A Yext Alternative Worth Looking At

A Yext Alternative Worth Looking At

Looking for a cheaper alternative to Yext? Then you have come to the right place. As the best Yext alternative you will find among all of Yext competitors, you can be sure that we have the ideal solution for you – at a more affordable price and with more to offer you.

2 Approaches to Citation Building

If you have used the citation building services provided by Yext, then you probably know that there are two main approaches to building citations – automated and manual. With manual citation building, you need to sign, claim and verify every citation. Needless to say, this consumes a lot of time and can drain you physically and psychologically.
Automated citation building, on the other, involves the use of software. Of course, service will not control your local business citations. However, this is still a better alternative in the long run than going the manual way.

Introducing the Best Yext Alternative: Marketer’s Center Citation Services

If you are looking to make smarter decisions about local search, then you need us. As the best of all Yext competitors, you can be sure that we will provide you with the essential, fast, and accurate data you need to improve your local search engine optimization performance.

We are currently used by thousands of resellers, consultancies, and agencies across the globe to improve local search. These clients continue coming back to us because we are the best, most affordable of all Yext alternatives.

Not only will we provide you with snapshots of your local citation progress, vis-à-vis your competition, we will ensure that you can finally make the tactical decisions required to put you on top in your industry.

Additionally, we can save you time and money by getting you the right results every single time. This is why we are the local SEO toolkit of choice for so local SEO resellers.
By continuing to be incredibly useful and helpful to our clients, we ensure that our tools can enable them to manage their own customer bases effectively and affordably. Is it any wonder that we are a more affordable alternative to Yext? With our services, you will soon discover that we will become an integral part of your marketing fulfillment for all your local SEO campaigns.
By using our service, you will also be able to gather all the data you need to enable you to respond to your customer’s needs and concerns. This will, in the long run, improve your levels of professionalism, and keep these customers coming back to you over and over again.

Instead of jumping from one reporting tool to the next, why not try us today. At Marketer’s Center, we will give you everything you need to empower your local search engine optimization strategies including launching, maintaining and growing your client’s results.

Our Service Offering

At Marketer’s Center, we will enable you to automate all the following processes:

  • Audit Your Pre-Existing Citations and Clean Them Up If Necessary
  • Build All Sorts of Citations: Structured, Unstructured, and Rich Media
  • Perform White-Label Reporting
  • We Have 10 Great Services for Local SEO and Growing!

As local SEOs and as local business owners, you can sometimes be guilty of employing boilerplate search practices. One thing you need to remember, however, is that local SEO is one of the most evolving of landscapes on the online world. Therefore, you need to use a service that will enable you to adopt all the changing practices before your website and business is affected. Marketer’s Center will help you do exactly that – but more effectively and affordably than Yext. With our service, you also will be able to manage your local SEO efforts easily and professionally.

Why Choose Us?

Marketer’s Center is one of the greatest of all Yext competitors you will come across. Our Hyper Local Citations, for instance, is way cheaper than it is on Yext. We also have the following in store for you:

a) Control

We will give you greater control over the citations you build. This means they won’t be messed up if you discontinue working with us. We will also provide you with full passwords, and logins to access all these citations.

b) Fees

Unlike Yext, we won’t charge you monthly or annual fees. You only need to pay once. Additionally, there are no hidden or extra fees. Just pay what you order.

c) Citations

We can provide tons of citations. Yext only performs about 10% of the total citations a business needs online to actually compete. Marketer’s Center performs the other 90% – and at a much more affordable rate!

d) Ranking

Did you know you don’t even need Yext to rank? Plenty of SEOs have figured that out, some the hard way, and some haven’t even tried Yext at all and are having great local rankings. Why pay their high fees when we can help you accomplish the same thing?

e) Greater Value for Money

With us, you get more value for your money. For instance, we will help your business get listed with 300+ websites.

f) Support

Additionally, as the best Yext alternative, we support each and every country on the globe.

g) Reports

You can also easily white label the reports we generate, which is great for reselling the same to your local clients.

h) Reseller Dashboard

Check out our sleek reseller dashboard, it makes managing multiple clients and multiple locations a breeze.

Check Out Our Reseller Prices

Go to our Reseller Dashboard and request an invite. Inside you’ll be able to download a full price list of everything we offer.

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I've been involved in digital marketing for over a decade, since 2006. Marketer's Center gives digital marketing consultants the ability to easily scale their local marketing agencies in a way that isn't labor-intensive and still very profitable. If you want to get my "6 Month SEO Plan" please request a free reseller dashboard account here. You'll also be able to download a price list for all of the services we offer.

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