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Explore our guide to mastering SEO techniques and outperforming competitors in search engine rankings.


Search engine optimization is no easy task. Thankfully, there are digital marketing and SEO agencies out there that can competently pull off different SEO techniques for the benefit of your company. But even these agencies need help sometimes. This is especially true when a particular type of SEO or SEO strategy is currently beyond their infrastructure and knowledge. When this is the case, they can get white label SEO services for agencies.

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What is white label SEO?

White labeling is the practice of presenting a product or service as your own even though you have outsourced it to someone else. White label SEO simply means you are outsourcing your clients’ SEO needs to a company that provides white label SEO services for agencies. This company will do all the dirty work while you get all the glory for the results.

If you are an agency, there are many advantages to outsourcing your SEO services to a white label SEO company, such as:

  • It expands your products and services.As an agency, you already have your own products and services. And you have built the proper infrastructure and knowledge to be competent in them. But you can expand on SEO products and services that you don’t have the infrastructure and knowledge for by outsourcing these products and services to a white label SEO company.
  • It gives you a bigger revenue stream.Because you have more products and services to offer to your clients, you will naturally have a bigger revenue stream. Who knows? Maybe this is exactly what you need to further expand your agency. In the future, you may even end up doing in-house the things you are initially outsourcing to a white label SEO company.
  • It makes you more competitive.SEO services are becoming more and more competitive. Agencies are always trying to one-up each other with additional products and services and better results. One way to stay competitive is to outsource some of your products and services to a white label SEO company.

White labeling can go beyond SEO. It can also involve other aspects of digital marketing, such as Google Business Profile optimization.

What are the common white label SEO services?

You can practically outsource any type of SEO or SEO technique to a white label SEO company. These companies can do on-page, off-page, technical, and local SEO. But there are others that specialize in specific types and techniques to give themselves an edge over other white label SEO providers.

Here is a quick overview of the different SEO types and techniques that you can white label:

  • On-page SEO. As its name suggests, on-page SEO is the optimization of on-site and on-page elements to make websites and specific pages rank higher. This includes the content itself, keywords, title and heading tags, meta descriptions, images and alt texts, and internal and external links.
  • Off-page SEO. It’s the opposite of on-page SEO. It involves anything you do that is SEO-related outside of your website and its pages. This includes backlinks, competitor analysis, GMB optimization, keyword research, local citations, paid ads, and social media.
  • Technical SEO. This is about optimizing your website to make sure that search engines like Google will have an easy time understanding it and its contents. It’s also about the user experience. Technical SEO includes website crawlability and indexation, content hierarchy and structure, core web vitals, mobile friendliness, and security.
  • Local SEO. This is more like a combination of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, but they are more optimized at the local level to make a business more competitive in a particular location. GMB optimization, local citations, NAP consistency, reviews, and reviews management are strongly associated with local SEO.

Take note that this is not a complete list of all the techniques for each type of SEO. But it gives you a good idea of what each type can do. And here’s the best part – you can white label all of them. You just have to find the right white label SEO services company for them.

Who are the best white label SEO services companies out there?

As a digital marketing agency, there is no shame in outsourcing some of your SEO services to a white label company for agencies. It has many advantages. It can expand your product and service offerings, give you a bigger revenue stream, and make you more competitive.

Here are the top white label SEO services companies you should look into.

1. Marketer’s Center

Marketers Center Homepage Screenshot

Marketer’s Center is a dedicated white label SEO services company. They have helped thousands upon thousands of agencies scale their businesses by letting them outsource their SEO services. The company is headed by Andrew Scherer, who has been in the digital marketing space for more than a decade. You will definitely be in good hands.

Here are more things to learn about this white label company:

  • Marketer’s Center has a lot of local SEO services. They can do practically anything that is related to local SEO, including building and cleaning up local citations and creating and optimizing business profiles such as Google My Business.
  • They also have authority link building and organic SEO services. Marketer’s Center can also build links for your clients, especially when you need guest posts and press releases. They can also help with organic SEO, particularly when you need contextual links and online social presence.
  • They have a projects dashboard. Having a dashboard to handle orders and entire projects is very important in white labeling. After all, you need to have an efficient way to communicate and link projects with your chosen white label company. Thankfully, Marketer’s Center has a powerful dashboard that makes white labeling SEO services smoother and easier.

2. SEOReseller

SEO Reseller Site Screenshot

SEOReseller is a, well, reseller of SEO services. They are one of the biggest names in white label SEO services for agencies. And this is well-deserved. Their SEO services have resulted in hundreds of millions in website traffic for their clients, as well as tens of thousands of published pieces of content. And these are calculated annually!

Here are more things to learn about SEOReseller:

  • SEOReseller has comprehensive white label SEO packages. As a dedicated white labeler, SEOReseller understandably has complex packages available to agencies that want to avail of them. They have packages for on-page content optimization and technical optimization. And they also have monthly packages that will make SEO more routine and easy.
  • They specialize in multiple industries. It really helps if your white label SEO company has a deep understanding of specific industries and niches. It gives you more confidence if you happen to be in these spaces. SEOReseller has extensive knowledge in a wide range of spaces, including e-commerce, finance, healthcare, home services, law, and real estate.
  • They boast about their huge client base. When you are looking for whatever company, it’s important to look at how much influence they have in their industry. SEOReseller has social proof. They have thousands of active users in their dashboard and they run an equal amount of campaigns for them every year. The company also has multiple locations across the U.S., ensuring that they can manage multiple clients with ease.

3. BrightLocal

Bright Local Site Screenshot

BrightLocal is a gem in the local SEO scene. When people in the know think about local SEO agencies, BrightLocal is one of the first agencies that come into their minds – and rightfully so. This company has local SEO experts from all over the world, including the U.K., the U.S., Ukraine, and the Philippines.

Here are more details about this local SEO company:

  • BrightLocal boosts local rankings with their excellent local SEO techniques. BrightLocal has all the tools, including infrastructure and knowledge, to boost your clients’ local SEO rankings. The white label SEO company can build citations, develop good online reputations, and increase online visibility.
  • They have a powerful dashboard that is perfect for white labeling SEO services. One of the many powerful tools of BrightLocal is their dashboard. It’s even customizable for your white labeling needs. In the dashboard, you can edit brand colors and logos, customize reporting, and manage your clients easily.
  • They can deal with different sizes of businesses. As a high-quality white labeler, BrightLocal has handled different kinds of clients over the years. They can handle small businesses that are just starting out. And they can also deal with entire enterprises with multiple locations. Wherever you are in your business journey, BrightLocal will be able to help you.

4. The HOTH

The Hoth Site Screenshot

An SEO companies list won’t be complete without The HOTH. It’s one of the most prominent digital marketing companies out there. And they happen to have white label SEO packages, so you can ride the excellence of their SEO experts.

Here are the important details you need to know about this company:

  • The HOTH has fully managed SEO campaign packages. The HOTH has individual SEO services, including those that involve content creation, link building, and local SEO. But they also have managed services, so you don’t have to pick specific services anymore. They have managed services for PPC, SEO, and social ads.
  • They make the white labeling of their packages easy. Their managed services are great because they make SEO more accessible and easier to manage. But it gets even better. You can easily white label these packages with The HOTH’s dashboards, report systems, and sales materials that you can copy and edit on your own website.
  • They have a great website with powerful tools. The HOTH is obviously a competent SEO company. Look even just one time on their website to remove your doubts. The company features a comprehensive blog, complete with SEO guides and even case studies for their previous work. Their website also has free tools you can use. Some of the tools can help you check backlinks, keywords, and rankings.

5. Click Intelligence

Click Intelligence Site Screenshot

Click Intelligence is a digital marketing agency that is based in the U.K. They have been around for more than a decade, helping clients with ads, content, link building, and SEO. And of course, you can white label their services. Get all the glory from the results, but let the SEO experts in Click Intelligence do all the dirty work.

Here are more interesting things you should know about this digital marketing company:

  • Click Intelligence has a wide variety of services.Click Intelligence can handle ad campaigns, whether they are in search engines like Google or social media platforms like Facebook. They can write any kind of content, from authoritative articles to press releases. They can handle link building, including blogger outreach and broken link building. And they can also offer managed SEO services like The HOTH.
  • They are widely recognized in the industry. Click Intelligence doesn’t have a wide variety of services just for show. They are actually competent in them too. In fact, they have accreditation and partnership with the most prominent players in the industry, such as Search Engine Journal and Semrush. They are also finalists in multiple Search Awards.
  • They have a comprehensive knowledge hub. The award-winning competence of their SEO professionals really shines in their website’s knowledge hub. In this part of their website, SEO articles and tools are available to you – all for free.

6. SEO Brothers

SEO Brothers Screenshot

SEO Brothers is an SEO agency that has been founded by, yes, brothers Adam and Devon Bate. The company focuses on organic SEO services and solutions for agencies and web designers. In other words, they are a white label SEO services company, with some focus on organic SEO.

Here are the most relevant details you need to know:

  • SEO Brothers has a powerful portal for your white label needs.This can’t be stressed enough. It’s crucial to have your own portal if you are outsourcing operations to a white label SEO company like SEO Brothers. Thankfully, the company has an intuitive portal where you can manage projects. You can even add team members to your portal account.
  • They have one-time and ongoing managed SEO campaigns. If you are white labeling SEO services, you will get clients with widely different needs. You may meet clients who only need one-time optimizations and others who require consistent SEO management. Whatever it is, SEO Brothers has your back.
  • They have comprehensive white label SEO campaign components. When you are hiring someone, it’s important to know what you are actually paying for. You don’t want to get burned when outsourcing. Fortunately, SEO Brothers has broken down their white label SEO campaigns into easily digestible components. This way, you can easily have a bird’s eye view of everything. Their breakdown starts with onboarding and strategy formulation and ends with data reporting.

7. LinkGraph

Linkgraph Site Screenshot

LinkGraph is a digital marketing and SEO agency that has a data-driven approach to everything. They believe that SEO is math, not magic. This is why they try to study and understand analytics and search algorithms to give their clients the best results. And the best part – you can ride their competence with their white label SEO services for agencies.

  • LinkGraph boasts about their premier white label services. Because of their data-driven approach, LinkGraph is proud to deliver results in a variety of SEO services. They can deal with content creation, link building, reputation management, and technical SEO. Oh, and they are particularly proud of their link building expertise.
  • They specialize in e-commerce and SaaS. The best thing about white label providers specializing in particular industries is that you are sure they are the best when it comes to those industries. If you have clients in the e-commerce and SaaS spaces, LinkGraph will be the best white label SEO services provider for you. And they are not specializing just for the sake of it. They actually know what they are doing in these spaces. Read their case studies.
  • They have worked with more than a thousand clients. Over the years, LinkGraph has reached several milestones, including servicing more than a thousand clients, building over a hundred thousand links, and being an award-winning agency. This company has the expertise and the social proof to show you that they can take care of you and your clients.

8. Veza Digital

Vezadigital Site Screenshot

Veza Digital is a dedicated white label SEO agency. You know the company has made it when it’s already starting to branch out. Veza Digital already has three locations. You can find them in the U.S., Canada, and Serbia.

Here are some things you should know about this top white label SEO provider:

  • Veza Digital goes beyond white label SEO. Veza Digital can do everything you need for white label SEO – audits, keyword research, optimization, backlinking, and long-term planning. But they also have other services you may be interested in. They also do email marketing, paid ads, social media, and web design and development. And like their SEO services, you can white label these others services as well.
  • They use multiple platforms for client communications. Veza Digital has their own white label marketplace. In there, you will be able to talk to an agency partner to walk you through everything you need. They also use ClickUp, Slack, and other platforms to effectively communicate with their clients. However, you will have to communicate and manage your own clients on your own.
  • They prioritize communication in their white label services. Proper communication with your white label SEO services provider is an integral part of your entire operation. Veza Digital recognizes this. They view themselves as over-communicators, which means you won’t have any problems with the handling of your white label SEO services with them.

9. Conduit Digital

Conduitdigital Site Screenshot

Conduit Digital is a white label digital marketing agency that helps scale already-successful agencies. They are proudly American-made. They don’t automate or outsource their digital marketing solutions. And they have a hands-on approach to everything they do. They are here for the grind, and it shows in the quality of their work and in the accolades they have received over the years.

Here are the relevant details you should know about this agency:

  • Conduit Digital does everything in-house. Strangely enough, it’s possible for white label providers to outsource their products and services to other white label companies. This can get ugly really quickly. There are just too many hands involved. But with Conduit Digital, they do everything in-house and on-site. No automation, offshoring, or outsourcing for the proud Americans in Conduit Digital.
  • They feature numerous case studies on their website. Some digital marketing companies only feature a few case studies and they expect potential clients to be swayed. But what if these are just lucky results? Conduit Digital features many case studies and results on their website. Their full in-house approach is clearly working.
  • They have an impressive communication system. With Conduit Digital, you will feel like a valued white label SEO partner. This is because you will have direct access to their account managers and relationship builders via their platforms, including their very own agency portal, Slack, and Zoom. Red tape is just non-existent in this white label company, thanks to the in-house operations and smooth communications.

10. Boostability

Boostability Site Screenshot

The SEO professionals at Boostability see themselves as modern Robinhoods. They are here to provide accessible and affordable SEO services for small and medium businesses. This is because they believe that digital products and services should not be exclusive only to enterprise-level businesses. But take note that their focus on SMBs doesn’t mean that they can’t compete at a high level.

Here are the key details you need to know about this interesting SEO company:

  • Boostability doesn’t believe in one-and-dones. Yes, Boostability focuses more on SMBs, but this doesn’t mean that they are cheap. They may not offer enterprise-level SEO. But they also avoid one-size fits all and super short-term projects. They are not here to charge you by the blog post or keyword. In fact, they are here for personalized and long-term SEO strategies.
  • They have multiple white label SEO services you can choose from. Boostability helps different kinds of agencies. They help advertising agencies, PR agencies, social media agencies, and even web design and development agencies. This is all thanks to their diverse white label SEO services. They can do content writing, link building, and local SEO for websites.
  • They are proud to be technology-powered and people-enabled. Those sound like buzzwords. But for Boostability, they are not. They are indeed technology-powered because of their proprietary task management software. They are also people-enabled because they complete 100% of SEO tasks in-house. And as you have learned in this article so far, having a dashboard and not outsourcing their own work are great traits to see in digital marketing companies.

Are there other sources of SEO services?

You can completely rely on white label SEO services companies like Marketer’s Center. But this doesn’t mean you have no other choices. You can go with independent digital marketing specialists, freelancers, and other lesser-known agencies for your SEO needs. And yes, they can white label SEO services too.

Here are some interesting places where you can find them.

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular gig platforms out there. With the rise of freelancing during the pandemic, it has become even more popular. You can find incredibly talented individuals here. And you can find not just digital marketing specialists for your SEO needs. You can also find other experts in various areas that may be important to you, such as content writing, media designing, photo and video editing, and website designing.

But being a big platform also has its caveats. Upwork does have a big pool of talent at its disposal. But a big portion of this talent pool can also be inadequate for your needs. Be smart when you are looking for white label SEO services on gig platforms like Upwork.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is another freelancing platform that you should look into. Like Upwork, it has a great talent pool in different areas where you may need help. It’s not just SEO, but digital marketing as a whole, as well as branding and other business-building services.

Finding talent on Fiverr is just as easy as it is on Upwork. After all, they both have the dashboard and interface to make everything run smoothly. But also like in Upwork, you should be proactive in scrutinizing SEO service providers in Fiverr.

3. Legiit

Legiit is a business marketplace you can try. It’s pretty much another Upwork and Fiverr. Legiit has a lot of SEO offerings for you, including backlink building, keyword research, on-page optimization, and even guest posting, which can get difficult if you don’t know how to write outreach emails.

However, the platform seems to have quite questionable categories too, such as PBN domains and links. These can get ugly for you and your clients really quickly if you don’t know what you are doing. Remember that, in white labeling, you are putting your company and its reputation at risk. Make sure to find people who rely on white hat tactics to avoid penalizing your clients’ websites.

4. SEOClerks

SEOClerks is a great business marketplace like Legiit. The only difference is that SEOClerks has more focus on the digital marketing needs of its clients, hence the name of the platform. Here, you will find everything you need for your digital marketing needs, including content writing, link building, and even web hosting. And of course, you can white label them too.

But like other digital marketplaces, SEOClerks is flooded with poor-quality SEO providers who are just looking to make a few quick bucks. Use the platform’s comprehensive search tool (with filters and all that) to find the most appropriate and legitimate SEO service providers.

5. Blackhatworld

No, Blackhatworld is not a dark website for blackhat SEO tactics. Don’t let its name fool you. It’s a digital marketing marketplace and forum. In the marketplace, you will find a lot of SEO specialists that offer different kinds of services. You can even find packages with multiple SEO services combined, giving you a better price compared to buying services individually.

What’s great about this platform is that it also acts as a forum. You can learn so many things here. And this means that many of the people on the platform are very knowledgeable in what they do. You can find a lot of competent specialists here if you are looking to white label some of your SEO services.

6. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is just like Blackhatworld. It’s a marketplace and forum that specializes in digital marketing. Its marketplace features are not as complex as other platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Legiit. But they are good enough to find what you are looking for – competent SEO professionals for your white label SEO needs.

Its forum community is also strong. This is great because digital marketing and SEO knowledge are always appreciated, especially now that the space is becoming more and more competitive.

How do you choose which ones to use?

If you do your due diligence, you can find competent white label SEO services companies across the web and great digital marketing freelancers in online marketplaces and forums. But this doesn’t mean you should hire the very first competent company or individual that you find. You have to be a good fit with each other. And you actually have to make sure that they can get the job done for the price point that you think is respectable.

Here are some quick tips on how to choose SEO service providers for white labeling:

  • See if they are the right fit for your budget and goals. Are you a big agency trying to expand your products and services to compete with other big players? Are you a small agency trying to diversify your offerings? Different agencies have different needs. Your needs will influence your choice of white label SEO services for agencies. If you are a big agency, you may want to play it safe with the more well-known choices like Marketer’s Center. But if you are a fledgling agency, you may try to find diamonds in the rough in marketplaces and forums.
  • Understand that you will get what you pay for. You may think you can just hire the cheapest option. But often, the cheapest option is also the worst. You will get what you pay for. And you may even lose clients because of it. However, this doesn’t mean those with expensive rates produce high-quality results and those with cheap rates produce low-quality ones. Again, this highlights the importance of choosing the right agency or individual.
  • Look for social proof. If you are eyeing a white label SEO agency, the first thing you should do is look at their website. They may have case studies that showcase their results. They may even feature testimonials from satisfied clients. You can also take a look at their business profiles, particularly their GMB profile. You may find some reviews there. If you are eyeing an individual, take a look at their profile on the platform of their choice (Upwork, Fiverr, etc.)

With a little research, you will be able to find the best white label SEO service providers. Yes, the effort and time you dedicate to this research are worth it.

White label SEO services vs in-house SEO: which is better?

If you are an SEO agency looking to scale and meet increasing client demands, you may be faced with a crucial decision. Should you hire white label SEO services for agencies or just improve your in-house SEO team?

Either choice has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. You should consider these pros and cons heavily because they will significantly impact the growth and success of your agency.

White label SEO services

White label SEO services have become popular for digital marketing agencies looking to expand their products and services without requiring extensive in-house expenses. While these services do have advantages, it’s important to weigh them against the disadvantages.

From there, you can make a decision on whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages enough to finally pull the trigger and hire white label SEO services for agencies.


1. Access to expertise

Those who provide white label SEO services are usually digital marketing agencies themselves. This means that they are clearly experts in various search engine optimization techniques. And they know they are competent enough to accept work from other digital marketing agencies.

By hiring a white label SEO services company, you are tapping into a competent SEO workforce without the need to invest in training and hiring additional staff. And many times, these competent SEO professionals know more than just SEO techniques. They keep up with algorithm changes, industry updates, and best practices that can only be beneficial to you as a client.

2. Scalability and flexibility

White label SEO services companies can help you scale your digital marketing business. They can take on more projects, making it easier for you to meet the growing demands of your clients. They can expand your products and services, taking advantage of more market opportunities and giving you more income streams.

These companies are also very flexible. They can cater to special client needs – needs that you wouldn’t be able to accommodate easily with an in-house SEO team. For instance, some white label companies specialize in specific niches, like how Marketer’s Center’s guest posting services specialize in home industries like plumbing and roofing. This can be very useful if your client happens to be in these industries.

3. Time and cost savings

When you hire a white label SEO provider, you are eliminating the need to invest time in hiring and training your own specialized SEO team. The time investment for hiring and training is significant. You need to look for competent SEO professionals, sort out the weak applicants, recruit the strong ones, and bring them on board.

You are also reducing costs. When you have an in-house SEO team, there are so many recurring costs, such as salaries, benefits, and even office space and equipment. Sure, there are recurring costs too in white labeling, as many of them have retainer fees, but these costs are much lower.

4. Focus on core competencies

Outsourcing your SEO products and services allows you to focus on other aspects of your digital marketing business, such as building client relationships, driving business growth, and improving your internal processes.

SEO can be incredibly comprehensive. It can involve keyword research, on-page optimization, technical audits, and other time-consuming tasks. When you outsource, you are leveraging the expertise of the white label company to become more competent and efficient.

5. Branding opportunities

When you partner with a white label SEO services provider, you outsource the SEO products and services to them, and you can rebrand these as your own. The provider is going to do all the hard work for you, but you get all the glory.

Thankfully, many of these providers have the infrastructure to easily rebrand their work. They have dashboards and reporting systems that are customizable. This is also the advantage of white label SEO services companies over contractors from Upwork, Fiverr, and other SEO service sources. These contractors are not likely to have the infrastructure for easy rebranding.


1. Loss of control

When you are working with a white label SEO services company for agencies, you give them direct control over the execution and management of SEO campaigns. Sure, you can coordinate with them and customize the campaigns according to your and your client’s needs and wants. But for the white label company to be at their most effective, you may have to give up some of that control to them and just trust them to do their thing.

The loss of control can manifest in a variety of ways. It can show in the scheduling of SEO tasks, submitting of deliverables, and even in the explaining of specific SEO tactics. Yes, you can set guidelines and expectations. But at the end of the day, you will have to trust your SEO provider to deliver.

2. Communication challenges

Communication between you and your SEO client can already be challenging. But it can even be more challenging when you have another party between the two of you – a white label SEO services company.

Communication challenges can occur because of many reasons. It can be because of different work schedules and time zones. It can be because of complex client concerns that require more effort and time. And it can be because of outright miscommunication.

3. Quality and consistency concerns

When you are outsourcing work, there will always be quality concerns. This highlights the importance of knowing how to choose your SEO provider. But even good white labelers are not perfect. Depending on the complexity and difficulty of the task at hand, they can fail to meet the expectations of the agency and the client.

There is also the issue of consistency. When multiple tasks are being outsourced to a third party, there can be a lot of inconsistencies in deliverables and expectations. These problems are problematic because they can affect your credibility as an agency.

4. Dependency

When you are outsourcing to a third party, you are essentially dependent on this provider. It can come to the point where your agency’s growth and success are completely dependent on the provider’s output. If your provider can’t do a good job, there is nothing you can do. Again, the loss of control comes up.

Over-reliance can also stunt the growth of your agency. You can fail to develop and nurture your in-house SEO team. You can restrict your agency’s ability to create marketing and SEO strategies of your own. And worst of all, over-reliance can pose a risk to business continuity. What if your white label provider suddenly closes down? It will directly impact your business – much more than creating and nurturing an in-house SEO team.

5. Limitation in customization

Many of the agencies that provide white label SEO services offer pre-packaged SEO solutions. This can lead to limited customization options for your client’s specific needs. This can also restrict your agency’s capability to deliver more tailored and targeted SEO strategies.

White labels have packages to simplify their processes since most clients will require the same things. Usually, campaign templates, tools, and entire processes and strategies are standardized. Thankfully, many white labels are also open to customization. You just have to find them.

In-house SEO

In-house SEO is essentially the opposite of white label SEO services. Instead of relying on a third party like a white label provider, in-house SEO relies on your own staff to implement and deliver SEO products and services. In-house SEO has a lot of advantages, but it also presents a lot of challenges. You should know all these, so you can make an informed decision on whether you should go in-house or outsource to a white label company.


1. Full control and customization

One of the biggest advantages of in-house SEO is that you have absolute control over your campaigns, executions, and strategies. You can also make adjustments on the go to cater to your client’s needs and wants.

When you outsource, these things are still possible, but they can be difficult. Many white label companies have pre-packaged campaigns, executions, and strategies. And you can’t simply adjust these for the special needs and requests of a client. This can also affect your SEO pitches since you can’t pitch something that you can’t even do.

The level of control you have when you go in-house empowers your business. You will have a more comprehensive and effective SEO approach that is adjustable to your client’s goals and objectives.

2. Brand identity alignment

When you have an in-house SEO team, you can ensure that your SEO products and services and their executions are in alignment with your brand’s personality and messaging. An in-house team will have a better understanding of your company’s tone, values, and voice. And the team can incorporate these in their SEO approach to create and maintain a brand. Your branding is crucial because it can be the very thing that separates your digital marketing business from the thousands of others online.

Some white label SEO services companies for agencies do have the infrastructure for easy rebranding of their SEO products and services. But nothing beats an in-house SEO team that knows your brand from the inside.

3. Immediate communication

When you are white labeling SEO, multiple parties are involved, so there is a risk of communication issues and delays. One of the advantages of having an in-house SEO team is the ability to communicate immediately with team members. This can make SEO campaigns and executions smoother.

When team members are all internally connected within the agency, they can collaborate seamlessly, make swift crucial decisions, and adjust approaches and strategies as real-time data comes in. They are also much more responsive when problems arise since they are directly connected to the agency. White label employees may not feel as responsive because it’s not “their” campaigns that are at risk.

4. Rapid adaptation

SEO can be unpredictable. There are unexpected things that can completely sabotage campaigns, such as sudden algorithm changes from Google. When you have an in-house team with great internal communication, team members will be able to make rapid adjustments to these unexpected things, salvaging entire SEO campaigns.

When you have an in-house team, you can also experiment more with new SEO approaches and strategies. This can be the secret sauce for you to gain a competitive advantage. Sure, white labels can experiment too, but the stakes are higher for them because they are an intermediary. On the other hand, in-house teams are internal, so they can take the risk more. If they fail, they are not dragging anyone down but themselves.

5. Enhanced data security

Some aspects of SEO involve data, such as website analytics, customer insights, link profiles, and keyword research. There may also be crucial data that needs to be protected, like customer data. If you have an in-house SEO team, you can establish strict data access, encryption protocols, and other data security practices to prevent data breaches and other cyber threats. Having an in-house SEO team also minimizes the risk of data exposure and leaks to third parties since you are not dealing with a third party that handles your SEO products and services.

This is not to say that white label SEO providers don’t care about your client’s data. It’s just that handling everything in-house gives you more control over this data. This helps ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data, especially sensitive information you don’t want to leak.


1. Resource intensive

An in-house SEO team consumes many resources. You will have to allocate a significant budget to hire and train SEO professionals. The more competent professionals you get, the higher the costs, since they will demand higher salaries. SEO is a very competitive space, so you will also have to provide training to keep your team members competitive.

When you are doing SEO, you will also need a lot of tools, software, and other technological infrastructure to support the SEO work. These tools should also be part of your budget.

The resource intensiveness of building and maintaining an in-house SEO team can cut through your business costs. It can limit the scalability of your digital marketing agency. And it can even kill your agency if you are not careful.

2. Higher cost

Of course, when a thing is resource intensive, it also has a higher cost. But the cost cuts deeper than you realize. With an in-house SEO team, you are not just paying for salaries and training. You are also paying for employee benefits, including healthcare and retirement plans. With SEO infrastructure, you are not just paying for the systems themselves. You are also paying for subscriptions and licenses.

There are also indirect costs, such as those that involve the office space you will be renting and the equipment you will be using.

The great thing about employing a white label SEO provider is that it is basically a shortcut. You get the SEO results you need without all these costs, and the price for them is way lower than building your own in-house team.

3. Limited expertise

SEO requires a deep understanding of many technical aspects, such as content optimization, keyword research, link building, and technical auditing. It can be difficult to build your own SEO team with competent skills in all these technical aspects. There is also the issue of consistent training to remain competitive.

White label SEO services providers are usually headed by a very competent SEO expert. And they usually have a team of experts across the different technical aspects of SEO. Their white label teams also have experience in different industries and niches, making them more ready to handle all your client’s needs and wants.

In-house teams, on the other hand, may have limited exposure to different industries and niches, and they may overlook industry and niche-specific details that may be the key to the success of SEO campaigns.

4. Prone to scalability challenges

When you expand your digital marketing business, you will also expand your SEO operations. You will have to hire and train more SEO experts, buy more tools for your SEO campaigns, and set up infrastructure for easier project management. All of these are not just resource intensive. They are also a risk. They can disrupt existing operations and prevent your business from scaling.

With a white label SEO provider, scaling is much easier. Just order more SEO products and services from their dashboards and you are good to go.

5. Vulnerable to staff turnover

You invest so many resources in your in-house SEO team so the team members can stay on top of their game. But unfortunately, some of them may leave. This can seriously affect your SEO efforts, especially if key members of the team leave. This can disrupt your workflow, knowledge transfer, and even the success of your SEO campaigns and executions. All these can lead to a decline in SEO performance.

You mitigate the risk of staff turnover when you hire a white label SEO services provider. Part of their business model is ensuring that the necessary expertise is being delivered to their clients – you and your client. They have systems in place, such as knowledge-sharing systems and cross-training, to address the vulnerability to staff turnover.

White label SEO services for agencies

If you are an SEO agency looking to scale, try white label SEO services for agencies. It will make scaling so much easier. This is thanks to the additional products and services you can offer to your clients – products and services you don’t necessarily have the knowledge and infrastructure for.

There are full-blown white label SEO companies out there like Marketer’s Center. But there are also platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr where you can find competent white label SEO providers if you know how to look.

WHITE LABEL SEO Chapter 2: White Label SEO Reseller programs