The Top 10 SEO Reseller Programs You Should Know About

The Top 10 SEO Reseller Programs You Should Know About

If you want to add SEO services to your agency’s offerings, it can be very difficult to learn and build infrastructure from the ground up. What you can do is become a reseller. Outsource the SEO services to a white label SEO services company through their SEO reseller programs. You get someone to do the SEO for you, but you get all the credits for a job well done.

Here’s everything you need to know about SEO reseller programs and the top white label SEO services companies that have them.

Digital marketing agency owner becoming an SEO reseller

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Basics of SEO reseller programs

What is SEO reselling? What is white labeling? And why should you bother? These are important questions to ask if you are getting into SEO reseller programs. Here are the very basics you need to know:

  • SEO reselling is the process of outsourcing your SEO services to a white label company and rebranding them as your own. If you are an SEO reseller, you are selling SEO services, but you are outsourcing the tasks to another company – a white label SEO company. White label SEO services companies usually have the infrastructure such as dashboards and reporting systems, so you can easily rebrand the outsourced tasks as your own. Take a look at their SEO reseller programs to know more about their white labeling procedures as different companies have different procedures and technical capabilities.
  • Reselling SEO is a great additional revenue stream that can help you scale. Are you a digital marketing consultant, a PR firm, or an SEO agency looking to scale? Whoever you are, you can get the benefits of signing up for SEO reseller programs. SEO is an integral part of the game if you want to be relevant online in this digital age. Offering SEO services will give you additional revenue streams. You can even offer them to your existing clients to even put them deeper into your revenue streams.
  • SEO reseller programs help avoid the costs of creating your own SEO team. Learning about SEO and building a competent SEO team can be very expensive and time-consuming. Outsourcing your SEO services to a white label SEO services company keeps your costs down. And thanks to the additional revenue stream that SEO services provide, you can even scale your agency easier. Getting into SEO reseller programs just makes good financial sense.

Popular SEO services for resellers

SEO is a complicated subject with lots of categories. You have on-page SEO that focuses more on on-site and on-page elements. You have off-page SEO that focuses more on optimizations outside your website and its pages. And you have technical SEO that gives search engines an easier time reading and scanning everything.

These categories have subcategories, like how on-page SEO can deal with content development, keyword research, and optimization, and how off-page SEO can deal with link building and listings. But here’s the important part – you can outsource any category and subcategory of SEO.

Usually, white label SEO services companies can offer everything. But there are some companies that specialize in specific categories and subcategories. If you are looking for specific SEO services, you may want to check those that specialize in them.

Here are specific SEO services that are popular among SEO resellers like you.

1. Citation building and management

Structured citations are basically business profiles you can find all over the internet. You are probably thinking about social media profiles. And you are right, but this is such a limited perspective. There are so many places around the web where you can set up business profiles, not just social media giants like Facebook and Twitter.

You can dive deeper into the Google ecosystem with the Google Business Profile. You can set up profiles in directories like Foursquare, Superpages, Yellow Pages, and Yelp. Listings are great because you can get your client’s name out there on different platforms. You can help showcase their name, address, phone number, and other important details about your client.

But they can get complicated really quickly. You have to track all the business profiles across different platforms. There is also the issue of tracking the consistency of the details of the business profiles. You don’t want to have the wrong phone number on your Facebook page, for example. And there is also the issue of managing reviews. Thankfully, many white label SEO services companies have citation building and management in their SEO reseller programs.

2. Content development

Website content should be optimized for search engines and users alike. There are many different techniques to pull this off. For search engines, SEO specialists can create content that actually answers user queries, break the content down into subheadings, and add metadata. For users, they can make the content readable and not just meant for search engines, make it more engaging by adding images and videos, and answer multiple related queries so users don’t have to do additional searches.

Formulating a content strategy and creating and optimizing content can be gargantuan tasks. This is why content development is one of the most outsourced SEO services out there.

3. Keyword research and optimization

Keywords can make or break SEO campaigns. Without the right keywords to target, your campaigns can fail. But how do you know which keywords to target? SEO specialists use a variety of tools to look for keywords searchers use for their queries. It’s not just the keywords themselves that are important. There are other metrics to consider. For instance, the number of competitors trying to rank for the keywords and the possible monetary gains for your clients to rank for these keywords are just as important to know.

The SEO specialists from your white label SEO services company will then optimize your client’s content for the keywords they have found. They will put the keywords in titles, subheadings, article bodies, alt texts, and everywhere else, while masterfully avoiding sounding like spam. Keyword research and optimization are basically an art. No wonder they are such popular SEO services for resellers.

4. Link building

Building links is essential both from a search engine and user perspective. It’s important to build links for search engines. This is because links signal to search engines that a specific website or piece of content is important and relevant. It’s important for users too. With links, you can keep potential customers in the loop, possibly putting them in sales funnels as well.

There are so many link building techniques out there. Guest posts, local citations, press releases, rich media links, social profile links – you name them. All of them have complexities that require the expertise of SEO specialists. And this is why you should consider SEO reseller programs with white label link building services.

5. Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves the, well, technical aspects of a website that can improve or worsen its rankings in search engine results pages. Don’t let the term “technical SEO” intimidate you. You don’t really need to be knowledgeable of programming or tech-savvy to understand it. But even with online tools that make it easier, there are some complexities associated with the term.

Some of these complexities include mobile-friendliness and responsiveness, schema markup, overall site structure and speed, URL structure, and web security. Thankfully, white label SEO services companies have your back when it comes to these complexities.

Companies with the best SEO reseller programs

There are many digital marketing companies out there that have SEO reseller programs. Some of them are dedicated white label SEO services companies. And some of them are traditional SEO services companies that happen to offer SEO reseller programs. Here are the companies with the best SEO reseller programs.

1. Marketer’s Center

Screenshot of Marketer's Center's home page

Marketer’s Center is a dedicated white label SEO services company. With their help, thousands upon thousands of agencies and independent consultants have scaled their digital marketing businesses. Here are the things you need to learn about this company.

  • Marketer’s Center is big on citations. Citations are one of Marketer’s Center’s specialties. They can build the most prominent citations online to jumpstart your citation building campaign. They can build hyper-specific citations too if you have special needs, especially if you are trying to rank at the local level. And they can clean up incorrect and inconsistent citations throughout the web. If you need citations in particular, Marketer’s Center is your best bet.
  • They have a reseller dashboard to make things easier for resellers. This can’t be stressed enough. Having a good dashboard and reporting system is very important if you are looking into reselling. These tools just make everything easier – from managing entire projects and creating reports for your clients. Thankfully, Marketer’s Center has these competitive tools.
  • They have some organic SEO packages. Marketer’s Center may be big on citations and local SEO in general, but they have other SEO services that can help you scale beyond local SEO services. Their Budget Tier 1’s can help you build contextual links and their Social Foundations can help you build citations, links, and start your reputation management campaign.

2. AgencyPlatform

Screenshot of AgencyPlatform's home page

Like Marketer’s Center, AgencyPlatform is a dedicated white label SEO services company. Their main purpose is to help online marketing companies grow. They do this with their white label SEO services and, of course, their SEO reseller programs. Here are the important details you should know.

  • AgencyPlatform is one of the most established choices out there. AgencyPlatform has been around since 2003. Obviously, they have the experience to do the job. But it’s not just the experience. It’s also the competitive mindset. AgencyPlatform launched its first analytics app in 2005 and its first SEO resellers platform in 2009. They are one of the pioneers in the business, and you can never go wrong with them.
  • They have all the SEO services you need. Some white label SEO services companies specialize in certain SEO services. But AgencyPlatform has all the digital marketing solutions you need. They can do local and national SEO, PPC, social media, and even web design.
  • You can create a free account without giving out credit card details. Some companies out there will require you to input your financial details before you can even start using their sweet dashboard and reporting system. But AgencyPlatform is very newbie-friendly. You can create an account with them for free, and without giving out your banking credentials.

3. Contentellect

Contentellect's home page screenshot

For a decade or so, Contentellect has been launching and scaling six and seven-figure online businesses. They have a portfolio of websites that they have grown using two core SEO subcategories – content and links. Of course, here’s the good news – they offer white label SEO services for those like you who are looking to resell. Here are the specifics you should know.

  • Contentellect specializes in content development and link building. White label content creation is one of the strongest suits of this digital marketing agency. They have a large in-house writer network that can produce literally millions of words a month. Their white label link building is equally impressive, having a variety of link building techniques such as guest posts, link insertions, and even monthly link building campaigns.
  • They are not afraid to show social proof with case studies. There are many SEO specialists out there that talk big. But when you try to learn more about them, you may find out that they actually have not scaled anything impressive. However, Contentellect is different. Their website features multiple case studies that highlight their core techniques and the results these produce – with numbers to back up their claims.
  • Their VA services can help you with more outsourced tasks. Scaling a business doesn’t just involve outsourcing SEO services. It can also involve outsourcing other tasks, especially the menial ones that take time away from the important ones. This is where virtual assistants can come into play. Contentellect can help you scale with their virtual assistants that can do repetitive tasks, such as uploading of posts in WordPress and scheduling social media posts.


FATJOE's home page screenshot

A list of white label SEO services companies is not complete without FATJOE. This company has been around for more than a decade, servicing thousands of agencies all over the world. Like Contentellect, FATJOE is big on content development and link building. Here are the important details.

  • FATJOE has comprehensive content writing services. The SEO professionals in FATJOE pride themselves on their fast turnaround times. You can get content as quickly as 48 hours. And the content doesn’t feel rushed either. They are not low-quality at all. And on the off chance that you are unsatisfied, you get unlimited revisions. That’s right. Unlimited.
  • They have equally impressive link building services. They have multiple link building services, such as blogger outreach, content syndication, niche edits, and much more. But what they are most proud of is their blogger outreach services. With these services, you can get backlinks from high-authority domains, giving you the strong link juice you need for your link portfolio.
  • They have multiple tools to showcase their competence. FATJOE has a dedicated dashboard, so clients and SEO resellers like yourself will have an easier time managing and tracking campaigns and orders. But their tools don’t end there. FATJOE has other tools to help you, such as their blog title generator and keyword rank checker.

5. Outreach Monks

Outreach Monk's home page screenshot

There are two kinds of digital marketing agencies out there. The first one is like AgencyPlatform – those that offer all kinds of SEO services. And the second one is like Outreach Monks – those that offer a very specific SEO service, and they do it extremely well. Outreach Monks is a link building giant. And luckily, you can white label their link building services. Here’s the juice.

  • Outreach Monks have different link building strategies. Like FATJOE, Outreach Monks also has a competitive blogger outreach service. But this is not the only top-notch link building service they have. They also do industry-specific backlinks. Some of the industries they work in are cannabis, casinos, and SaaS. If you have clients in these industries, the SEO reseller programs of Outreach Monks will definitely give you the best bang for your buck.
  • They have fully managed link building packages. With a few clicks on their dashboard, you can place a monthly order for your link building campaign. That’s it. From there, everything will be fully managed by the link building experts at Outreach Monks. All of their links are built with manual outreach only, so you are sure these managed campaigns will give you high-value link juice.
  • They have one-and-done links too. Outreach Monks have very flexible white label link building packages. You don’t always need a fully managed link building campaign. In these cases, you can try their one-and-done packages. Do you only need one specific link for a client? Good, now you only have to pay for that one placement. This is great for those just starting out in the digital marketing space.

6. Semify

Semify's home page screenshot

Like most of the agencies in this list, Semify has been around for more than a decade. It’s been helping agency owners to scale their businesses since 2008. They have some of the best SEO reseller programs out there partly because of how long they have been in business. And their experience really shows in how they handle resellers like you. Here are some interesting details.

  • Semify analyzes your client’s website and recommends an appropriate plan. What Semify is really good at is communication. When you book a call with them, they will help you choose the right strategies for your client. They can analyze your client’s website, give recommendations, and set up the SEO campaigns themselves.
  • You will have a dedicated account manager. Semify really takes customer service to the next level. If you get into their SEO reseller programs, you will be assigned to an account manager that you can coordinate with for all your needs. The account manager will ensure that you know everything about your campaigns, and they will keep your campaigns on the right track.
  • Their white label dashboard makes campaigns very customer-centric. Did we mention that Semify has excellent customer service? They have a dashboard dedicated to those who avail their white label SEO services. With the dashboard, you can track the progress of campaigns, monitor the traffic to your client’s website, and make campaign adjustments to achieve your ultimate goals.

7. SEO Brothers

Screenshot of SEO Brothers's white label SEO service page

As their name suggests, SEO Brothers was founded by two brothers, namely Adam and Devon Bate. The great thing about this white label SEO provider is their honesty. They admit that not everyone is a good fit for them. But when you are indeed a good fit, they can do wonders for your SEO needs. This kind of honesty is exactly what you need from the guys who will handle the SEO of your clients. Here are the details of their services.

  • SEO Brothers has SEO reseller programs with detailed components. When you are reselling SEO, it’s important to know what you are actually buying, so you also know what you are also, well, reselling. SEO Brothers knows this so well. They have a detailed list of what is included in their SEO reseller programs, from onboarding you and your clients and reporting results.
  • Their dashboard has numerous capabilities. Some dashboards are just better than others. With this company’s dashboard, you can do more than just manage SEO campaigns. You can also add team members for smoother collaborations. And you can also handle billing and support. With their dashboard, everything is just easier.
  • They have ongoing managed campaigns and one-offs. SEO Brothers is similar to Outreach Monks in the sense that they offer both ongoing campaigns and one-and-done solutions. Their ongoing white label SEO campaigns will give the most value for your dollars. But not everyone needs and wants an ongoing campaign. If that’s the case for a specific client of yours, you can try their one-time optimizations.

8. SEOReseller

Screenshot of SEOReseller's white label SEO service page

SEOReseller is one of the most versatile white label SEO providers out there. Whether you are a fledgling agency dealing with brick-and-mortar stores and small businesses or an established agency handling the digital marketing of Fortune 500 companies, SEOReseller has your back. Here are things you need to know about their SEO reseller programs.

  • SEOReseller has packages in different tiers. SEOREseller has different SEO reseller programs for your specific needs. Do you only need a few monthly optimizations? They have a package for that. Do you need cornerstone content with advanced technical optimizations and competitive keywords? They have a package for that as well. Again, this just shows the versatility of the services of SEOReseller. They can truly cater to every need of everyone who wants to avail of their reseller packages.
  • They offer seamless client migration. Are you already outsourcing a client’s SEO to another white label SEO provider? SEOReseller has your back. If you want to work with them, they can help migrate your client into their system, ensuring that your client will not get any downtime and will continue to have the SEO results you have promised. They can even improve on what your previous provider has done.
  • They specialize in a number of industries. If you need to do SEO for a client in a specific industry like, say, medicine, you may find it difficult to infiltrate the space because you are not a medical expert. This is where white label SEO providers that specialize in specific industries become useful. SEOResellers specialize in a number of industries, including accounting, medicine, law, and real estate – all of which are highly technical fields.

9. The HOTH

Screenshot of The HOTH's white label SEO service page

When you look for lists of companies with the best SEO reseller programs, almost all of them will have The HOTH – and for good reason. The HOTH is one of the biggest names in white labeling digital marketing solutions. Back when the company was founded in 2010, the internet was plagued with fakers promising good SEO results and failing to deliver. But The HOTH begged to differ. They are one of those companies that bring faith back to SEO specialists. Here are more things to know about this competent company.

  • The HOTH has managed services to give you an easier time. The HOTH has many individual SEO services, including those that involve content development, link building, and local SEO. But if you don’t want to, you don’t need to pick and choose. Just try their fully managed services to save you the hassle of picking and choosing. And of course, their fully managed services are reseller-friendly.
  • They have a relatively straightforward process. Outsourcing and reselling SEO can be a complicated process because of all the steps and coordination involved. But The HOTH makes it easy because of their simple process. Their experts will design a campaign for your client, execute it, give you results, and report to you with data.
  • They have very flexible SEO reseller programs. One of the best things about The HOTH is how versatile their pricing is. They use a variety of metrics to determine pricing, including deliverables such as high-quality content and tasks such as advanced keyword research. Whatever budget you have with whatever SEO task you need to outsource and resell, The HOTH can accommodate you.

10. Vazoola

Vazoola's home page screenshot

You don’t always hear about Vazoola because they are a small team. But don’t underestimate them. They are an agile team of digital marketers with a combined experience of more than 50 years. And they specialize in something that the others on this list don’t even do – influencer marketing. Overall, they are a great link building company with a powerful software behind them.

  • Vazoola has very flexible pricing. Like The HOTH, Vazoola has very versatile SEO reseller programs. This is thanks to their Bounty Express software where you can input the details for your client, such as the price you are willing to pay per link, the quality of the link, and specific link metrics such as domain authority and traffic. The software will then match you to prospects that fit your criteria.
  • You can get as little or as much involvement in campaigns as you want. When you get into Vazoola’s SEO reseller programs, they will assign a dedicated account manager for you. With proper coordination with the account manager, you can control your involvement with your SEO campaigns. You can be very hands-on, and you can also be very aloof. Whatever you choose, you will get the results you need.
  • They have thousands of happy clients. Vazoola has been in business for more than a decade. They clearly know what they are doing. Yes, they may be a small team. But they are capable of handling multiple clients at a time, servicing more than 100,000 publishers throughout the years.

How to find the best white label SEO services companies

The white label SEO services companies listed above are some of the best in the business. But this doesn’t mean you should just stick with them. There are many competent white label SEO providers out there. But be careful. There are many pretenders out there too. You have to filter out the bad ones from the good ones. If you don’t, you may hire a poor one, fail in your campaigns, and end up losing clients. Here are some tips to find legitimate and competent providers.

  • Look beyond their search engine rankings. It’s easy to Google “best white label SEO services” or “top SEO reseller programs” and just immediately hire those at the top of search results. It does make sense. After all, if they are on top, they surely know what they are doing, right? But search results are not the entire picture. Know the technical capabilities of the companies first and see if they are a good fit for you. Do they have the SEO services you want to resell? Do their prices fit your budget? And do they have a good reputation to match their high rankings in the SERP?
  • Understand their technical capabilities. Anyone who is involved in SEO in one way or another will have some kind of content out there. Look at their website. You may find a blog to see their insights. You may also find case studies, reviews, and testimonials. And most importantly, you may also find contact information. Try contacting them to get a feel for their customer service and learn more about their technical capabilities. The best companies will not be afraid to show you their competence and results. But be careful of over-promisers though.
  • Find social proof. Before you buy anything online, you look at recommendations and reviews. This should apply to white label SEO services companies and SEO reseller programs too. Their websites are a good place to start. These often contain reviews and testimonials. But don’t disregard their business profiles. Look at their profiles in directories and social media platforms. You may find some reviews and testimonials there too.

How to choose the best company for SEO reselling

Even if you find the best white label SEO services companies out there, it’s still not a guarantee that your SEO reseller plan will work. What if the company you have picked doesn’t suit your needs? What if its offerings are outside of your budget? Once you have found the best companies with SEO reseller services, you have to find the one that fits you the most.

  • See if they are a good fit for your needs. Visit the websites of the white label SEO services companies you are eyeing. Take a good look at their SEO services to determine whether these are really the services you need. You can hire the best overall company out there, but what if another one is actually better for the specific SEO service you are looking into? Many of these companies have their prices available online. Examine them and see if they fit your budget. And don’t forget to gauge whether the pricing is actually worth it for the kind of value you will get in return.
  • Learn more about their tools. Most white label SEO services companies have their own dashboards and reporting systems. These tools can give you an easier time as an SEO reseller. For example, dashboards may help you manage SEO campaigns for your clients. And reporting systems may make it easier to rebrand reports made by the white label SEO services company. Learn more about their tools and see if they make your life easier as an SEO reseller.
  • Look at the scalability of their SEO reseller program. One of the main advantages of getting into SEO reseller programs is that they give you the ability to scale your digital marketing business. The SEO reseller program of your choice should also be scalable to be able to keep up. Don’t just hire a white label SEO services company that focuses on SEO basics. Try to hire one that can offer more complicated SEO services. This way, when you choose to offer more complicated SEO services, you don’t have to look for a different provider.

Advantages of being an SEO reseller

SEO agency thriving with the help of a white label provider

It’s easy to assume that you can take care of all your SEO products and services in-house. But it’s more difficult than you think. It’s very resource-intensive. You have to train SEO professionals or hire already competent ones – either option will require both time and money. You will also be vulnerable to staff turnover, affecting your deliverables and results, and ultimately, your reputation as an SEO provider.

Many times, outsourcing to a white label SEO services company and rebranding their outputs under SEO reseller programs is the better option. If you are still not convinced about becoming an SEO reseller, here are all its advantages in detail.

1. Cost-effectiveness

Being an SEO reseller is just cost-effective because it saves you from many in-house expenses, such as employee recruitment and their salaries and benefits. There is also the issue of office space and equipment, and the higher the number of recruits, the more expensive these things get.

SEO professionals also invest a lot in online tools because many aspects of SEO require data, such as website auditing and keyword research. If you choose to do SEO in-house, you will have to pay for these tools yourself. But if you are an SEO reseller, you don’t have to. Just let the white label SEO services company invest in these tools and simply enjoy their results.

When you are cost-effective, you can also allocate more resources to other aspects of your business, such as client relations and retention, marketing and sales, and general business development.

2. Time savings

Subscribing to an SEO reseller program saves you not just money, but also time. Since you are not handling your SEO products and services in-house, you don’t have to go through the grueling process of recruiting and training SEO professionals. Learning about SEO and tweaking internal company processes can also take time. But since you are outsourcing the work, you don’t have to worry about these either.

Because of these time savings, you can immediately offer SEO products and services. This jumpstarts your growth and scalability since you don’t have to wait long to expand your digital marketing offerings.

These SEO reselling providers already have systems in place to quick-start SEO campaigns and implement changes. Time restraints will be the least of your problems if you work with these providers.

3. Access to expertise

SEO resellers gain access to a team of SEO experts with specialized expertise. For example, if you are specifically looking for an SEO team that can build and maintain local citations for your clients, you can hire white label SEO services companies that specialize in this area. Marketer’s Center is a good example of a local citation builder and maintenance provider.

With that said, not all white label SEO services companies are necessarily specialized. Many of them can offer a diverse set of SEO products and services. They can even be one-stop shops for all your SEO needs.

Getting access to general and specialized expertise is more difficult if you are trying to do it in-house. And there is also the issue of recruiting and training SEO professionals in different SEO fields, which can cost, again, time and money.

4. Enhanced SEO offerings

Another advantage of being an SEO reseller is the fact that you will be able to provide comprehensive and specialized SEO solutions to your clients – solutions that you can’t easily do in-house because of budget and time constraints.

Here are just some of the many SEO products and services you can avail of from SEO reseller programs: content creation, on-page optimization, link building, local SEO, and technical SEO. Most programs also have customizable packages. This will give you more flexibility to accommodate the SEO needs of your clients. You may even write better SEO pitches because you know you can accommodate the needs of potential clients. You will also be able to take into consideration their budgets and goals.

And as mentioned earlier, some white label SEO services providers offer niche-specific products and services. This can increase your client base and help you infiltrate certain markets that are otherwise inaccessible to you.

5. Growth and scalability opportunities

Enrolling in SEO reseller programs can be particularly enticing if you are a small agency finally looking to scale. The problem with growth and scalability is that they require both time and money. And since SEO reseller programs are resource-efficient, these constraints are not as strict.

With SEO reseller programs, you are offering more SEO products and services, expanding to new markets, industries, and niches, and increasing your number of revenue streams. With the right white label partner, you will accelerate your business’s growth and scalability and be able to compete with competitive and larger agencies.

6. Risk mitigation

Since doing SEO in-house is more expensive, outsourcing SEO to an SEO reselling partner is automatically a lower financial risk. Outsourcing to the right partner also ensures expertise and quality. That’s another problem with in-house SEO teams. Sometimes, you just can’t do expertise and quality assurance, especially when you have internal problems that make employees slack around.

SEO reselling partners are also familiar with ethical practices and industry standards. Again, these are things that can be problematic when you are doing things in-house.

7. Competitiveness

The cost-efficiency of SEO reseller programs is a competitive advantage. Since it costs you less to outsource your SEO products and services, you can price them lower compared to other agencies that do these SEO products and services in-house. If you don’t price lower, you can also price at the same range, and this can mean you will take home more money for your business growth and scalability.

Your enhanced SEO offerings are another advantage. If you have more and improved SEO offerings, you are more likely to get more clients and open new markets. Your enhanced SEO offerings also give you a better SEO portfolio, which is great social proof for clients and potential clients.

8. Ability to focus on core competencies

When you partner with a white label SEO services provider, you can offload the resource-intensive and time-consuming tasks to their SEO team. This allows you to focus your time and effort on your other business priorities.

Client management, marketing, and market expansion are three core competencies you can focus on. Client management is obviously important to maintain client satisfaction and retention. Marketing is just as important to spread brand awareness and boost your authority in your industry and niche. And market expansion is crucial in tapping new markets, attracting new clients, and increasing revenue streams.

Without an SEO reseller partner, your hands may be too full to completely dedicate your time and effort to these core competencies.

Components of a successful SEO reseller partnership

Digital marketing agency getting into an SEO reseller program

Getting into an SEO reseller program does not automatically mean that your SEO journey will be successful. There are essential components that make a good partnership between you and a white label SEO services company. Without these components, your SEO journey may take a hit.

And no, these components are not just about the SEO products and services themselves. They are also about honest communication, mutual respect, and other traits that not all white label SEO services companies have. Here are the components in greater detail.

1. Quality SEO products and services

Of course, the first things you truly need are quality SEO products and services. Without high-quality SEO deliverables and services, your SEO reseller program is futile.

Content, link building, and technicals are three aspects that you particularly want to be high-quality. Content should not just be engaging and relevant. It should also be optimized, especially when you are looking into local SEO. Link building should not just be about acquiring random links. It should also be about building diverse and relevant links for your clients. And technicals should not just involve expertise in analytics and key performance indicators. It should also involve having a professional eye for insights and developing adjustments and plans to accommodate data.

2. Flexible and scalable SEO packages

Some white label SEO services companies have very rigid packages. This is because most of their SEO products and services are templated, so they have an easier time internally. You don’t want this kind of partner in your SEO reselling journey. You want one like Marketer’s Center, one with flexible and scalable SEO packages.

Flexible SEO packages are packages that can be adjusted. They are great at accommodating the specific needs of your clients. And you should know that all clients are different, so the flexibility comes in handy. Scalable SEO packages are packages that can handle an increasing number of clients and results. The bigger and more competent your SEO reselling partner is, the more scalable their packages are.

3. White label solutions

When you are reselling SEO, you are outsourcing to another agency, and then rebranding their products and services as your own. Rebranding can be an issue because it can be tedious. That’s why it’s important to work with an agency that has dedicated white label solutions – to make rebranding easier.

Many agencies with SEO reseller programs have dashboards and reporting systems that make rebranding easy. It’s recommended to partner with such an agency, so you can white label with ease.

With that said, some agencies without easy white labeling solutions can still be good choices, especially when you know that they have the other components of a successful SEO reseller partnership. It’s just that those with ready-made systems can increase efficiency, potentially making your business grow and scale faster and deal with more clients easier.

4. Proven expertise

It doesn’t matter how flexible and scalable their SEO packages are and how available their white label solutions are if they are not proven experts. It’s easy to say that you have high-quality SEO products and services, get SEO resellers to pay, and not deliver results. This is why it’s crucial that your SEO reselling partner is actually composed of SEO experts.

As much as possible, choose a company that has professionals who are already in the SEO industry for a long time. Take a look at their website too. They may have client reviews and testimonials there that can give you an idea of how good they are at their job. You can also look at their social profiles, like their Google Business Profile listing and Facebook page. There are review sections there too.

5. Detailed analytics and reports

Analytics are important because of two major things – to understand your client’s current needs and to know if your executions actually addressed these needs. SEO agencies use a variety of tools to view analytics, data, and key performance indicators. Many of these tools are paid for. They also use these tools to make insights on how to address the gaps they find. And once they come up with a strategy to fill these gaps, they perform another audit to see if there are improvements.

The SEO agencies will then compile all these on a report and send the report to you. Thankfully, many white label SEO agencies have reporting systems for easy reporting and white labeling. If you are looking for a white label SEO partner, consider one that has a dashboard with a reporting system. Analytics and reports are not just important to the white label SEO agencies themselves and to you. They are also important to your client.

6. Clear and responsive communication

Your SEO reseller partner is essentially a middleman between you and your client. There are so many opportunities for communication problems to arise. The white label SEO company can misalign with the business goals and objectives of your client. The company can also be too busy with other agency clients to be able to respond to you quickly and address your client’s concerns. If you don’t have the same business goals and objectives and can’t communicate quickly, the SEO products and services you will get may not be of quality.

It’s important to establish proper communication channels with your SEO reselling partner. Usually, communication is tied to their dashboards, where you will get a client login. Many times, you will also be given a project manager to make communication smoother. Be wary of white label providers that don’t have these solutions in place because you may have communication issues with them.

7. Mutual respect

Mutual respect between you and your SEO reseller partner fosters collaboration, trust, and a generally positive work environment. You can say that clear and responsive communication is one of its many manifestations.

Another manifestation is openness to feedback. Both parties should be open to discussing concerns, ideas, and problems in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. Another underrated manifestation is appreciation and recognition of each other. It’s a two-way street after all. Both parties should acknowledge the contributions of each other. It gives a sense of camaraderie, and it boosts motivation.

Without mutual respect, you are not getting anything done with your SEO reseller partner. It may even leave a bad taste in your mouth, making you quit trying to make SEO reseller programs work.

8. Continuous education and partnership

SEO is forever changing. Search engines can have algorithm changes that can completely change the game of search engine optimization. New SEO techniques can rise and old ones can fall. And with the rise of AI, big disruptions may be more imminent than you think.

This is why continuous education is important in SEO. It’s not just forever changing. It’s also a very competitive space, so you bet that your competitors are adapting to change too. If you don’t adapt or fail to learn about SEO updates, you will be left behind. This is where your SEO reselling partner can help. With your collaborations with them, you can continuously learn about SEO and keep your competitive edge.

A continuous and long-term partnership will also result in confidence and consistency, and these things can only benefit you and your digital marketing business.

Become an SEO reseller and scale your digital marketing business

You can outsource SEO services to a white label SEO services company like Marketer’s Center and then rebrand them as your own. This is what it means to be an SEO reseller. It’s an effective way to scale your digital marketing business because you don’t have to build knowledge and infrastructure to offer specific SEO services. You can simply outsource to other SEO companies that can get the job done for you while you take the glory for all the results.

There are many top-tier white label SEO providers out there with comprehensive and versatile SEO reseller programs. Find out which ones fit your needs and wants.


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