuckGo. A search engine that doesn’t censor results as the big search engines do.

It is to be expected that after extensive research, massive amounts of testing with networks that claimed to have large inventories in addition to all sorts of other beneficial features, SERPNinja found the other networks that they were searching for. 

Despite these networks being smaller, they do have additional benefits in terms of being much more friendly. Especially in terms of hearing out the functionalities that they, as an agency needed. 

These networks also came complete with APIs. A feature that was pretty much one of the main things that SERPNinja has been looking for since with a bit more customization and custom coding, they could actually have the capability to extract contents coming directly from the websites in the network. 

This then allowed them to categorize the relevance of each niche they are serving which had ultimately led to them having insights on whether an article was niche relevant enough to have a backlink placed on or not. 

Also, through their software that has been coded towards these networks, they have gained the capability to submit very specific orders, and not just directly to the website that lives in the network, but right down to the paragraphs or sections that they would like to be edited or updated.

It’s a bit long, especially due to the rocky history that SERPNinja went through in terms of gaining the right to coin the term “Niche Edits”, but this is how they have invented the systems and process for the initial edits and updates.

In essence, and when it all boils down to it, the term “Niche Edit” was actually invented after the product was made, and mostly with the intent of differentiating the backlinks themselves from the massive spam as well as to combat whatever negative implications the formerly traditional SAPE network which everyone used to rank everything in search engine results pages.

The Two Most Popular Niche Edit Vendors

Okay, now that’s out of the way -and I know that was a pretty big section to put ‘out of the way’, but as I mentioned earlier, it had to be done, we can now enumerate our recommendations for the best Niche Edit agencies.

And of course, what better to start off our list than with SERPNinja.


Admit it, you saw this coming. I mean, come on. These are the guys who started it all, at least coined the term if we go by practical history. So without further ado, let’s look at their Niche Edit services.

Their promise

SERPNinja assures their clients that their Niche Edits will begin showing observable and tangible results within 1 to 4 days from the time they begin the process.

So If you manage an online business or you’re a website owner who’s sick and tired of trying out different providers all the while splitting what budget you have for marketing categorizing newly engaged providers vs those who have shown some results, then it is quite understandable that you are simply in need a marketing company that will deliver for you every time.

It’s understandable that you have been longing for one that can take care of all your off-page SEO and link building needs.

This is where SERPNinja comes in. They will take care of placing your links on pages that are already ranking in order to allow you the availability to focus on testing new niches and build out content.

You will never need to go through the process of ‘trying out’ marketing companies for small SEO extras that include web 2.0 services since you can count on the built backlinks for the main portion of your SEO ranking strategy to be prepared, fully tested, and awaiting your implementation.

How they do it

SERPNinja employs a structured, simple, and yet effective strategy for placing Niche Edits. They confidently know how effective it is since while you manage a couple of SEO aspects for your business, their team actually goes ahead and tracks each and every customer’s results for analysis in order to formulate solid action plans. 

Their team boasts a huge amount of inventory of websites they can tap on due to their very own network that they have been nurturing through the years of their company’s operations.

You can rest assured though that the websites that are included in their inventory were ethically obtained utilizing their tried and tested experience in doing outreach campaigns and doing guest posting.

This actually allowed them to create what can only be termed as natural-looking, stat-filled, niche relevant link packages that are tailor-fit for your orders at any point and stage of your business.

Now one thing to note is that while the team at SERPNinja prefers to call it ‘to inventory’ mainly due to how big the volume they have been dealing with, each and every website they engage with and are affiliated with are assuredly better than at least 95% of the made for sale setups sold by Private Blog Networks.

You can also be assured that every website in our network has existed for months, or years, or sometimes decades resulting in a massive amount of posts that have existed for an equally long time. 

All of them naturally created by hobby bloggers or even webmasters who are really interested and focused on the specific niches they are featuring.

SERPNinja sells its Niche Edit services based on the following key metrics:

  • How high or low the web pages’ Domain Ratings are
  • The average amount and quality rating of Referring Domains
  • Source Website’s Domain Authority

They follow these metrics as guidelines in order to allow their team to come up with the most relevant niche that is already indexed and juiced-up backlinks that you will ever get access to in the online space. 

Once your links have been pre-placed across the huge variety of their industry and niche relevant contents that they have found for your order, their team will then manually fill the order for you. You read that right. Work for your orders will be done manually by real people.

They will not be employing the help of programmed bots, neither enlist the assistance of GSAs nor gain any economic pricing since all the work will be done through a manual process.

Based on the reviews and testimonials left by their customers, you can assuredly believe in this claim as they have vouched as well in terms of how much of a difference the results have created whenever SERPNinja hand placed these links on well-aged and juicy content posts.

This in comparison to the common and as they claim, much less effective method of producing front-page guest posts. Which by the way, Google’s algorithm can easily recognize, and in an instant if going by other website’s metrics.

Frequently asked questions

Due to how controversial the Niche Edit services of SERPNinja is, it is worth looking at how they address the most commonly asked questions that their prospective clients throw at them. Let’s take a look: 

Question: Aren’t these technically just guest posts?

SERPNinja Says: “No – the websites weren’t originally created a few months ago to be another thin blog network – there’s plenty of those available if those are the links you’re looking for. We edit indexed content in our network of properties – allowing faster reindexing, more natural and powerful link juice – and an actual relevant backlink to your website. Trust us, it’s better than fresh guest posts. We sell to the big shadowy 6-7 figures a year SEO profiteers of today. We’re confident these are the kind of backlinks that will bring the greatest long-term benefits to your website.”

Question: How long does it usually take for me to receive my order?

SERPNinja Says: “Since we scrape through our large property inventory for your relevant order anchors (to place your backlinks on the most relevant pages – [for example, survival knives anchor would go natural in camping or wilderness related articles/properties]) and then manually place each edit for your website – we guarantee a 6-10 day turnaround time. We’ll try to get these completed much quicker – but that’s our safety if we get bogged down with orders.”

Question: Can I create and submit my own contents and articles?

SERPNinja Says: “Nope – because of the explanation above. Plenty of inferior services you can purchase that will allow this.”

Question: Do you offer larger, more customized order packages for high volume customers?

SERPNinja Says: “Of course – it’s honestly 90% of our biz and why we’ve never really opened our network to the public. Even now – the network will probably be open temporarily until we meet a few more large volume customers and close up. So get in on the best backlinks you’ll ever try while the chance is available.”


Our next item on the list is a relatively young marketing agency founded in 2017 by two entrepreneurs who saw the gaps in the process that the current online space has.

Coming from a year when untrustworthy products and information were commonplace, SirLinksaLot was launched with the purpose of helping SEOs and business owners online to rank higher in search engine results pages.

Their promise

SirLinksaLot assures their potential clients that they will only be providing contextual, and niche relevant links that are highly influential and powerful.

Due to how Google does not prefer backlinks coming into your site from web pages that are not relevant – especially since it confuses the algorithm and as a result, weakens your website’s contextual strength. 

SirLinksaLot will give you complete control over the niche of the website you would prefer to be linked from, as well as the links that are being placed within real and aged articles that are also highly relevant to your website’s topic.

It is through this method that backlink building should be done at all times: Producing great relevance that is within the context of the topic of the page being linked to.

How they do it

First and foremost, and as with any marketing company, SirLinksaLot provides hassle-free ranking results efficiently and effectively.

Since they have been trusted by so many well-aged and high-quality sites that are already indexed in their database, you will assuredly see results that are observable within days of placement and after simply providing your pages’ URL, anchor text, as well as your niche.

You will definitely see your website rise up in Google SERP rankings in no time at all with their powerful and safe niche edits.

All of these perks and benefits for your business you can gain after only a few clicks. No more hours wasted for uncertain guest post outreach that may or may not receive a response.

No need for building on Private Blog Networks as well as guessing whether you are leaving any digital footprints. And no stress that your money site might get deindexed eventually by Google’s algorithm.

What you will get would be linked from real websites that are highly relevant and effective.

In addition, you can be assured that you will only be gaining links coming from the best websites with real, organic traffic.

SirLinksaLot has established a massive outreach network database composed of real websites of which they have already established trust after being published, crawled, indexed, and ranked by Google and are getting regular organic traffic.

Your niche edit links will be placed within the preexisting articles published on these web pages.

The price range for these links is determined by the amount of quality referring domains that the website has gone to the domain, and all of the websites where niche edit links will be placed would have passed their thorough inspection.

This serves as confirmation that they will always have solid backlink profiles for the niche they exist in.

SirLinksaLot provides fair pricing based on the referring domains being used for your niche edits.

Their teams use the actual Referring Domains in order to price their Niche Edits because they have concluded that it would be the best judge of the value of a website. However, this is applicable only after you have determined it’s backlink profile to be of high quality.

There are many other factors that are needed to consider to determine the quality of a site’s backlink profile. SirLinksaLot meticulously combs through the websites to select the best ones in order to be a part of their Niche Edits network.

Frequently asked questions

SirLinksaLot’s sales pitch on their website does not really go into much detail when it comes to how they will build the specific links for you. They did prepare a long list of questions that they tend to answer frequently for their clients.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

Question: Do your niche edit links come from PBNs or real websites?

SirLinksaLot Says: “No, they are not. Niche Edit links, also sometimes known as curated backlinks, are link placements within your niche in existing articles on real websites.”

Question: Do you have access to every niche across all industries and interest networks?

SirLinksaLot Says: “Yes, but there are a few niches we stay away from with our niche edit links – gambling, adult, pharmaceutical, payday loans, etc. Sorry but that’s just the way it is!”

Question: Is it your recommendation that I purchase niche edits for my site?

SirLinksaLot Says: “Like a guest post, everyone can buy niche edits and they can be beneficial for any website. However, if we determine your site to be spammy or scammy, we will cancel your order and refund your money.”

Question: Is it possible for me to choose different Niches for links in a package?

SirLinksaLot Says: “Sorry, but no. In order to decrease our turn around time and get your links to you quicker, links from each package must be in the same niche.”

Question: Is it possible for me to specify a TLD?

SirLinksaLot Says: “Not at this time. The majority of the websites niche edit links are placed on are .com sites.”

Question: Can I get a refund? What is the policy when it comes to refunds?

SirLinksaLot Says: “All sales are final once work has started.”

Question: How long does it usually take before my website ranks highly?

SirLinksaLot Says: “We can’t answer this question for you. It depends on your on-page, other links, competition, niche, and more. Niche Edits are powerful links that will push your website towards its goals, but there are many factors to consider.

If you need help with building backlinks, you might consider our Managed Link Building program.”

Question: Are these links priced by the referring domain of the website or of the linking page?

SirLinksaLot Says: “Links are priced by the amount of referring domains the domain has according to Ahrefs.”

Question: How long does the whole process usually take?

SirLinksaLot Says: “Link building usually takes about 14 days but can sometimes take up to a month. Results usually follow soon after as the articles are already indexed.”

Question: Can I see the list of URLs where the orders are from?

SirLinksaLot Says: “Absolutely not. This is to protect the privacy of our clients and website owners. We do, however, provide the URLs your order was placed on in the white label report that you receive on completion.”

Question: Do you drip feed the niche edits? Can you do that during the engagement?

SirLinksaLot Says: “We don’t drip-feed the links because the natural rate of indexation does that for us. After the link building, the backlinks will all get indexed at random intervals by Google, acting as its own drip-feed.”

Question: How can I get backlinks that are over a certain Domain Authority Rating?

SirLinksaLot Says: “Our niche edit links are not priced by DA (Domain Authority), DR (Domain Rating), or any other metric except for RD (Referring Domains) the overall domain. Once we have established a website to have a high quality backlink profile relevant to your niche, RD seems to be the best determiner of impact a niche edit will have.”

Honorable Mentions

Aside from the two we prominently featured above, there are also several other services that you can definitely avail of in order to purchase niche edit services.


With all their years of extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing, SEOlutions have been providing their customers with the most updated and best SEO services that will surely remain an industry standard. 

The backlinks that their team builds are the results of intensive research as well as meticulous internal testing that they do before they begin engagement.

The SEOlutions team is always monitoring developments in search engine algorithms in order to stay not just up to date but also one step ahead of their clients’ competition.

While they offer a very small array of link building packages, these are all very selective in order to suit every budget range as well as ultimately adhere to every goal that you have for your website.

When you buy backlinks from SEOlutions, you would have the assurance that you are getting the best and highest quality link building services available.

All of the links that they develop are done synergistically. 

This means that each and every one of their services -not just the niche edits consist of different types of backlinks that come with different benchmark baselines as well as purpose.

You also have the option of combining all of the packages that they offer with each other in order to create an individualized, well structured, and powerful campaign that is made up of different backlinks that would surely catapult your website to greater heights.

How it works

SEOlutions’ Niche Edit services feature four prominent benefits for your website. Namely:

Fully legitimate backlink services

SirLinksaLot has a very unique approach for its niche edit services. For each and every order made, we will initiate a fresh outreach campaign especially for you. 

They will then gather a massive list of prospects and websites that have published articles that are highly relevant to your niche. Their team will then reach out to these website owners in order to negotiate the placement of a backlink that routes to your site within that content or article. 

This process is a very organic process as well as a verifiable outreach campaign that they will be conducting on your behalf for niche relevant links that they would need to build.

Guaranteed powerhouse metrics and performance

SEOlutions utilizes several third party metrics in order to evaluate the ranking quality of a website. 

All of the niche edits that they will be doing will then be placed in articles that have been created and published on websites that have at least 1000 organic visitors on a monthly basis as well as a minimum of Domain Rating of 30. Of course, having a clean and legitimate link profile is a definite requirement.

With that said, the metrics that they will be using would certainly be much higher most of the time. Know that what they actually quote for you is what is usually their minimum baseline. 

That means even if you gain a link on a website that has more than 50 domain ratings with more than 100,000 monthly organic traffic, the pricing would always remain the same.

SEOlutions will always aim to get you the best niche relevant premium placements on websites that are considered as metrical performers which would surely exceed all of your expectations.

High-quality contextual links

You can count on the backlinks that you order from SEOlutions to be placed in a contextual manner into well-aged and already published articles that are highly relevant to whatever your niche and industry is.

In addition, these published contents have surely and already gained much authority and trust signals over time on their respective websites as they have been ranking in search engine results pages for quite some time. 

Their team will make sure that the contents on their website are of high quality and that your links will also be embedded naturally and seamlessly 0nto the flow of the content.

This of course is due to the fact that Google’s algorithm prefers to rank pages that have relevant links that come from well-aged published contents that have been indexed previously and that have built natural authority over time.

Guaranteed white label services

SEOlutions only produces clean and easy to comprehend reports that will contain insights on all of the niche edits they have built for you. 

They also make it a point to not brand any of their reports. This is very useful if you are a digital marketing agency or SEO reseller yourself since it means you can simply use them for your clients. 

You will also be receiving an extensively detailed SurferSEO audit report that analyzes and tackles your website and the focus keyword that can give you the most valuable insights into your site and help you out when you begin doing content optimization.


Since there is so much technology and innovation out there that you have to deal with, especially in the ever-evolving process of Search Engine Optimization, many new terms and linking strategies have emerged.

It is no surprise then that not all online businesses and quite frankly, SEOs are familiar with Niche Edits. You would actually be remiss to find agencies and companies that are providing this specific service on their SEO portfolio.

While niche edits have been around for quite some time they have only been referred to and gained popularity for about a year or so. Since niche edits are basically contextual anchor links that are anchored to high-quality well-aged pages, contents, or posts, it is safe to say that not all service providers can actually pull it off.

In addition, niche edits are already listed and acknowledged by Google. That eliminates a huge chunk of the process that takes so much time whenever you do guest posting or create new content. 

What was previously referred to by SEOs as “contextual links,” niche edits are elements that actually belong to a group of links or off-page website building techniques and strategies.

Indexsy only promotes manual niche editing. And this can surely be done, through the process of reaching out and directly asking webmasters or blog owners or through the process of trading off to get links anchored to a significant post.

Indexsy aims to provide and be able to serve each and every aspect of SEO as well as offer services to all types of long-term SEO models.

Providing Higher ranks, improving conversions and subsequently revenue, as well as gaining more traffic with the highest quality links which will surely deliver and satisfy their clients.

They offer many types of other SEO models ranging from niche edits up to PBN rentals as well as SEO setups, gaining social signals, processing GMB verifications, and of course, local citations. Guest posting, specialized verticals on businesses that are considered high risks like CBD, marijuana, casino, and gambling. 

Indexsy can provide you with top-notch high-quality services that your business needs.

How it works

With Indexsy’s niche edits, you can expect to gain results that will show within the next day up to 4 days. 

Index’ database has over a thousand -and continuously growing, online properties that belong to their network, and they have been in the business of doing SEO for more than half a decade.

They assure all of their prospective clients that the niche edits they will be doing are guaranteed white hat and are outreach based. 

Each of the links that they provide would have different personas with individual A-B class Intellectual Properties, and that every website that they have in their database network has no sign of digital footprints that search engine algorithms can identify. 

They have also provided high-quality indexed and trusted content to webmasters on their network, as well as web owners, and real hobby bloggers who create and publish content.

Since Indexsy has been in the business of digital marketing for decades, it has continued to provide the best networks and offer services and commissions that will surely satisfy the needs of every client that comes their way.

Mr. Niche Edits

Mr. Niche Edits is one of the well known India-based online marketing agencies that is currently located in Jaipur, India.

They are known to be successful digital brand promoters who, having worked with clients across different sectors of the economy including, but not limited to, e-commerce, legal services, real estate, and home improvement among others.

They use highly effective SEO techniques that will surely guarantee an increase in the visibility of your website. All of which would in turn boost the potential for earning greater profits coming from your business.

On top of all these, their SEO services are also affordable and can be customized in order to suit your particular needs as a client.

How it works

Engagement with Mr. Niche Edits follows a simple four-step process:

  • All you have to do is provide your website pages’ URL, Anchor Text, as well as your preferred niche
  • Their team will then be filtering the websites on their database based on your niche and the package you will be selecting
  • They will then be placing the links in the aged contents they have chosen based on your Niche and Focus Keywords
  • Once that is done, your link will then be live and you can watch your ranking grow


Niche Edits is a very hot topic right now in the SEO world. The debate is up as to whether these actions are too risky to pull off whether by an individual website owner or an agency level entity.

Or in contrast, if the payoffs are high enough to have all the risks worth it.

While we did enumerate five different Niche Edit service providers and digital marketing companies who can do this for you, what stands out among all of them is the fact that they do share one common ground.

They all claim that their Niche Edits are “white hat” in nature (white label, as some of them call it) and that all the links they built are done through organic outreach to the websites and blogs where they would be placed.

And it’s not as if Niche Edits are singled out by Google’s algorithm when it comes to flagging what it terms as “link schemes”. There are other more prominent and infamous black hat link building techniques out there.

Google’s stand has been unchanged since time immemorial: The only acceptable way for a website to gain links is the natural way.

By “natural way”, that means gaining links through the creation of contents that are so compelling and reference worthy that page visitors and readers who behold it would willingly want to use it as a reference for statements they would then be making on their own websites and blogs.

Google frowns upon any and all sorts of link building methods and techniques. Yes, even those done through the means of natural outreach or requests to the owners of the websites and blogs.

Much more if the links were built in exchange for monetary compensation.

However, the guideline on this is a bit lenient since, in truth, organic outreach requires organic efforts, and in the process, they gain organic approval from the website owners.

Circling back to Niche Edits, the infamy of this coined term by SERPNinja mainly came from how its profitability was abused by hackers who maliciously added backlinks by infiltrating high traffic websites.

While this was certainly an isolated case and that there are still a lot of agencies that provide niche edit services through natural organic outreach, it is also true that the term has already gained traction in being known as a black hat technique.

Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that there is no one way of producing backlinks through niche edits.

And add an opinion and fuel the already blazing fire of arguments: If done naturally, the process of Niche Edits does bring a huge amount of benefits in terms of performance and rankings for web pages.

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