5 White Hat Link Building Services for Local SEO

5 White Hat Link Building Services for Local SEO


Due to the historical association of link building tactics with black hat SEO like paid link schemes, hidden links, and spammy content, most marketers tend to err on the side of caution when clients ask specifically for link building strategies.

While link building is an important aspect of SEO, it needs to be done correctly or the repercussions could be huge.

Concept of link building

It is a process of linking other websites to your website through hyperlinks, to capture referral traffic and boost your website ranking.

Most online marketers will do anything to build their brand’s backlinks but there is a fine difference between ethical and unethical link building practices.  


White hat link building services: It refers to ethical and sustainable practices of link building that improves search performance on SERP while following the right SEO policies. 

Black hat link building services: It refers to the disapproving and unethical practices of link building to improve search performance on SERP.

Grey hat link building services: It is like using black hat tactics but portraying it as white hat. For example, clickbait links – where an eye-catching link or piece of content is posted on the website to lure readers to click on it. 


Those days are gone, where you simply focus on the number of backlinks pointing to your website. Today, authority is more than important than ever, and since there are no shortcuts in the SEO world, it’s extremely important that you’re building the right links and see your website rank, staying there for years to come. 

The viewpoint about link building changed only after Google updated its algorithm to introduce Penguin in 2012. Thereafter, the focus changed to white hat SEO tactics with quality content for boosting the ranks of the website. Ranking a website locally is usually going to be no different from ranking a website globally. As per Google’s primary ranking factors, you must get high-quality links with White Hat link building services, but most small businesses get caught in the trap of dodgy SEO agencies that do poor link building resulting in penalties.  

Hence, you must engage only in white hat link building services. Good link building is a complex and difficult task. If you are looking for increasing your website rank, you will need a consistent strategy for it. Depending on the local industry, competition and your geographical location, some local websites can rank with as little as one to two authoritative links, while in some areas, where more than a few million people live, it could take a lot of authority before you even see your website crack the top 50.

In one of the video series of SEO Myth bustingMartin Splitt, one of Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst spoke on how SEO works and commented on how Google determines the relevance of content for ranking.

 “We have over 200 signals to do so. So, we look at things like the title, the meta description, the actual content that you’ve got on your page, images, links… All sorts of things. It’s a very complicated question to answer what ranks you best, but yeah… we look at a bunch of signals.

So, you can imagine, building links in any industry is going to take some time and skill. Therefore, you need to know the concept of link building that can help increase your ranks in Google and if you don’t know it, you must outsource your work to a professional SEO link building service provider.


To get you on the path to building the right links, here are some local SEO link building services you may want to try:




Building citations can help improve the visibility of your website and positively assist you in link building campaign. Citations are directories that are focused on businesses that generally have a physical address. Most of the time, these websites will allow you to post your address, contact information, some specials and messages you want to give out to the public. It is a great way to develop a lot of reputable links and draw in a lot of click-through traffic at the same time.

Social Profiles

social media

Social media is one of the top used tactics for link building.  Like citations, there are a lot of social media websites that allow you to do the same thing, such as posting your website URL, address and so on. Aside from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, there are hundreds of reputable social media websites that you may want to become active on. Keep in mind that unlike citations, you’re going to have to stay active on these social media outlets if you want to see desirable results because studies have shown that the more active a profile is, the more powerful that link and those social signals can become.

Press Releases

press releases

Press releases are great for any industry. Whether you’re launching a new product, having a crazy sale or expanding your brand, you may want to consider a press release when you want to let the media know about something that’s special. However, reporters nowadays are flooded with coverage pitches daily. To get attention from prominent media houses it is wise to try adapting their column to your business. For example- if you are dealing with tours and travel business, search for a column featuring tourism or travel in their publication. 

While these press releases can still develop links, your main goal is to try to drive in as much media attention as possible, which in turn, will lead to a lot of exposure, links on prominent media websites and a lot of direct traffic. 

Data Aggregators

data aggregators

Like citations,  data aggregators will feed their listings to hundreds of other websites when you submit your initial listing. For instance, if you were to submit your website to influential aggregators, such as Infogroup, Acxiom, Neustar, and Factual, those websites, in turn, would submit those listings to 20 other major websites, making your backlink profile powerful. Having a connection with the data aggregators directly can help you have better control over your business data online. It minimizes the loss of clients due to the inability to reach out to your address or call you.


No matter how small or large your city is, there are going to be local organizations that are looking for sponsors. This is a great way to build a great reputation in the community and gain a great backlink at the same time. For example, a local animal shelter may be more than willing to let your company become a sponsor for $25 per month, or a local food shelter may be willing to link to those that make a one-time donation. These opportunities can often be found by searching for local non-profits in your area or asking someone at your local Chamber of Commerce.


As a digital marketer, your goal is to generate maximum organic traffic and drive it to your clients’ website by using only white hat link building services. Ensuring the right strategies with organic link building, you can enhance the digital presence of your client’s website and boost their rankings on SERPs.


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